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    Every month I write a letter to my children. I have been a part of an amazing group of women for over two years now and treasure these letters and these ladies I share such a special project with dearly!

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    Dearest Sophia,

    The winds of change are upon us. Daily you seem to grow just a bit more. Change just a bit more. You are so bright and so incredibly receptive. You soak up life and wonder like a sponge. You have that same curiosity about every little thing possible and yet you have a bit of an old soul and the mature way in which we can have our little chats and conversations warm my heart.

    You are so vibrant. So full of life. So beautiful and so incredibly amazing. We spend so much time together and I am realizing that the fall will be here before I know it and you will be heading off to kindergarten with a backpack overflowing with dreams and ideals. I won’t be able to go with you. I will have to let go of my grip, finger by finger and watch you fly. I have given you those very wings. You will do just fine.

    Even so, I will miss our impromptu day trips to your favorite store (target) and our Starbucks runs. I will miss our frolics in the mountains and our cuddle sessions while I work and the other kids are in school. I will miss being the center of your world. As selfish as that sounds I will miss that almost the most.

    I just love you so much Jelly Bean.

    And I am trying not to rush so far ahead I forget to live in the now and get all the extra snuggles and hugs and time alone with you. That is the hardest part of all.

    Stay Little Please,


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    1. Kirsty says:

      Oh Sarah, when did she grow up so much? She’s suddenly a real little miss and not a toddler anymore. Her spirit is wonderful – it shines from your words and pictures sweetie x

    2. Debbie Wibowo says:

      I’ve been watching her grow since 2010 and I can truly tell she’s a one mighty girl. One day, she will fly very fine and you will be balling your eyes out because of happy tears.

    3. wendy says:

      awww… so cute… and I cannot wait to see what you do with film!

    4. Rashmi says:

      That stars and stripes outfit is ridiculously cute! What a spunky little girl! Love these photos Sarah. I know you will enjoy these small moments with her before she heads off to Kindy. I still miss those moments so much and my youngest is now in 2nd grade. I wish I had had more time before kindy started.. even just one more year. They grow up too fast. 🙁

    5. shalonda says:

      oh sarah i love her spunk and of course her sense of style is just perfect! i can “see” all of that about miss s without even reading your words, i can see so much of that in the beautiful way you capture her…and the last line…yes to that

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