M4H Project 52 Week Two Theme "Life" | Sale Extended!!

    Before we dive into the Project 52 just a special announcement! As a way to say THANK You SO much for playing along as well as in honor of the upcoming HUGE giveaway if you haven’t heard about it already!! (Tuesday I will be hosting a HUGE giveaway for a Canon 5d Mark II as well as a 2 hour Skype Mentorship and the chance to win a lifetime discount to the shop) I am extending the current 40% off sale through Tuesday, January 17th (exactly a week from the beginning of the giveaway.)  You can use this sale on all Textures, Actions and Presets.  Use code HAPPY2012. In addition I will be offering a 20% off sale on all Mentorships including my new Skype Mentorship option (solely online) as well. There will be details on the new mentorship option in the shop late tonight. You can find my shop at http://www.myfourhensphotography.com/shop. 

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    Welcome to Week TWO of our Project 52!  51 weeks to go! I am so excited that you are here and ready to tackle another week with me!! I am SO enjoying all your gorgeous photos and beautiful submissions. It is absolutely amazing to see how different people’s lifestyles are person to person. There is something so special about not only being dedicated to a project such as this one because you get a ton of wonderful memories and photos for yourself but as a spectator getting to really glimpse at your goals, your accomplishments, your history and your beautiful families is so much fun. If you are new to the project that is TOTALLY okay! You are welcome to jump in at absolutely any time! You do not need to start out with the very first week! If you have no idea what this project is or how it works here are some rules and know how on how things go!

    This weeks theme is “Life“. I am so excited to see how you interpret this word into your photograph!

    M4H P52 Week 2 "Life"

    Quick Overview:

    Every week there will be a one word theme posted here. You do NOT need to use the theme, you are welcome to submit anything you like so long as it was taken FOR that week meaning older photos are not permitted. If you do choose to submit an older photo it will not be considered for the current weeks winner. I will be choosing one photo out of the submissions to be featured as the weekly winner here. If you win, you will win not only an awesome prize but have a special banner to post on your blog letting the world know your photo was chosen out of hundreds as the weekly favorite. I am going to be totally honest. I had NO idea this project would be as huge as it has gotten to be SO I will be recruiting help from friends and family with the weekly winner. There is just to much awesomeness to choose by myself! The Goal of this project is to have 52 photos at the end of the year. One taken each week! I will also be choosing a handful of the submissions to feature here just to show off all you wonderful photogs!! You do NOT need to be a professional photographer to join in. I absolutely LOVE the range of photographers and if you think someone you know would like to participate they are totally welcome! Whether you are rocking a DSLR or a Point and Shoot you are more then welcome to play along!!

    How to Join:

    This has been a popular question! Super easy, I promise! To Join you can do a couple of things. For those that use Flickr there is a Group right HERE. You can upload your photo to the group. Every week the same pool will be used so no need to hop around or rejoin anything. There is also a discussion area if you want to pop in and say hello and acquaint yourself with other members! Right now there are over 1100 members and climbing every day so I hope you will spread the word! The more the merrier!!

    If you don’t use flickr you can upload your photo to a file sharing host such as Photobucket.com or even Facebook as long as it is public and post a comment right here on this post with a link to your image. If you do choose to not follow the theme make sure you add a small blurb about what that week represents if case your photo is chosen to feature here. I love to share the back story of your photo so that would be SUPER helpful for me! 🙂

    You can also upload your project photo to my Fan page wall HERE. Be sure to mention its for the project 52 including the weeks theme and whatever text you want to add.

    Just a quick note:

    You do NOT need to use ANY of my photo editing products on your photo!! They may be edited any way you like!!


    This week the winner chosen will receive a ONE year Membership to Clickinmoms.com. They are an AMAZING forum that I am honored to say I am a part of and whether you are beginning or a seasoned pro there is definitely a place for you!!



    Last Weeks Winner:

    Wow this was HARD!! I wish I could seriously pick EVERYONE. I was not even prepared for the amount of WONDERFUL submissions I received!!

    I chose this photo for reasons you may not even think of. Instead of just simply how the photo looked I really went with how it made me feel!! After combing and laboring on picking I recruited my husband and a friend and he agreed this was “the one.” The photographer behind this photo is Dana Foley. I just love how it symbolizes something SO important to her. It has such strength and the conversion and simplicity really reinforces her goal and resolution behind it.


    Her resolution was this:  “This year I will work on my marriage. I will fight for us.”

    Dana if you could email me or contact me via the contact form I can send your prize along sweety!

    I also want to feature some of the other wonderful photos submitted!! You guys made my job SO hard this week!!!

    From UKBecca


    Caption: “Yes, this image was taken in the flower section of hobby lobby lol!”

    From shineonphotos

    Caption: “My resolution this year is to seriously invest more time photographing my family and friends. I slacked way too much in that area last year; life’s special moments are way too precious not to capture!”

    From: Jeskwphoto

    Caption: “M4H: 1/52 “Resolution” To make time for more of THIS!”

    By: Moopiecow

    Caption: “A hard one we all break.”

    By: Stephanie Mitchell Photography

    Caption: “My resolution is to spend more cuddle time with my boys and less time consumed with my business, school and all the other things that I can’t change. They are growing so fast and I feel like I do not embrace every moment like I should because I constantly worry and stress about things I have no control over.”

    By: Oharect1

    Caption: “I have many resolutions this year, but most of all I want to adjust my life to spend more time with my babies (ages 7, 3 and 15 months). 
    I, as many of us, lead a busy life…trying to balance a career as an architect and being a good wife and mother. I have grown by leaps and bounds over the past couple years…but I still am trying to find balance. So, this year I continue my journey of finding balance. 
    Photography is my passion and after just completing the 365project.org (365project.org/cohare/365) ….I hope to grow even more this year in my abilities as a photographer. I feel completely out of my league in this forum…but it will push me to be better. Thank you in advance.
    Christine O’Hare Photography 
    www.facebook.com/pages/Christine-OHare-Photography/314641… “

    By: Kchiodi

    Caption: “More of this. Home doing what we love (cooking for him, reading for his brother, photos for me) with a passion and even if there is clutter on the table. (and sink, and counter…) “

    By: Vintage Rain Photography

    Caption: “I am going with a few words instead of a resolution this year and one of them is jump!”

    By: This Little Sparrow

    Caption: “1/52 {resolution}
    I saw this quote last year on the “under the sycamore” blog and it really spoke to me. 
    I have spent far to much time in my life comparing myself, my family, my successes and my failures to the people in my life. It has affected my life, my art, my career goals, and my self esteem. This year I resolve to stop comparing. It will not be easy, but my goal is to let go and enjoy what I have and who I am… so that I may find my own voice, happiness, and success.”

    By: MkmPics

    Caption: “I have many things in this years resolution and it is labeled here but to sum it up is that I want to get my photography business going to the fullist so that someday it will be all I do for my living. Also this pic was taken with a point and shoot since I wanted my dslr in the pic.”


    By: RachelResch

     Caption: “There are a few elements to this photo..Firstly my two sweeties. I definitely want to make photographing them more of a priority in 2012. Secondly they are both holding a flower that represents growth..A flower starts as a seed I so want to grow! as a person as a photographer as a mommy..all around! and the cameras..I want to learn everything about equipment..business management, marketing and skill. and Last but not least.Believe. It is a resolution to believe in myself. to believe I can be better, that I can juggle, mommy, wifey, full time job and trying to make photography my full time work. Believing I can find my own spot in this photography world :)” 

    By: Valerie7827

    Caption: “

    Week 1 of project 52.

    Perfectly imperfect.

    I joined the M4H 52 project. 1 photo per week every week of the year. This week the subject is resolutions. My resolution? Embrace the imperfections. This is Harlow sleeping. Finally sleeping. After 2 sleepless nights awake and coughing she peacefully sleeps. What better moment to embrace the imperfections? The imperfections of life and motherhood, sleepless nights, pure exhaustion. The imperfections of the photograph, my ISO was at 6400 in a dark room so there is LOTS of grain here. The grain makes the moment real. My exhaustion reminds me that this will pass. She will only be this little once. Hold her, kiss her soothe her, because one day she will be to big to fit on my lap. Someday I will look back on this photo and only remember the perfect. My resolution for 2012? Embrace all the crazy moments of being a mother of 4. Even the imperfect ones.”

    By: CourtneyLeigh823

    Caption: “My resolution this year is to find (and use) my imagination. It has been missing for quite some time, and in order to keep up with these two, I definitely need to find it!” 

    By: *Snapteture*

    Caption: “

    n 2012, I want to grow in my passion. From exploring the camera and all of it’s glorious functions to post-processing! This here is Brownie Girl….my first very own vintage camera. It was a gift from my former boss (the one who let me babysit his vintage cameras a while back). This is only the beginning of my collection! Hope everyone has a great year:)

    Happy Cliche’ Saturday!”

    By: Mama2Boys1Girl

    Caption: “My New Years Resolution is to grow closer to God. To learn his teachings and instill them into my life and the raising of my family. To do this I must teach my children as well as myself to have and believe in FAITH.
    Hebrews 11:6
    “and without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him” 

    By: Cartright5

    Caption: “1/52 Resolution: My idea of resolution is learning to stop limiting myself. I want to start living not just for my family, but for myself as well. I want to finally come into my own. The sky is the limit.”

    Whew SO much amazingness here right?! I better stop now before I post everything in the group LOL! I can’t wait to see your entires this week!!!




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    1. Kelly Chiodi says:

      I’m a little late in figuring things out (nothing new), but I just saw that you featured my photo in the first week’s challenge. I can’t tell you what that means to me in inspiration. Thank you….looking forward to a year of fun.
      Loving looking at everyone’s creative and beautiful entries.

    2. Caryn Redman says:

      Please see the photo and information on my blog for week 2/52: Life


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    4. Valerie says:

      Thanks so much for featuring my photo as one of your faves. I can tell I am going to be loving this project all year long. Such inspiring work! Love all of your picks. 🙂

    5. Emily Miller says:

      here is my entry for week 2… “life”

      My three kiddos… they are my life.


    6. Congratulations to Dana! Thank you so very much for featuring my image of my boys, it really meant so much to me. I am excited to be part of such a fun project:)

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    8. Gwen says:

      Congratulations, Data! What a powerful image and resolution. Definitely a great pick for the week winner.

    9. Sarah Jones says:

      The winning photo is beautiful and the resolution is so powerful, so wonderful. I want to say a quick thank you for featuring my photo as one of your top choices, I almost screamed I was so excited! I’m so happy to be doing this project, it’s so much fun. you are wonderful for working so hard and being so generous! <3

    10. AnikA says:

      congrats Dana !
      I´m happy that I haven´t made this choice. They were so much amazing photos.
      thanks to all for showing

    11. Erin says:

      Hard to argue with any of those photos profiled! Congrats Dana and best of luck to you. That was my resolution about 4 years ago and we are still reaping the rewards of our hard work. 🙂

    12. amy protsman says:

      Great choices. Congrats everyone 😀

    13. Carrie says:

      These were among some of my favorites too! The winning photo was a perfect choice. {over the moon that my picture was featured -thanks- does not begin to cover it} This is going to be a great year to rediscover my camera and find a bigger piece of who I am 🙂

    14. Faith says:

      These are all SO lovely. I am really looking forward to week #2!! 🙂

    15. Dana Foley says:

      Thank you so much everyone, and thank you so much, Sarah! I am in awe, that my photo was chosen this week….. There is a lot of talent in this group! I can’t wait to see how we grow of the year!

    16. rachel says:

      Congratulations Dana! what a GORGEOUS image. The simplicity. The boldness. The message. Definitely tells a story. Beautiful! So very excited to be on this journey with all of you! It is so awesome to see the uniqueness in every ones work. <3

    17. Courtney McAtee says:

      Congratulations Dana! Great photo and resolution 🙂

    18. Marley says:

      Congratulations to the winner.. beautiful photograph and resolution. Great job to everyone. Good luck this week!

    19. Congrats to Dana! I just saw some AMAZING submissions and her photo was a perfect pick for this week’s P52

    20. Jenny says:

      Great choices… especially the winner!!!! Im loving seeing others interpretations. I have found so much inspiration already and really appreciate the comments on my photo too! Here’s to week 2!!!

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