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  1. Biggest Sale of the Year on Tools for Photographers | M4H Photoshop Actions, LR Presets and Guides!

    Hi Creative Friends!

    First let me say I know that I have been promising this sale for a LONG time. I’ll be candid with you all. I was getting worried that I was pushing things too far back, but with the Holiday season upon us and so many reasons to find gratitude it’s the perfect opportunity to show you how much I appreciate all of you. We have had quite a year and I am excited for all the beautiful new thing aheads and in store.

    In addition next week is bringing some pretty exciting things! Our annual Black Friday sale begins on Sessions and I will also be opening up 2018 Sessions for booking with a HUGE special sale as well in person mentoring with just a handful of spots.

    To kick things off, starting right now you can take 65% off of ALL Photoshop Actions, Lightroom Presets, Bundles, The Everyday Artistry iPhone Guide and even the Moments Matter Workshop Guide. This is the biggest percentage off this year on the shop. This sale runs for a week. Once the retiring actions are gone, they will be gone for good. Please note before purchasing that all of the online tools sold here are non refundable, and non transferable. 

    You just want to use the code Thanks65 at check out to redeem this discount.

    Go Shopping HERE


    There are so many changes finally coming to the shop. We are completely revamping my shop to create more of a community, better showcase the editing tools that are sold (as well as offer more tutorials) and some pretty exciting freebies. That also means that there will be lots of things retiring and leaving the shop permanently including about 75% of the Photoshop Actions and Lightroom Presets currently offered.

    While this is bittersweet because I genuinely love everything that is in the shop, I am excited about all of the beautiful new things such as new presets and actions and MORE making an appearance next year. This also means that the current bundle on Photoshop Actions will be retiring as well. Next year there will be more focus on Educational Resources such as the online guides, online mentoring, in person workshops and mentoring, a restructure on the Creative Processing Workshop, more tutorials, a fancy new newsletter, freebies, and a NEW Project 52! Yes, we are bringing that back! I am incredibly excited about all of these new amazing things on the horizon. There will be more to come on that soon!

    Once the tools that are retiring are gone, they will be gone for good which was in part also why this discount is so deep.

    Moments Matter Guide is back on Sale!! (This won’t be retiring but this is the second biggest discount available to date on this and it won’t be at this value again. I had many messages after from people that missed the last time, so don’t hesitate this time around if you are hoping to grab this! This also includes an invaluable Facebook group which I can’t recommend highly enough as we have some talented and wonderful photographers and a lot of feedback provided along the way.

    You can find the guide for purchase HERE.


    Note on Processing Tools:

    I get asked A LOT about which actions I love and use most.

    Right now my favorites are from Journey and I tend to use a combo of the Presets for ACR provided as well as the actions.

    Most used are Authentic action and Cream Matte with the helper actions in. Tweaking I like to reduce the opacity of the entire action or mask particular areas off if they are too strong for any given image since my light and beginning white balance varies from session to session. I recommend utilizing the recipe guide provided IN that download as well as checking out the videos in my youtube channel linked off the shop. (I use all my actions in a similar fashion.)

    I also LOVE the Mega Matte action (CS and CC versions of Photoshop) in Memento. Matte 1 & 2 are fantastic on top of an edit at a reduced opacity or on their own.)

    The actions are amazing stacked or combined. They are all adjustable so that you can make them your own which I highly encourage you to do!

    I also LOVE the ACR presets included for free in Journey but highly recommend the C2 and C3 preset (no other creative actions needed but I use the helper actions with them.) The best way to use these is if you are using Photoshop CC, with your JPEG open in Photoshop itself (not ACR) open the Camera Raw Filter option in the Filters drop down. Run the preset on a duplicated layer and then tweak.

    To get an extra creamy feel to your images BEFORE any actions I also love to use portraiture. You can purchase this from the company Imagenomic but a free trial is provided too. They make a plug in for both Photoshop And LR.

    The LR presets are super versatile as well but I like to keep it all in one program to save time in my workflow these days so I favor Photoshop.

    As always all digital purchases are completely non refundable so please do spend time in the FAQ page and in the shop before committing.

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  2. The BIG Seasonal YOU Choose Sale | Retiring Actions and Presets

    *Processed with the creative action from Fair Haven Antiqued II.
    Mega Matte from Memento (Not retiring.)

    Madness folks! I have clearly lost my mind. I am practically GIVING away actions here. I have never hosted a discount this deep on my “I want it All Actions bundle”. I may never again, but it is the season of Thanks and giving and I can’t help myself.


    For this week, you can either choose to take 80% off the Photoshop Actions and Lightroom Presets leaving the shop OR you can get the entire Collection of Photoshop Actions for only $99.00. Less than $100.00. That includes actions NOT retiring and here to stay for probably years to come.

    The best part is there are no codes to remember. Just add to cart and check out. And due to the deep discounts here, you can unfortunately not use any special codes with this promotion.

    Oh, and the actions + presets that are 80% off?? They are some of my most popular still after all of these years and only EIGHT BUCKS!

    So what is going??
    I am linking it below.

    The actions are as follows:

    Fair Haven // Fair Haven II // The Photographer’s Tool Box // Newbie Fix // The Keepsake Collection

    Presets are:


    And of course the amazing BUY ALL MY ACTIONS AT ONCE Bundle HERE:

    I Want it ALL!

    The sad news in all this?? Once it’s gone… it’s gone for good. So don’t wait, friends! This won’t be available and neither will these actions when this ends.





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