This precious family was last year’s winner for the big Annual session giveaway I host. They traveled in from out of state and I was so excited to get them in front of the camera and happy to see our forecast was clear and it was going to be beautiful on our big day! As we were shooting the sky darkened and a totally unexpected storm started coming our way. Oddly it never really reached us until we were wrapped up and left us something beautiful for our photos. A real rainbow. Colorado has been spoiling me with rainbows this year. This has to be at least the third now and I am not at all complaining.

One thing I love is my sessions are super laid back and informal so I get to really get to know the families that I photograph. I get to spend time with them and nurture new friendships and relationships. This Mama is another photographer and having that commonality was awesome. I also adored that she put so much thought into their outfits and some of the clothing was hand made. There is always something special about an item that is made with love and care.

I am excited to show our day together off finally and hope so much our paths cross again. It is always so hard to leave at the end of the night not knowing just when that will be because I often hit it off in such an awesome way with the people that give me the honor of documenting their family.

I get to photograph many wonderful families. It is truly a privilege. When a family however invites me to a place that is special to them and holds such a profound significance and then lets me follow them around and just document it all… well my heart is overflowing. This Mama contacted me months in advance to let me know they had planned a summer vacation to a family property in the mountains and was wondering if I would be willing to come out. I mean… YES!! So we connected on Facebook (because I like to friend my clients) and as this sweet lady’s family started filling my feed, I truly got a sense of how special they were. For starters her and her husband were married on the very bridge I got to photograph their precious family on. There were so many significant details from the fact that her own mother helped make her clothing to even getting to watch them all fish and explore and just be the amazing group they are. It was a special day and I was sad to leave them. It was worth the two hour drive out and then some.

On another note being booked up this year has been bittersweet. I have received so many inquiries that I would have LOVED to work with. We are just a couple months away from welcoming our sixth and final child into our family and maternity leave begins next month so I am so gracious for your understanding and kindness. I am however going to begin booking for 2016 next month with something VERY special so please keep an eye out if you are hoping to get on the calendar. I will be posting here and on the fan page as soon as I am ready for that.

This family was kind enough to come out of their way and model for me for one of my in person mentorships this summer. They were SO sweet and so laid back and I truly got to take some of my favorite images to date. I have so much appreciation for my model families. I know it is such a sacrifice to come out and sometimes even have multiple cameras pointed at you, but oh… they bring something so special for these photographers and myself on our days together. I can’t help but show them off. I truly love getting to know them and hope so much I get to see them again someday because I always find myself just a bit attached haha. I blog my full sessions lots and don’t always get to blog these but I am trying to definitely get them up so I can show them off in all their glory.

Colorado has many beautiful landscapes and I am a girl with a heart for the foothills and mountains admittedly- BUT when a client expressed interest in hopping in a creek I went scouting and it was just perfection. I hope to get to use this magical place many, many more times.

This session was one of my favorites in fact. They were so laid back and the boys were so much fun. Initially we had planned for the springtime but the weather wouldn’t cooperate and after being rained out it all came together in the best way possible. The weather was beautiful and the light was something special that evening.

I am excited for all the gorgeous fall sessions we have ahead of us this year but Summer sure was good to me.


Charlotte Wise

just beautiful. Full stop x