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    This week’s inspired project is one of my favorite photographers, and a woman I admire in general, Meg Sexton. Her work has such a romantic, dreamy quality. I have been following her for quite sometime now, and I can honestly say that she is genuinely just amazing all around.

    You can find Meg’s work HERE, and her Facebook HERE. And look her up on Instagram HERE.

    Hi Sweet Meg!

    Lets get to know you! How would you describe yourself in three sentences?
    Eek!  We’re jumping right into the hard questions!  I am just an average 30 year old (OMG!) suburban mom who sees the world in varying shades of light.  I have two wonderful kids, an obsession with pete’s coffee and an affinity for sparkly shoes.  My photography is a glimpse into my inner being and is truly a reflection of the beauty I see around me.

    What sparked your passion for Photography?

    I’ve always loved it.  My dad and I used to take walks around the neighborhood when I was a kid to find interesting things to shoot.  I wish I had kept some of those pictures to look at today!
    Whats in your camera bag?

    My main camera is a canon 1DsMark3.  (I have the 5d original as my backup).  For lenses, my go to options at the 50mm 1.2, 35mm 1.4 and 85mm 1.8mm.  Lately, I’ve started shooting with my contax 645 and am falling in love all over again.

    What Camera/Equipment did you start out with? 

    I started out as a hobbyist on a Canon Rebel XT.  My first pro camera was the 5d original.
    If you could only use one lens an entire session which one would you choose and why?

    My 50mm 1.2

    What advice would go give to someone just beginning in photography and hoping to have a business of their own?

    Shoot, shoot, shoot.  There is no substitute for understanding your camera, your environment and the fundamentals of photography.
    What was your first official Photographer crush if you had one?

    Jen Kloss.  She’s amazing – and a dear friend of mine. (

    What kind of photos do you like to take for just yourself when not working with clients?

    I shoot a lot of my personal images with my children.  They inspire me.
    If you could photograph absolutely anyone who would it be dead or alive?

    Grace Kelley.  She just seems so classy, elegant and poised.

    Describe your style in 3 words.

    Honest, romantic, clean
    Most embarrassing moment on a session would be?

    Early on in my career I took a couple out to a remote nature preserve to shoot maternity photos.  It was about a 35 minute drive up into the hills outside San Francisco and when we got there, I realized I’d left my camera at home!  I had my camera bag and all my lenses, but I’d left the camera body sitting on my kitchen counter.  It was horribly embarrassing.

    Any challenges you have had to overcome to be where you are today?

    A few.  But I try not to dwell on them!  I do my best to shoot honestly, treat my clients to the best service they can get, and help others around me.
    Favorite time of day to shoot is?

    The golden hour before sunset.  I’m a sucker for warm evening light and I’ll do anything to get it in my images.


    Have you attended college or had any formal education in Photography?

    Nope!  I’d love to go back though.
    What do you do to get your clients to relax with you?

    I talk. A lot.  I find out what their insecurities are, what they love about themselves and what they want from our sessions.

    What are your photography related goals for 2013?

    I’d love to grow this year, both creatively and in my business.  2013 is all about being the best I can be!
    How do you push yourself to keep growing and learning? Any Big Aha! Moments?

    I network!  Talking and learning from others in the industry is a great way to stay on your toes, stay informed and grow as an artist.

    Biggest Photography related insecurity?

    Being average.
    Digital or Prints?


    How do you set yourself apart from other local photographers?

    I try to just be me and let my images speak for themselves.
    What do you think your next photography related investment will be?

    I’m on the hunt for some more education this year.  I haven’t picked a workshop yet, but I’m sure I’ll find a great one!

    If you had to recommend ONE thing that a photographer needs in their camera bag what would that be?

    a lens pen!  It sounds silly, but I love that thing.

    What would you say your biggest muse is?

    my children.  Their innocent excitement about the world around them helps me to see things in such a different way than I normally would through my 30 year old “jaded” eyes.

    Fun stuff:
    Favorite Color: Red
    Favorite Season: Fall.  The even light during the fall season makes me swoon.
    Biggest Guilty Pleasure: Reality TV
    Pet Peeve: Slow drivers
    Favorite Pandora Station: Ingrid Michaelson
    Studio or On location: On location
    What did you want to be when you grew up? An actress
    One thing no one knows about you is: I have an obsession with accessories.  I’m currently wearing 6 bracelets and 2 necklaces.
    Pc or Mac: mac
    Lightroom Or Photoshop: Both.  I do all my white balance, exposure and color correction in Lightroom, but I pull every image into photoshop for an added “pop”.
    Film or Digital: digital
    Props or No Props:  I don’t use props, but I do work with my clients to style their sessions as much as possible.  I want my images to reflect their lifestyles and personalities, but I still try to help them select clothing and accessories to reflect an overall look.
    If you could travel anywhere it would be: I would love to shoot a wedding in Ireland.  It’s a huge dream of mine!  
    Glass Half Empty or Half Full: Half Full
    Favorite photo ever taken: It would be impossible to choose.  I love so many images for different reasons.
    Raw or Jpeg: Raw
    Favorite Music to Edit to: Indie
    Favorite Quote: Is it lame to quote Keanu Reeves?  From Pointbreak – Fear causes hesitation, and hesitation causes your greatest fears to become a reality.  I interpret that to mean that I can’t let fear run my life.  Being afraid to try something is worse than trying and failing.
    Most valued material possession: My wedding ring
    Processing Style: Clean
    Coffee or Tea: Coffee!  As much as I can get my hands on.
    If you could photograph a Celebrity who would it be? Adam Levine.  I’m convinced he’d let me rub his six-pack.  
    What kind of Camera bag do you rock? Kelly Moore Classic in gray.


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