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    I have been itching to share these images and while they straddle fall and summer alike and I am still technically blogging our Summer season-I just can’t wait any longer.

    This Mama is a bit of a soul sister to me. She is a reminder that you can find a supportive soul and a kindred spirit in this industry and wholeheartedly just support other artists, even on a local level. Unless you are IN this industry I am sure that doesn’t quite make all the sense, but goodness me… she is just a breath of fresh air. Lindsey makes me proud to be a photographer in this community. I am truly so thankful for her friendship. We met some years back when we partook in our What ___ Looks like personal blog project and things truly blossomed from there. We got on the phone one day and what seemed like a good hour later I knew I had found myself a comrade. We spoke of trading sessions and then I got pregnant with my son Ezra and things didn’t quite pan out right then but she came out to the hospital and documented those first precious hours with our sweet boy and our growing family.  She is also going to be photographing my birth if this little one should wait long enough this time for her to reach me- and I am just so honored to have gotten to spend this beautiful evening in the mountains with her and her sweet family. I know I am likely gushing, but I adore her. You will never meet a more genuine kind soul. I know we will be forever friends even if we don’t get to chat daily or weekly.

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