This darling family comes to the Fort Collins, CO area every couple of years from their home state of Oregon for a special convention and spends cpart of their summer here. The first time Wendy came this way, we got in touch and I was hoping so much to meet her in person but it just didn’t work out between both of our busy schedules- so when she contacted me about a family session when she knew they would be back, I was completely besides myself. She truly is one of the kindest, sweetest spirits I have ever met. I have often talked about befriending my clients. I feel like I have known this precious woman for years. It is nothing short of amazing when there is chemistry there and the families you have the honor of working with trust and “get” your vision.

She was so kind to even come out to a more remote area for her images. This area in fact so remote there was no cell phone signal and I managed to get her just a bit lost but despite the lack of light when we all made it, I knew it was going to me magic. Her children are the CUTEST. Her little guy had some serious karate moves and the silliest funnest personality and their tiny daughter was the most delicate girly child. They were an instant muse. I didn’t put my camera down once in the two hours we hung out together. I actually enjoyed my time with them so much I contacted her before they had to head back home to model for a mentorship I hosted.

I can’t wait for them to come back in another couple of years and will be following them in the mean time. I truly love their hearts. You couldn’t ask for a more amazing family.

I am also booking just a few more fall sessions. I was currently booked up and was fortunately able to open things up since I had to postpone some travel plans. My maternity leave will likely begin in November so do get in touch if you are hoping to get your session in time for the Holiday Season. I LOVE getting Christmas cards from my clients so I am hoping to get lots this year!

A Mother's View Photography

Amazing images! Every single one!

Christy-Leigh Photography

Amazing!!!! It looks like you have so much fun with your clients <3 xxxx

Courtney Ernst

A-mazing!!! Love.

Gabriela Koopmans

LOVE !!!!

It has been an amazing full year thus far. I have spent many evenings in the Colorado sunshine with the most beautiful souls. This family was no exception.

We had an insanely wet Spring here and had to reschedule session after session in May, so when we FINALLY got together in June this Mama didn’t have much long to go before they met their precious baby. She truly looked like a princess. People stopped in their tracks to let her know just how much so. The sun was out, her boys were just so incredibly sweet and her husband couldn’t be more obviously smitten with her. I was excited to learn that their little babe was going to be a surprise. It was all worth the wait.

And we learned when we got home from our travels in early summer they welcomed a little girl into their family. I have no doubt she will be well protected by her big brothers. I feel so fortunate to have been able to document their family this day and hope so much to meet their little lady!

Patti Foryziak

wow amazing!!

There is something so incredibly beautiful about the promise of new life. This time is sacred and precious and the anticipation is like nothing else in the world. Whether it is your first child or your sixth, the love just grows and grows and everyone is on pins and needles anxiously waiting to meet one of the most important people they will ever know. It is a journey like none other. And this darling family is taking it.

This little princess is going to make an amazing big sister. She was just this affectionate, darling little blond haired beauty. Many times she would come over and take my hand and melt me. Her parents are doing it right. She is a sweet soul and her brother is going to be one well loved little man. I hope so much to have the honor of watching them grow because they were just SO wonderful to be around. It was effortless.

So Nia

oh my gosh…Sarah you master!!! Love them

There is something positively enchanting about Motherhood. When I was really delving into what I wanted my newborn work to embody, I instantly knew I wanted it to be so much more than just about the newborn child. You see, newborns are precious and sweet and you could add just about any cutesy adjective in the mix but Motherhood… parenthood is a powerful thing. And the bond. There is quite nothing like that bond. We all love differently and in different ways. Families are all vastly different yet there is one commonality. Soul. Soul and love and commitment. And the ability to tell a story-a story that is just beginning. What a privilege it is to help do that from the very beginning. And if I am truly blessed, I will get to watch these babies grow. As a mother and a business owner it just embodies all that I love.

This sweet family welcomed their first child in the family this spring and I have been so excited to share. I have been quietly testing the waters in lifestyle photography to make sure it was truly where my heart is. If my heart isn’t in it- I can’t commit a million percent. I am the committed type. It took some reflection but coming back to these images reaffirmed that. I just want to capture connection. It doesn’t matter how or where. It just needs to be authentic.  The tenderness and pride this Mama had written all over her when she looked upon her newborn was all that and more.

And here is the beginning of many amazing things to come for them. These are just a few of my favorite from this day.j1wj7wj8wj9wj10wj11wj12wj13wj14wj15wj16wj17wj18wj19wj21wj22wj24wj25wj26wj27wj28wj29wj30w





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Beautiful post!! Do you only use natural light? These are gorgeous!