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This is the page you use to purchase a one-on-one online mentorship with myself! Here is all of the information you need. Please read carefully as this mentorship is completely non-refundable. Please message after purchasing with your date of interest. All pertinent dates available are listed below.

There are three different mentorship options. All mentorships are solely online. They come with different payment options.

Your choice is:

 One Hour: Business Coaching/Mentoring

One Hour: Photoshop Mentoring

Two Hours That cover Both.

Additional Hours can be purchased for a total of up to Four hours which includes an optional portfolio review.

This mentoring is for ONE day.

So, Why Mentoring?

Mentoring is so much more than education. It is about personal relationships. It is about nurturing the artist in you and helping you to really explore the depths of your photography journey. It is about learning to do more than view your subject, but to see them. It is about no longer seeking your voice, but knowing it is already there demanding to be heard.

And knowing you have someone in your corner in all of that. That you are not alone.

I want to be here for you.



To purchase a mentorship use the shopping cart buttons to check out and pay online. Be sure to follow the directions provided in the Thank You email after purchase to set up your date and time.

Mentorships are done via Skype. I teach my Photoshop processing in real time while sharing my screen and explain as I go along. This is especially awesome if you are a visual learner. You can see what I am doing as I do it and I talk you through everything.You are welcome to ask questions.



Here is the break down:

Photoshop Mentoring | Skype

There are two options:

We learn the basics of Photoshop. If you are new to Photoshop and are completely overwhelmed but are hoping to learn how to properly use features such as Layers and Adjustment Layers, Photo Masking, How to use various tools and functions, ACR editing and more- this is the Mentorship for you. We will not cover anything advanced, but this will give you a firm hold on how to really delve into and use Photoshop correctly. We do not cover the use of Photoshop Actions in the 1 hours Basic Class. This is learning how to properly use Photoshop from scratch. I use Photoshop CC.


We learn more advanced Photoshop Principles such as how to use Adjustment layers in a Creative Manner, How to process from start to finish and how I would generally process an image with actions as well.  I also share my editing on a few different images to give an idea of how I would process a photograph from RAW to completion in different editing situations.

A $80.00 Shop Credit towards Photoshop Actions of your choosing are included in this. This code can not be combined with any other codes or shop discounts and are only for the use of Photoshop Actions.

As an overview, this includes:

Screen Sharing (Watch me work as I run through and talk you through my editing via Skype.)

One Hour online with me covering all of my editing and processing tricks in Adobe Photoshop CC, whether you want something more simple or more advanced.

How I process my RAW files in ACR (Adobe Camera RAW).

If you choose to book the more advanced Photoshop Processing mentoring option.

An overview of how I would edit a photo from a typical session.

How I use my own actions as well as how I manually edit and tweak my photos.

What you will need:

Photoshop CC. (If you use elements I will try to customize my editing to apply to your program, however I will be doing my editing IN Photoshop CC. You do not need CC for these mentorships, but it is highly recommended you have CC versions. I also recommend basic knowledge of Photoshop; such as Layers and how they are used- as well as the basics of shooting manual on your camera.)

Skype (free to download)

That is it!! Just yourself!



Business Coaching/Mentoring Option | Skype OR Phone


You can ask me anything you like about Marketing/Branding/Client Interaction/Business.

-We will go over some of the inner workings of your own business model and try to establish a means of ways to be more successful.

-I will share how to prepare your clients, get them to dress and style themselves to fit your brand and vision.

-We will discuss getting that beautiful client interaction on session days.

*Actual shooting is NOT covered in these mentoring sessions. If you would like a more personal and hands on experience, I recommend In person mentoring instead.



Special Two Hour Package | Business & Processing | Skype


Two hours

1 hour of business mentoring/coaching

1 hour of Photoshop Processing

A downloadable PDF sharing a bit about my business structure/marketing/perspective on business + family.

We will spend the first hour covering questions related to running a Photography business/branding/marketing/client interaction.

The Second Hour will cover Photoshop Processing.

Up to Two additional hours can be added on by purchasing below. This will include an optional portfolio review and I will also edit an image or two of your own if you like during our Photoshop Processing portion. This option is ONLY available if you are purchasing the Business + Photoshop Mentoring Bundle.

A $120.00 Gift certificate toward any Photoshop Actions in my Shop.


Somethings to note*

You may ask anything you want to know- including photography business related questions. I am not the know all/end all but I am happy to cover what techniques I apply to my own marketing and business strategies.   Note that the mentorship begins exactly at the time we agree on and ends at the time we agree on, so I ask that you be punctual and on time. The mentorship will also end at the time agreed upon unless for some unforeseen reason we need to reschedule. I ask that you provide at least 48 hours notice to reschedule.


What you will need:

Photoshop Elements, CS versions or CC versions of Photoshop, but if you are working with Elements I will do my best to tailor the processing end of things to your needs. (See One day mentorship for more information)

A DSLR and basic knowledge of Shooting in Manual mode as well as knowledge of Shutter Speed, Aperture and ISO.

Skype (free download) if you plan on doing the Processing Portion. You can also opt to chat on the phone for the business portion should you rather do it that way or are uncomfortable with a face-to-face model.

You also should know the very basics of your camera (things you would find in your user manual.)

Mentoring sessions are exactly 1-2 hours a day for the date specified upon booking- unless you purchase extra time. I am available from 11 am- 3pm Mtn time and time slots fill up fast. I also do not do mentorships on Weekend days (Saturday and Sunday).


***NON REFUNDANABLE and due upfront to reserve your date. Please read all details above before purchasing.

Purchasing your Spot//

(Payment due in full at time of booking. Time is not reserved unless payment is made up front.)

One Hour Photoshop Or One Hour Business Coaching

Must be paid in full upon purchase.

Extra time can not be purchased with this option.



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Both One Hour Photoshop & One Hour Business Bundle: Skype (A $215 Savings versus purchasing separately)

Half Can be Paid now with the remainder due no later than 14 days before our time together.


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Add to Cart$325.00


Must be purchased at booking and paid in full. Only permitted when purchasing the Photoshop + Business Bundle.
One Hour Add On + Optional Portfolio Review:


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Please NOTE:

Payment is due in full 14 days before mentorship begins for the Photoshop + Business Bundle Option.  Both the retainer and the mentorship are completely NON REFUNDABLE. I do require 48 hours notice to reschedule but if there is an unforeseen circumstance, I will do my best to move you to another time and date. I can not promise this however. Also note the mentorship begins exactly at the time agreed upon. I usually give a five minute grace period but the mentorship will end at the time agreed upon so please be punctual.

*Mentoring is not available to those living in Larimer County or operating in the Larimer County area or that plan to be.

 These Mentorships are NOT the same as workshops. They are one-on-one versus in a classroom setting and are taught in a different nature.

Please also note any gift cards or codes issued online in my shop are ONLY for Photoshop actions or Lightroom Presets listed in my store and may not be used for these mentorships unless otherwise stated.
Thank you so much! Hope to work with you!

Available Dates:

Currently not open for booking. Please inquire before purchasing. Dates will be announced on the fan page should any become available. 

The weekdays within these dates are flexible, but I can not take more than five for each of those months, so these are on a first come/first serve basis.