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    Here we go again, friends. If you didn’t know, the Project 52 is back and bigger than last time. I honestly didn’t know if anyone would be up for it when I first shared on social media, and have been blown away by the response. You can find more info on the website HERE and even see our very first feature post HERE. In fact, you are welcome to hop in. No worries if you missed the first week. Just start now. Make your own rules. Jump in our Facebook group HERE.

    Being themeless this time around, I have to say the project has been liberating for me. It’s a no frills, no pressure deal (for the most part.) I have to admit that I was nervous to not only embark on another project 52 (because well, I have never finished one haha) but also host one because it just piles on the commitment and time that I don’t get much of around here. It is proving already to be amazing though. Not only is there a constant source of inspiration but the humanity coming out of the group alone is moving. It is so much less about the actual photographs for me and more so about the stories, it always has been.

    You may notice we are missing two kids in these images below. These were taken on January 1st. I chose this day because it is also our Daisy’s birthday. I had no dedicated “theme” and just wanted to get the kids as they were on this day. I was inspired by the honesty of what our lives are like. She turned two and we celebrated with a low key, pajamas and bed head kind of day. Our treats were store bought, the older kids didn’t even make an appearance (cause teenagers) and we ended up covered in frosting and sprinkles within the hour of taking these. Daisy actually had a belly button full of sprinkles hence why her shirt is all tied up ha! She is also our rainbow baby, which is why I went with the rainbow/unicorn colors in the first place. It all seemed appropriate. That and I can never get out of Target without buying one of everything ha!

    I went on to take more photos later in the week (just a few) but figured in the interest of it being a project 52, I would just share this one day. Our kids just got back to school today after about two weeks home for winter break so I am trying to figure out how to reclaim our house from the holiday clutter while prepare for our littlest to join us next month since I am just about 33 weeks pregnant somehow already. I am sure you will be seeing quite a bit of our messy house and dysfunction these coming weeks ha! <3



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    One Beautiful Soul Commented

    1. Devin Wetzel says:

      your photos are breathtaking i hope one day i am half as good as you!

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