This year I have decided since there has always been such an awesome response to our Mama and Me Minis and I continue to get inquiries all year, I would do something a bit different to accommodate that. I also realized that I was getting a huge amount of expectant Mamas and wanted to make things easier on them as well because these two kinds of sessions are some of my most favorite to shoot.


One person that books these is going to win a FULL family session. I will randomly choose March 1st!


maternity minai package

Here is how:

Instead of ONE mini session event where I host everything on one date, I am sharing a hand full of dates below I am available for these. The sessions will be held the last 40 minutes to get the best light possible. I am also including a shopping cart link. You will use that to check out and purchase your spot and then message me either via e-mail, the blog contact form or my fan page message option to specify which date. These are first come, first serve so be sure to message as quickly as possible as I can’t guarantee the date until you and I are in touch. I also have a very special payment option. You can either pay half for the deposit or purchase all at once for a slight discount.

The dates below are for both The Mama & Me Minis and the Maternity Minis

Dates: May 21st, May 22nd, June 1st, June 2nd, June 20th, June 21st, July 11th, July 12th, July 28th, August 2nd, August 3rd. August 8th and August 9th.

(If there are weekday dates not mentioned here and you need something specific, especially for the maternity minis, we will work something out.)


I know that as a mother myself I tend to be on the other side of the camera. The side that is taking the images. And it makes me so incredibly sad going through and realizing I am missing from so many. When my children sit down with their children someday, they will know I was there in spirit but they won’t see the love in my eyes. And honestly you do not in fact even need to be a professional photographer to be guilty of this. We are the care takers, the nurturers, the soft place to land. We are a shoulder to lean into, to cry on and to occasionally fall asleep on. We sing and we rock and we soothe. We have our hands so full so often- that we are making memories but we aren’t recorded in them.

Let me help you change that.

I want to photograph you in all your glory. I want to record the love and bond between you and your children. There is no pressure. You only need to show up and love on your children.. and I will document it beautifully for you. You deserve to leave your legacy AND have it tangibly to cherish always.

And for those expectant Mamas. There are few things as beautiful as a pregnant woman. At this moment you may not feel as so. You likely feel swollen and tired and maybe a bit weepy. Whether this is your first, or your last child however know that it is going to go in a wink. It is going to go so fast in fact you will think you will remember it all, but the bittersweet truth is likely… you won’t. You won’t because between the exhaustion and the newfound rosy glow of motherhood, it is going to be so breathtakingly beautiful and your mind is going to snap to trying to preserve your babies chubby features and how you feel in that moment.

Let me help you remember. This time demands to be cherished. I made the mistake of taking time for granted and as a woman that doesn’t have nearly enough images of myself heavy with my own babies, you want to do this. You need these photos.

Here is what both packages include.

What is included:

-40 minute session (session will take place 40 minutes before sunset.)

-8 FULL resolution images for printing.

-A Web resolution copy of each for sharing on social media

-A one time 15% discount on your choice of package for a full family session. If purchasing the Maternity session you can choose to take the discount on a lifestyle newborn session.

 And as a surprise, For a limited time only purchase a lifestyle newborn in home session and receive a FREE Maternity mini session. Inquire for information the new in home lifestyle all inclusive package option.


Two Payment Options:

If Paid in ONE Payment:


Add to Cart

If Paid in Two Payments


Due Now:

Add to Cart

*Fine Print

These sessions are within 15 miles of Fort Collins, CO. Sessions are NON Refundable. These are for both of these packages only and for a limited time. Sessions must be honored in 2016. Please specify package upon booking along with choice of date. Dates are first-first serve. If paying the half payment the remaining half will be due 14 days before our session and must be paid in full to honor the session.









This year has been so incredibly full already. On January 1st, we welcomed our very last child… our sixth hen, into the world. There isn’t quite anything that will put things in perspective for you like new life. There is of course the endless feedings and changing and rocking, but more than anything there is just so much love. It is so deep and all consuming. I have been sucked right in and hesitant to do anything but use the opportunity to try to memorialize every last milestone. Being a mother of six, you would think that at the very least maybe you got used to it all. You don’t though. You just don’t. And knowing that each milestone will be the very last in a line of pretty amazing milestones… I am clinging so tightly it hurts. She is the perfect addition and the best way to complete our family.

And shortly after we learned that even more change was on the horizon for us. My husband, whom is my assistant and accompanies me on the majority of my sessions, was going to be laid off from his job in the oil field. Many of my fellow oil field families have been feeling the strain and it has seemed to catch up with us. While we were taken a bit back I admit by the timing and how abrupt the change was, we had been discussing him possibly joining my business on a more full time basis since it has grown and grown so much the past year. I do believe that things happen for a reason. This was a sign in so many ways. I will be able to delve even deeper and have two extra hands and another soul to help. My business has always revolved so much around my family. This makes everything much more meaningful. My husband is actually fairly talented with a camera in hand himself so after our last baby is a bit bigger we may even begin shooting together. We have been a team in every way so this seems completely appropriate.

In any event with my husband now taking on a good bit of the workload with me, and having him home as a full time stay at home Dad, I will be able to host more workshops, offer more sessions and do more of what I love. It is a blessing in disguise. I am so incredibly excited to embark on this next chapter of our lives. I have always been a bit of an open book so I am excited to share this journey with you all.

And because I can’t resist, here is a bit of our life with our six hens.

(For those wondering I will likely NOT be changing the business name formally, but you may notice six little eggs in our branding to reflect our six sweet babes.)5M2A0407 copy 25M2A0422 copy 25M2A0430 copy 25M2A0463 copy 25M2A0469 copy 25M2A0517 copy 25M2A0539 copy 25M2A0568 copy 25M2A0575 copy 25M2A0634 copy 25M2A0644 copy 25M2A0702 copy 2

And a few favorite iPhone snaps: (If you’re interested in following some of my musings and our adventures I am My4hens.)


And a beautiful family photo of ours from my amazing and talented friend Nicole Smith at Nicole Smith Photography


Jackie Benoit


Ginger Ackland O'Rourke

Beautiful family and amazing photography. Your love shows in all you do!

Paula Moreira Orologas

Gorgeous! Congratulations!

Sophie Philipova

Congratulations! Beautiful!!!

Lina Skott Appelgren

What a wonderful time!

Barefoot Studios Ok, LLC

What an exciting adventure for your beautiful family!!

Natalie Butcher

What a beautiful post, and those pictures are stunning x

Locked In Time Photography By Heidi Bortner

Congratulations! What a fabulous journey you are on.

I wish I could cram every single image into this post. I literally closed my eyes and went in blind and clicked because there were just too many favorites. The best things about my approach to sessions is I come away with so many memories too. Next year is going to be so special. There are so many familiar faces I get to love on and so many new ones too!! I can’t even begin to anticipate all the wonderful things happening.

This year has been a beautiful, gloriously exhausting blur- and I can’t say thank you enough! We got to see Texas and love all over families in Austin, and then we headed back to the East Coast in CT where my roots are and spent time with lots of families that I both miss very much from before we moved to Colorado and some new faces I hope so much to see again. We ultimately had to cut back on travel when we learned we had a new little Cornish baby coming but hope to resume travels in 2017 after things calm down just a bit so if there is a place you would love to see me at don’t be shy! I also got to mentor the most amazing women and made some lifelong friendships. All in all it was definitely a good year on all fronts.

If you want to hop on the Calendar there is a tiny bit of availability for Packages A and B for 2016 here. After January 1st this deal will expire and full price booking for 2016 will go into effect. All 2016 prices have been raised slightly so this is an amazing opportunity to save big!

And because I can get long winded here are just a few of my favorite. I haven’t even been able to blog everyone but I tried to sneak as many of these gorgeous faces in as I could! So much love to you all and have a beautiful Holiday season!!

Marian Diop

I loved going through each image and just taking it in and figuring out exactly what I loved about each one. Your use of light and such genuine, happy emotions were SO evident. Thanks for sharing! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :)

Taylor Elizabeth Lange

Completely in love with your images! Looking through them is so inspiring!

Jen Carkner-Cooke

Your images are so true to your unique style, Sarah. I have to say when I see one of your images I usually know it’s one of yours before I actually know. Love your work… your heart shines through each and every image <3

Ava Phillips

I found your blog on Circle of Moms and I am OBSESSED! Absolutely gorgeous work! I’m just now dipping my toe in photography and your style is what I hope to one day be! Beautiful!! They took my breath away.

This was one of those sessions that had it all. Cuddles and personality and the craziest Eye Lashes I have ever seen on a little boy. We got just the right amount of sunshine and foothills and even a creek to splash around in. It truly was amazing. So amazing in fact I thought I had already blogged this family. Seriously. I have been thinking about it for months. Yes, MONTHS. They are adorable. And you couldn’t have truly asked for two sweeter little guys. I mean they literally were willing to hug each other on purpose. I truly feel like the luckiest gal to get to do what I do.

On another note we are just shy of 37 weeks pregnant with our very last Cornish Hen. I have many sessions I have yet to blog and can’t wait to get them all up. We are in that home stretch so this expectant Mama has been a little slower than normal preparing for the Holidays and our little one to arrive. I have truly loved all the warm e-mails and kindess and even amazing gifts in the mail. I have the most thoughtful AMAZING “clients” (friends) Ever!!

Iva Dahan Photography

beautiful family and stunning work as always