Everyday Artistry: Making More of Your iPhone Photography

There is only you and your camera. The limitations in your photography are in yourself, for what we see is what we are.

-Ernst Haas

Being a professional photographer, being able to photograph my own children is everything. I have captured some gems for sure- some I feel honored to hand down to them, and their children- and their children’s children. The shocking part is; they weren’t all taken with my “big camera.” Many of them were taken with my iPhone. I have no shame in that.  None at all. My iPhone is integral in fact because it is always with me. I am always in the moment. I am not fussing over focal lengths and camera settings, because all that matters in that moment… is my subject.

So why this guide? This guide is SO MUCH MORE than an iPhone guide. It is 115 pages packed full of inspiration, tips on your phone camera, lighting, composition, lifestyle, story telling and in-app editing + more. I even share my favorite places to print my images when I am all done because they do no good sitting on that camera.

And even better, this is accessible and affordable. You do NOT need to be a professional photographer to take advantage of this. You don’t even have to have any formal training in anything photography related. I really wanted this guide to be relate-able and easy to read.  I am not the be all, end all in phone photography, but if you maybe dig some my work and want to know my secrets, this is the resource for you. I am an open book. In fact; many of the people that were sent this guide in the editing/testing phase feel it was a super value and could apply to photography in general. If you are looking to make more interesting and beautiful images point period blank! This is for you.

And if you haven’t yet seen my work on Instagram, you can at Instagram.com/my4hens. I would say more than 98% of the images shared there are all taken AND edited in my iPhone.

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This guide was written sharing apps and features ON the iPhone, but I have had android and other smart phone users feel they certainly can apply a good chunk of it to their phone photography in general, so you may like this even if you don’t use an iPhone. Please read the review below and consider from there if you are an Android user.

All images in this guide were taken with an iPhone 6. Again, this guide can certainly apply to other versions of iPhone. I actually truly feel these tips can be applied to your Photography in general.

Due to the digital nature of this content, there are absolutely no refunds. I appreciate your understanding. By purchasing you acknowledge this.

This guide is full resolution and you can certainly print it on your own. It is ONLY digital copy however. There is no hard copy or tangible version of this book. By purchasing this you will be reading it from either your computer or mobile device.


What some of our Testers and Proofreaders had to say:

Android User:

“Omgosh…ok I read the guide and I was moved to tears at times. Not even joking. You are amazing and your life is so real and your photos are so real. I cannot even begin to describe how moved I was by this and by looking at your photos all together like that. Like one of the photos had a pile of laundry in it and it was perfect!!! I am so afraid to be that real, but that is totally life isn’t it?! I’m not just saying that cause I love you either. This is amazing!

Other thoughts from an android user. This is 100% helpful for anyone with any phone camera. Are there things that won’t work? Sure. In general I would have paid for this and been grateful that I had even as an Android user. I absolutely would not have felt shorted. The main things are that PicTapGo and Mexture are NOT available on Android. I use an app called MIX and Photo Director. VSCO is my go to and I am now in love with FaceTune haha! Really that is it though….Burst mode works, grids are available..you can edit exposure in the phone camera like you mention. It’s really just those two apps you love that are not available. Looking at your before and afters and recipes made me explore features of other apps I already had though (MIX and Photo Director) and those have overlays and light lights and things and they are really fun. MIX is especially nice because you can save your adjustments as your own filter and even share that filter.”


And a couple other fabulous iPhone Gals:

Angela Callisto-

“When Sarah Cornish from My Four Hens Photography asks if you would preview her coming soon ‪#‎iPhoneography‬ eGuide. You race home. Pour a cup of coffee and dig in. This! This is everything! It’s available April 5th and I can tell you with certainty. Every single person who owns a phone, has children, is into photography. NEEDS this! It’s not a want thing. It’s a NEED! Off to dig in more. Sarah. Love every word. Every image. Everything!”

Sarah-Beth Hill-

I have a little break before my final Texas shoot tonight, so guess what I’m doing! –> POURING over my friend Sarah’s soon-to-be-released iPhoneography guide. you guys…it’s AMAZING. She’s unlocked something really special, and there’s not one person who wouldn’t benefit from it. I’m obsessed. SO inspired. and now I’m looking up flights to Colorado so I can hug her in person and tell her how amazing she did.

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