Being a Mama isn’t easy business. It is so much more beautiful than can be portrayed in words or images, it is so much harder than can be shared in sentiments or tears, it brings the kind of joy that only can truly come from a place so deep within- it doesn’t have a name. It isn’t merely flesh and bone, it is heart and soul. It is 2AM feedings, hurt feelings and love pouring out of our hands and eyes. It is bandaging wounds deeper than scraped knees and the kind of hugs that you just don’t want to release. It is planting roots and sowing seeds and a lot of failure too. Most importantly, it is unconditional love and devotion and putting yourself second or even third or fourth of seventh… until your very last breath.

And it is breath taking and life giving and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Happy Mother’s Day, sweet Friends.


Rachael Loomis

The way you capture these beautiful little moments is nothing short of amazing. Thank you for your continual inspiration <3

I honestly wasn’t supposed to open my season until later this Spring. Colorado weather for one can be a bit all over the place. In fact, this session was moved up a couple of days because of snow. It was in the 70′s all week, and then we were forecasted a winter storm right when they were supposed to meet me for our session. Add to that, having a new baby and readjusting to life with six children, I figured I would ease myself in. It is much like getting in the pool bit by bit. You dip your toes and lower yourself apprehensively. There are so many changes for our family this year. Our sweet girl has decided she mostly wants me and ONLY me, so it presents it’s own challenges. Fortunately, my clients are amazing. They have all pretty much expressed being completely comfortable with our little Daisy tagging along with my husband. (He comes anyway as my assistant.) And let me also tell you. There isn’t a cuter ice breaker than a little baby. Kids flock. It works much better than the old pez dispenser in your hot shoe trick ( most photographers will totally get that reference haha.)

Every winter however, I find myself getting what I think of as the “itch.” I am ready, and anxious to get back to work. Work feels like a silly word when you love what you do SO much, but the first few shoots of the season especially are always defining for me. There is always a bit more growth, a new fresh vision. It is exciting and one of the biggest reasons I always give myself late December-January off. I need that to feel connected to my craft and to rekindle that passion.

This beautiful Mama reached out after following me on Instagram for some time. Aside from the fact that I was eager to photograph her beautiful self with her beautiful identical triplets, I just loved her for her big beautiful heart. Yep, I did that on purpose. And I doubt that beautiful is a strong enough adjective. I knew that this was going to be an amazing time. They were coming to me from Oklahoma, so it was important to really share my love not only for what I do, but my home state here. I took them to one of my most favorite areas, and we were able to capture some super sweet images.

I also give them a ton of credit because they came straight from hanging out in the car for hours (and I don’t just mean the girls. Shout out to Mom and Dad.)  I promised a playground at the end of our session (it really was I swear haha), but it was a “natural” play ground and the girls were like umm.. this isn’t doing it. And then really, having a weird lady with her big weird camera that isn’t Mom’s. That has to be a bit strange too. And they still hit it out of the park. The time they gave me was amazing. And at the very end of the session in typical fashion, my husband saved us from being locked in the park because I get carried away and just want to keep photographing for hours and hours. They were a joy. And I will miss them. In fact I am trying to lure them all back in for a full family session in the mountains someday. I loved them. I really loved them.

And I’ll quit rambling now because the photos are begging to be shared. I can’t wait for all the Mama & Me sessions I have coming up soon! And there are still just a couple more at the VERY special rate. You can find that HERE. I decided to leave those available since Mother’s Day is coming up. I also have something else very very special happening soon for Mother’s day so keep an eye out!


Destiny Dube Schaefer

These are just gorgeous! Makes me want to have a mama and me session with my twin boys while they are still little :-) You do amazing work.

Ashley Noelle Marsh

Looking at these made me want to run to my son’s Mother’s Day Out, grab him, and snuggle all day long! I love how your work is gorgeous and also shows so much emotion!

Hi, Friends!!

I have been promising this guide forever and ever, and I am excited to share it is finally ready! I promised I made the wait worth your while!

Because I not only appreciate your kindness AND your patience, but even am just so excited to get my first workbook of MANY in the shop… I am having a very special sale! If you missed the sale we just had, here is your chance to save huge! I admit I never have back-to-back sales, but I really wanted to do something special for you all! SO, if you use the code Magic50, you will get 50% off not just the new Everyday Artistry guide- but any Photoshop Actions, Lightroom Presets and Bundles in the shop as well!


*Promo image taken with my iPhone!

And here is a bit of info and where you can purchase this guide right HERE.

There is only you and your camera. The limitations in your photography are in yourself, for what we see is what we are.

-Ernst Haas

Being a professional photographer, being able to photograph my own children is everything. I have captured some gems for sure- some I feel honored to hand down to them, and their children- and their children’s children. The shocking part is; they weren’t all taken with my “big camera.” Many of them were taken with my iPhone. I have no shame in that.  None at all. My iPhone is integral in fact because it is always with me. I am always in the moment. I am not fussing over focal lengths and camera settings, because all that matters in that moment… is my subject.

So why this guide? This guide is SO MUCH MORE than an iPhone guide. It is 115 pages packed full of inspiration, tips on your phone camera, lighting, composition, lifestyle, story telling and in-app editing + more. I even share my favorite places to print my images when I am all done because they do no good sitting on that camera.

Sound good?? Go Grab it!! And it’s only 20 bucks with the code Magic50! Eep!

iphone guide.pages

Erin Beck

Hey –

I bought Dreamweaver last year love love love it! I’ve bought a new computer and thought I’d backed up all my actions from you and PTM transferred them all today and I’m missing Dream Weaver is there a way I can prove I bought it and have it Re sent?

I’m guessing I’ll have paid via PayPal the email
I hope you’re well Xx

This year I have decided since there has always been such an awesome response to our Mama and Me Minis and I continue to get inquiries all year, I would do something a bit different to accommodate that. I also realized that I was getting a huge amount of expectant Mamas and wanted to make things easier on them as well because these two kinds of sessions are some of my most favorite to shoot.


maternity minai package

Here is how:

Instead of ONE mini session event where I host everything on one date, I am sharing a hand full of dates below I am available for these. The sessions will be held the last 40 minutes to get the best light possible. I am also including a shopping cart link. You will use that to check out and purchase your spot and then message me either via e-mail, the blog contact form or my fan page message option to specify which date. These are first come, first serve so be sure to message as quickly as possible as I can’t guarantee the date until you and I are in touch. I also have a very special payment option. You can either pay half for the deposit or purchase all at once for a slight discount.

The dates below are for both The Mama & Me Minis and the Maternity Minis

Dates: May 21st,  June 1st, June 2nd, June 20th, August 2nd, August 3rd. August 8th and August 9th.

(If there are weekday dates not mentioned here and you need something specific, especially for the maternity minis, we will work something out.)


I know that as a mother myself I tend to be on the other side of the camera. The side that is taking the images. And it makes me so incredibly sad going through and realizing I am missing from so many. When my children sit down with their children someday, they will know I was there in spirit but they won’t see the love in my eyes. And honestly you do not in fact even need to be a professional photographer to be guilty of this. We are the care takers, the nurturers, the soft place to land. We are a shoulder to lean into, to cry on and to occasionally fall asleep on. We sing and we rock and we soothe. We have our hands so full so often- that we are making memories but we aren’t recorded in them.

Let me help you change that.

I want to photograph you in all your glory. I want to record the love and bond between you and your children. There is no pressure. You only need to show up and love on your children.. and I will document it beautifully for you. You deserve to leave your legacy AND have it tangibly to cherish always.

And for those expectant Mamas. There are few things as beautiful as a pregnant woman. At this moment you may not feel as so. You likely feel swollen and tired and maybe a bit weepy. Whether this is your first, or your last child however know that it is going to go in a wink. It is going to go so fast in fact you will think you will remember it all, but the bittersweet truth is likely… you won’t. You won’t because between the exhaustion and the newfound rosy glow of motherhood, it is going to be so breathtakingly beautiful and your mind is going to snap to trying to preserve your babies chubby features and how you feel in that moment.

Let me help you remember. This time demands to be cherished. I made the mistake of taking time for granted and as a woman that doesn’t have nearly enough images of myself heavy with my own babies, you want to do this. You need these photos.

Here is what both packages include.

What is included:

-40 minute session (session will take place 40 minutes before sunset.)

-8 FULL resolution images for printing.

-A Web resolution copy of each for sharing on social media

-A one time 15% discount on your choice of package for a full family session. If purchasing the Maternity session you can choose to take the discount on a lifestyle newborn session.

 And as a surprise, For a limited time only purchase a lifestyle newborn in home session and receive a FREE Maternity mini session. Inquire for information the new in home lifestyle all inclusive package option.


Two Payment Options:

If Paid in ONE Payment:


Add to Cart

If Paid in Two Payments


Due Now:

Add to Cart

*Fine Print

These sessions are within 15 miles of Fort Collins, CO. Sessions are NON Refundable. These are for both of these packages only and for a limited time. Sessions must be honored in 2016. Please specify package upon booking along with choice of date. Dates are first-first serve. If paying the half payment the remaining half will be due 14 days before our session and must be paid in full to honor the session.









Vanessa Horning

I love all your work and you have been such an inspiration to me over the years. Thank you <3