2019 Mama & Me Sessions

    Well, Hello my sweet Mama Friends!

    It’s Spring time in Colorado which means it’s time for our annual Mama and Me Sessions. I have been hosting these sessions for six years now, and each year somehow seems to get better. I have met the most amazing women and cherish the opportunity to get to love on you and your children.

    Until last year, these had been offered only as mini sessions. I’ll be completely transparent with you though. I don’t love mini sessions because I do not get to spend the amount of time I want to with you. I really want to slow down and truly capture you. I want to be present with you and really let you and your sweet family take the time you need to explore… to hug, to twirl, to dance, to play and tickle and be present with one another. I want your real moments. I want authenticity and whatever that looks like for you in this space of time. These sessions are not about perfection or perfect smiles. These sessions are about honest connection and emotion.

    Last year I tried things a bit differently and it was so amazing and we got so much more of what I described above, so we are doing that again. This year I wanted to give you a couple of payment options as well because there is nothing that I want more than the opportunity to love on you and I want to be able to fit every budget and schedule possible. These sessions mean so much to me because I feel every Mama needs these images. You deserve not only beautiful photographs but the beautiful experience that accompanies them.  You deserve to feel completely beautiful. You deserve to see just how loved you are. You deserve a tangible record of this time in your life. As a Mother myself, you think you will remember it all.. every detail.. every moment. I promise though, you won’t. It doesn’t matter if you are an iPhone wielding Mama or a seasoned professional photographer… you also deserve to just relax and be present. These photographs are so much more than pretty prints for your walls.

    I am also excited to host these sessions because this is also my chance to get to really work a few more of you Mamas this year since my schedule is a bit more limited again this year with all of our travels and my outdoor family schedule just about booked until early Autumn.

    Why a Mama & Me?

    I am a mother of seven. The bond between a mother and her child (regardless of age) is so incredibly unique and special. Too often Mamas don’t get in the frame with their children and then a year has passed and then maybe another year… and both you and your little ones have already changed so much. I aim to capture moments for you. Creative, gorgeous images of you loving on your children. These are very low key, intimate and fun sessions. There is no pressure.  You literally only need to come and be with your babies. I do the rest. I aim to give you more than beautiful photographs– I want you to make special memories while we capture them.

    This is about so much more than photographs.

    Where do these take place?

    These will be hosted in the gorgeous landscapes  of Northern Colorado within 15-20 miles of Fort Collins, CO.

    When do these take place?

    I have a handful dates open for these unfortunately. Within those dates however, are a bit of flexibility so we can collaborate on that if there is something specific you need. These will be held in May of 2019. Right now I will likely only be able to host about 4-5 dates and these will be hosted in the afternoon before sunset.

    Who are these good for?

    All Mamas. It doesn’t matter if you have one child or ten… I just want to love on you.

    What does my Mama & Me include?

    A 40 minute session.

    An online gallery within 6 weeks of your Mama & Me (but usually sooner) of at least 20 digital images (full resolution images with full printing rights.) If I love more, I will throw them in for you at no extra charge! This is even more than I offered last year.

    A beautiful web resolution copy of each full resolution image to share with your family and friends online.

    $125.00 off your next full family session. (Promotional sessions are excluded such as the Black Friday special.)

    A gorgeous online style guide to help you prepare for your session with me as well as a booking guide.

    A special experience.

    You will cherish these images forever. Invest in your memories sweet friends.


    There are two ways to pay for your Mama & Me Session as mentioned above. These are not Mini Sessions. These are FULL sessions with many more images than typically provided with a mini session option.  I want to make this accessible and as easy as possible for you. You can pay half now or for a discounted rate you can purchase the entire session now. Click the add to cart button below to make your selection.

    Please note these are on a first come/first serve basis so once they book up, I have no more dates to add.

    Full investment:




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    Or discounted if purchased at once:


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    Fine Print:

    These sessions are completely non-refundable so please plan accordingly. These sessions are only for Mamas. Unfortunately, this can not be used for a full family session. These sessions are hosted within 20 miles of Fort Collins, CO unless otherwise planned. Remainder is due within 7 days of our session. These are not transferable and any sessions booked before this can not be applied. These are to be hosted in May.

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