Here are some of my most frequently asked questions. Please refer to this BEFORE emailing me because most likely the answer is right here. I am so thankful you chose to buy my editing tools. Before you read on please know that I love to help but can not hand hold due to a lack of time (I so wish I could) so if you have no experience with actions you may want to try the freebies located on my fan page in the freebie Tab first. Also if you do read absolutely everything here and do need to contact me for any reason at all please be as specific as you can including information such as what version of Photoshop or Elements you are using and any other details that are important pertaining to your issue. Also make sure if you are writing regarding expired links you include your PayPal email address and be sure read the policy below on expired links.

Customer Service FAQ

I Just purchased something in your shop. How long before I get my goodies?
The purchases are delivered to your PAYPAL email address or any email address you entered at time of check out automatically from my shopping cart system. You can also continue through the checkout process and download your links automatically as well. Make sure that you are checking your spam or bulk folder as well if you do not see your links automatically, as well your main email folder, if you do not see them initially. Sometimes when you purchase multiple action sets at once they will head in Spam or Bulk by mistake. My Photoshop Actions, Presets for Lightroom and Textures are however as mentioned sent to the email address you used at checkout so if you need them forwarded to a different email account note it can take up to 24 hours so it is best to use a correct email address whenever possible. Also note my business hours are 10 am to 4:30 Pm and I am in the Mountain time zone so you will most likely not hear back until the following morning if emailing after closing business hours.

I just sent you an email? How long is your general response time?
I try to respond to my emails as soon as I possibly can and most the time you will receive a response before or within 24-72 hours however I am not on the computer Saturday or Sunday as often, so if you don’t hear back right away you will certainly hear back by Monday of that following week. If I plan to be offline an auto responder email will usually say so or I will post notice on my Facebook fan page.

Do you have a refund policy?
Due to the Photoshop Actions and Lightroom Presets being a digital download, I can not offer any refunds. All sales are final. Please read the descriptions before purchasing the products. There also are not exchanges or anything of that nature so please be mindful when purchasing as to not double purchase or purchase outside of your software versions.

My links have expired, can you reset them?
Please try to download your products before the links expire. Also please try to back up your Photoshop actions and Lightroom Presets as you would your photos or any other important files, so you have them saved safely in case anything were to happen. I can also absolutely reset your links for you. There is a fee of $8.00 and you can purchase a link reset using this link right here:

Add to Cart

Before purchasing this note that ONLY current product in the shop can be reset. Anything retired from the shop is no longer carried in the shopping cart system and is no longer retrievable. You can check to see if your past purchases or retired by noting if they are still showing up in the products offered in the shop currently. Also, be sure to have the Paypal e-mail address you purchased with ready as well as the e-mail you would prefer to have the actions sent to if that has changed since your original purchase.

Once you purchase the link reset your links will be reset within 48 hours.

I don’t see the Action set I purchased in the shop any longer. Is there a way to retrieve links to those?
Anything that has been “retired” or is no longer listed in the shop can not be retrieved as it has been long purged from my shopping cart system and back up systems to make room for more current releases and items. If you do not see the item in the shop it is no longer available. Make sure to back these items up. If they are lost they are most likely gone for good.

What is the best way to stay current on M4H Photography News?
I update the fan page frequently and you can find that at http://www.facebook.com/myfourhens. You can also stay up to date by subscribing to the newsletter. You can do that right on the front page of the shop here.

Editing Resources FAQ



Are all presets for Lightroom in the shop  compatible with older versions of Photoshop prior to versions mentioned in the descriptions?
Unfortunately, no. The presets are not backwards compatible in most cases unless otherwise mentioned.

Will your Lightroom Presets work in Lightroom 6 and CC?
Yes! The previews are in the process of being updated in the New Year.


There isn’t a Jpeg and Raw option for my presets in Lightroom 4&5 like there are with previous preset versions. Why?
In the past, due to the sliders that were in Lightroom 2 and 3 you indeed needed a Raw and Jpeg version of each preset for the preset to apply correctly. Now with Lr4 the presets will work with BOTH jpeg and raw! Easy peasy!

Also as a note the presets offered for Lr 2&3 will be slightly varied for Lr4. Due to the difference in tools and having to remake everything by eye there is a slight variation. Nothing too major though.

Do you make presets for Lightroom?
Yes!! There is a separate area from the Photoshop actions solely for Lightroom.

Do Lightroom Presets work in my Photoshop Elements or CS Versions? How about ACR?
They do not unfortunately. They only work in the programs and versions specified.

How do I get the most out of my Lightroom Presets?
Start with a well exposed image with good white balance. I do make Presets for both RAW and JPEG images however you really need to make sure you are using JPEG presets with JPEG images and RAW images with RAW files to utilize them correctly. Also there is no one size fits all with Presets and if you find that a preset doesn’t look quite right, is to bright, or needs more contrast etc. be sure to tweak it. Just changing the Exposure slider can do a world of good for you. Don’t be afraid to change things to your own personal preference or taste.

How do I install Lightroom Presets into my Lightroom Program?
Installing Presets is super easy!! With your Lightroom Program open locate the left hand side of your program in the DEVELOP tab up top. You will be there after you have already imported your images or files into Lightroom and are ready to edit them. You then want to make sure the Preset panel to the left is open. Right click on that area and select IMPORT. Locate the Presets on your hard drive or EHD (or other media) and click open. You are ready to begin playing! That easy!! NOTE that your zip file you downloaded will need to be extracted and you will need to locate the presets inside. You will get an error if you try to install the zip file.

So a quick recap:

1. Open Lightroom and Import your Photos.

2. Click the DEVELOP tab to the top right hand side of your Lightroom Program.

3. Locate where it says presets to the left hand side of your Lightroom Program.

4. Create a new folder with Preset Collection Name you purchased (or any name of your choosing), in the Preset panel by right clicking in the area the current default Lightroom Presets show. Then you want to Right click where that folder is located and choose Import while hovering over that area.

5. Locate your presets on your Hard Drive (or other means of media) and select all of the Lrtemplate files. Then hit open. Again make sure you are NOT installing the zip file.

6. Have fun!


Photoshop Actions

What is an Action? How Do I use them? How do I install them?
An Action is a series of steps in Photoshop or elements recorded into a file. Each action contains different steps or different processes and create different editing styles on your photographs. I create these actions for you in MY way and style of doing things. You do need the Photoshop Versions or Elements Versions stated in order to run these actions. If you have any further questions not stated in this faq please contact me via the contact form or at Sayhello@myfourhensphotography.com There is also a wealth of fabulous installation help for elements and how to install actions there here: http://www.thecoffeeshopblog.com/p/loading-actions-into-photoshop-elements.html?m=1 I strongly recommend you read this if you need any help!

Also note there is a FREE recipe guide linked off the front of the shop here and videos linked up as well in my Youtube channel.

To install in Photoshop CS and CC versions is super simple too.

-Make sure you are extracting or unzipping the zip file you downloaded at purchase.

-Once this is open navigate to the CS or CC folder inside.

-Double click the .atn action inside that folder.

-In your Photoshop those actions should now show in your Actions player typically displayed on the right side of your program.

-If your actions are not showing by default simply click “Windows” in the drop down menu up top. Then click “Actions.”

If you are looking on how to play the actual action I also provide a video tutorial in the same video channel on Youtube linked off the shop here.

How Do I adjust an Entire Action without Adjusting the layers individually in Photoshop Cs/CC Versions?

After your action is finished playing, you will now notice the adjustment layers are all tucked into a folder or a “group.” You want to click on the folder icon in the layers created by the action and then reduce the opacity of the entire folder or “group.”


How Do I adjust an Entire Action without adjusting the layers individually in Elements Versions?
The easiest way is to Duplicate your Background layer and then after selecting the duplicated background layer (the second one from the very bottom you do NOT want to grab the main background layer) AND all the action layers above that one Merge all those layers. You can now adjust the layer opacity on the entire action on the duplicated background layer. Note that you won’t be able to access the layers inside the action after you do this so tread carefully or make any adjustments prior to merging.

Will my Photo look exactly like the Preview images?
Most likely not. All photographers are different. Images are taken in different lighting conditions, at different settings, with different gears. Photography is as individualized as a finger print. You need to be sure to customize the actions to your taste. I leave the adjustment layers in tact for you to easily do this. Your best bet is to make sure you start with an image that is well exposed, with good white balance and focus. You also want to be editing on a calibrated monitor when possible to be sure you are seeing color correctly. There are also video tutorials linked off the shop here on how to get the most of your M4H Actions in my YouTube Channel and a free recipe guide in the recipes section. I highly recommend those.

I upgraded my Photoshop CC and now the Actions aren’t working the same?

If you are finding your Photoshop Actions are now extremely contrasted or the colors are completely orange or very blown in tone suddenly and worked great before, you will need the updated files. You can get these by messaging me and I will send replacement links totally complimentary.

How do I “tweak” an Action?
There are many ways, but the easiest is to go through each adjustment layer by hiding and unhiding it to see what it is doing to your image. Each layer holds a different effect, and contributes to the overall feel of the edit produced by the action but is not completely necessary. You can reduce the opacity of any of these layers, or hide them completely.

I also strongly suggest adding your own adjustment layers and making your own personalized touches. You can also use the “Helper” actions included in many of the sets (they will be listed in the previews) in conjunction with the “Creative Actions.”

Some of the layers to tweak for a better exposure for your image if you are getting an overly bright or over exposed feel is layers that contain words like “Pop, Lighten, Midtone Lighten” Etc. If your image is still too dark after running an action you can also duplicate these layers or up the opacity if that is an option.

If you are getting an overly warm result look for layers that have keywords like “Warmth, Color Pop, Saturate, etc.” By reducing these layers you can tone that down. You can also up the opacity if you have the opposite issue. Be sure to also mask any of these layers off any areas specifically if you like the effect on some places and not others.

If you are getting too much of a matte feel you can either add more contrast by making your own brightness/contrast layer or you can reduce the opacity of the color fill layers with keywords like “Matte” or “Vintage.” To up the effect simply up the opacity of those layers.

You can also group the entire action as mentioned above and tweak the entire opacity of it so the whole action isn’t full strength.

What is the Difference between a Helper action and a Creative Action?
A Helper action is an action with a couple simple yet effective result that help polish an image. You can run these in addition to your own hand edits or with a “creative” action for a personalized feel. They can be used for many things including to help quickly boost your exposure, add warmth, add a more creative effect such as a vintage or matte feel and many, many more.

A Creative action is an action that changes the entire dynamic of your image. They are meant to transform your image as a whole.

The Photoshop Actions I purchased Duplicate the Main Image. Is it supposed to make a copy?
I like for my actions to be as non-destructible as possible while I am editing my images, meaning that it preserves my original photo as much as possible. The reason I do duplicate the main photo in my workflow (and in my actions) is to be able to do this. The more you Process or Edit a JPEG file the more the file quality degrades. If you  do use bridge or Lightroom in your workflow however, (or batch edit)- this may cause problems for you with CS/CC versions and exporting to Lightroom; so to avoid this just run the action from the second step down instead of the very top of the action (You can expand the actions to access the steps) and it will avoid creating the copy of your image! You can also delete that step all together and avoid it doing that in future uses of the action. Just save a copy of the set in case you delete anything else by accident. The command you want to delete or skip over will say:

“Duplicate First Document”.

So to disable this feature, this is what you want to do.

Make sure you are in your action player box.

The sideways arrow to the left hand side of the action named, click that to open and expand the action.

Either click on the step directly under where it says “Duplicate First Document” and run the action from there or you can delete that step entirely.

Now the action will no longer duplicate your main image.

You may want to delete if you are batch editing.

*Soon I will be offering an option that includes NOT duplicating by default in future action sets. I will also hopefully get through all the sets currently in the shop to remedy this.  Some people absolutely love it. Others aren’t crazy about it. It’s a preference but I wanted the actions to be authentic to my workflow.

If you are using elements you can’t choose where to run the action from but you can absolutely click out of the windows that were previously opened if they are inconvenient in any way!

The Action set I bought says not compatible when installing In CC?
You need to be sure you are unzipping the file and installing the correct file in the folder. If you are using CC this will be the action in the CC labeled folder. You need the atn file to install.

Will Your Actions work in Photoshop Cs6 or the latest version of Elements? The preview doesn’t state this version of Photoshop.
Yup, they sure will. They also work with Elements 14 which may not be stated in some of the previews. To get the best results with Elements 11 and up versions, install actions from the folder labeled Elements 11 and up (it contains one .atn file) instead of the older Elements Folder that has the actions broken up individually for older versions of Elements.

Do all your actions work in Photoshop Elements?
There are actions made especially for elements. Most of the previews need to be updated and will work up to Elements 12 however if they don’t state they work for Elements and only CS versions then those particular action sets are not designed to work in Elements. Also PLEASE note that Elements 8 can be hit or miss so I encourage you to grab the action from my fan page (its free) and test it out before investing!

Do your Photoshop Elements Actions work in my CS and up versions of Photoshop?
They sure do!

What is the difference between a Preset and an Action?
A Preset is a file for Lightroom and an Action is a file for Photoshop Elements or Cs versions. A Lightroom file is lr.template and an action is an atn. file. When getting ready to install make sure you unzip the zip file before trying to install these files. They will not work properly if the incorrect file is loaded.

How do you combine actions?
The actions can be combined and used in conjunction together to customize your look or feel of your photo. Just remember to “Flatten” your photos in between actions. The best way to do this is to use the group me action mentioned above and reduce the opacity of the action before running a second action if you want to use a creative action. The “Helper” actions can also be easily stacked on top of the creative actions as well.

I upgraded Photoshop. Do I need to repurchase my actions?
Nope! Make sure to back up those files because I provide both CC, CS and Elements versions of the files for your convenience.

What if I have a question that isn’t listed here?
You can contact me by filling out the comment form on the Contact Page or by emailing me directly at Sarah@myfourhensphotography.com Please note however I can not hand hold installing actions or using them. If you do contact please make sure to be extremely specific including your version of Photoshop and print screens of whatever problems you have. Thanks!