Well, Let's See.

I'm a wear your heart on your sleeve kind of gal. I actually refer to myself as an "introverted people person". I love people, but I also really love that time to pipe down and get lost in my family so I can rekindle my creative energy. And I am a Mama of six—so typically there is a lot of family to get lost in. My husband Wes is my handsome sidekick. You will likely even meet him on your session. We pretty much do everything together. He is even beginning to photograph too, so he may also take your photo. But don't worry! He is pretty amazing at it! He is also amazing at being modest so expect him to blush if you say nice things to him.

I love Jesus, giving gifts, encouraging others, looking for magic in the everyday, celebrating everything and everyone imperfect, dancing to my own drum, listening to the same song on repeat if I really like it. I also love to retreat to the mountains because I live in a pretty gorgeous place, and Colorado never disappoints. I own more vintage quilts than anyone could ever need and drink more coffee than is likely okay.

At the end of the day-I just want to love on my family and make gorgeous pictures. So here we are.

What's in my Bag?

Canon 5d Mark IVV

I have been a Canon from my humble beginnings. This is the newest addition to my gear list. I love full sensor and all of the convenience features they have rolled out with this camera body make.

Canon 5D Mark III (2)V

I used this camera body for years before I recently upgraded. My husband now uses one and the other serves as my back up.

Apple iPhone 7 PlusV

The best camera is the one you have with you. I use this most recently to document my family. You can find me on Instagram as @my4hens if you are interested in following our day-to-day adventures.

Canon 24LV

I call this my "story telling" lens. The slight distortion adds just a bit of whimsy for my children's portraiture and I can better love on my families.

Canon 35LV

This lens is the perfect compromise in being able to interact with my clients and grab their moments, while losing a bit of the distortion the 24L can cause.

Canon 50LV

This is my "happy medium" lens. It helps me make beautiful portraits but I can still be a bit closer.

Canon 85LV

This lens has gorgeous, dreamy bokeh. I use this for portraits and to create a bit of that lovely rainbow flare you see in some of my work.

Canon 135LV

Amazing for long portraits and an almost "fairytale" look in my work. I don't use this often because I have to be so far away.

Canon 90mm Tilt ShiftV

This is a novelty lens and almost gives a freelensed appearance and creative blur to my image. I love this for couples or older families.


Creative, kind, and helpful. Lily is a sensitive soul spattered in freckles. We coin her our song bird because she is always singing, and she does sing beautifully. She is Pinterest obsessed and can make anything out of well... anything.


Intellectual, curious, and maybe a bit sarcastic. Little Wes is always interested in the ways of the world and loves to know how everything around him works. People are drawn to him because he radiates friendship.


Head-in-the-clouds, sweet, and soulful. Noah is the first to lend a helping hand, pay-it-forward or do something for someone else even if it means sacrificing his own creature comforts. He loves his curls and his big brother.


Wild, gypsy soul, and girly tomboy. Sophie has an endless amount of affection to give. She is a born leader and the first person to try something new. She is strong-willed but can also be soft and maternal. She loves animals and dresses.


Silly, sweet, and a little bit naughty. Ez is the first person to run up and hug you. His imagination is just immense. He loves trucks and books and snuggling. He also loves to be naked.


Squishy, giggly, and precious. Daisy is very much the baby of the family. She loves roaming around, getting into all the things and playing with all the kids. She might be the smallest but she is a bit of a baby boss. She is our rainbow baby.

I am passionate, an endless optimist and maybe a bit sensitive too. My lifestyle, my journey as a wife and mother has truly taken me to new heights in my never ending journey as a photographer. Much of my work for the time being centers around the core of my very own being, my children. It is one reason I chose to specialize in mostly children and families. There is nothing I would love more than to capture the true essence and special bond between a family, or provide a special keepsake for an individual as I realize that our children grow wings and fly before we are all really to ready to let them go. I hope you allow me the privilege to document what's most special to you—your own family.