This year I had the privilege of traveling to my home state of Connecticut and capturing some of the loveliest families. This was actually extra special because I got to not only see my own family, but do what I loved most on my birthday. We also decided as a family that we will be putting travel sessions on hold for quite a while since we are expecting our very last child this winter and want to make sure our little ones are getting all the time they need and deserve with their parents. Being a Mother of six sweet souls while managing a business is a wonderful gift but often has it’s hurdles. Time management is always my biggest mountain to climb. I am hoping that next year this will allow me to really get a grasp on that while also having the opportunity to work closer to home next year since I had to sadly turn away a lot of Colorado sessions due to our travel plans. Since I took about a dozen sessions while I was there, I thought it would be fun to share the highlights of our trip there.

Thank you so much to ALL of the amazing families that came out and spent my time there with me. I am truly honored.





2015 has likely been my busiest year yet. We had a full travel schedule on top of all the amazing family sessions I have lined up here in Colorado and at the very beginning of the year when I began booking we were ready to take it all on. My husband is my assistant and comes to just about every session and is tremendously helpful, so when I travel for work he is my sidekick of sorts. We found out this Spring we were expecting another sweet child this winter and had to pare way back on some of our travels due to some unforeseen circumstances and it was hard. It was not only disheartening because many of the bookings we had were repeat clients from previous travel sessions and I was looking forward to really seeing them again, but it is hard to admit sometimes… it is hard to admit that maybe we just can’t do it all. For a short while in fact it felt something like defeat, but I realized that this is what needed to happen to properly take care of our family and sometimes sacrifices do need to be made. Why am I rambling on about this you might be asking? Well for one I do get the “How do you do it all?”, question quite a bit and I am sure from the outside, being a mother of five and running a full time business- it may just seem like I must have it all together. The truth is really sometimes you need to look from the outside and see that you really just don’t have it all together. Usually when that happens you also learn that something has to give. I work not just for the love of Photography (which I have a very healthy dose of) but more than anything for my family. I work to not only support them but to give them a life they are deserving of. And more than anything money can buy, they are deserving of their Mother’s time. So that is where I was at this point in the summer time. This was one of my California families. I met them first last year when I had the honor of photographing their family on a California beach almost exactly a year a go to the month. I just loved them from the start. From this Mama’s sweet demeanor to their free spirited children, to their calm and awesome Dad…it was just a joy to spend the hour with them there. When I had to e-mail to cancel their California session for the reasons mentioned above, I was besides myself when Mr. Z messaged me shortly after I chatted with his sweet wife to let me know they planned to fly out to Colorado to come see me. I am SO happy they did. We spent the most amazing time and I was excited we got to spend much more than the hour we initially planned on. I know our paths will hopefully some day cross again. I know if this Mama was closer we would be fast friends. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Z family for coming out this way and allowing me to photograph that gorgeous family of yours!

I also have an update on 2015 Fall Sessions. I am now completely booked for this year (again). Thank you SO much as well to all that have messaged to inquire. I will have something special around Black Friday to get the ball rolling on 2016 sessions.

Charlotte Wise

awe-inspiringly beautiful x

Susan Beth Breuner


I absolutely loved the time I spent with this sweet family. They were troopers and were even up for a little bit of a hike despite the fact that this Mama is getting closer and closer to her due date. We had already had to reschedule their session to later in their vacation here due to Thunderstorms and as soon as we showed up to the location it began to completely down pour.  We waited it out in our cars while it slowly passed and then noticed the storm was heading in the opposite direction so we decided to brave it out. We were rewarded with the prettiest rainbow and lovely sunshine. The rainbow couldn’t have been more appropriate considering she is carrying their very own rainbow baby. I was also excited to learn that they are letting the gender of their child be a surprise, (Especially because we have that in common!) and I am now stalking her on social media waiting to hear news of what they are having lol! Everything about this session was seamless once we got started. They were down to earth and fun to hang out with. We joked, we picked flowers, we dodged tiny cactus and really just spent a couple of hours hanging out and getting some lovely images in the process.

And a quick update on Fall sessions. As of now October is now all spoken for. There is a couple of dates in September and possibly one or two for early November and we are booked for the year. Feel free to get in touch via my fan page or the contact blog to claim a date for yourself. <3 I will begin booking 2016 late Fall/Winter.  


Tami Fosher

Sarah you are just the best. We loved every second with you and adore our photo’s. thank you sooo much for giving us something we will cherish forever!! xoxo

Katie Murray

This is beautiful! That rainbow is so magical!

Bea Gray

I just purchased an action set and its amazing! Thanks so much :)

This darling family comes to the Fort Collins, CO area every couple of years from their home state of Oregon for a special convention and spends cpart of their summer here. The first time Wendy came this way, we got in touch and I was hoping so much to meet her in person but it just didn’t work out between both of our busy schedules- so when she contacted me about a family session when she knew they would be back, I was completely besides myself. She truly is one of the kindest, sweetest spirits I have ever met. I have often talked about befriending my clients. I feel like I have known this precious woman for years. It is nothing short of amazing when there is chemistry there and the families you have the honor of working with trust and “get” your vision.

She was so kind to even come out to a more remote area for her images. This area in fact so remote there was no cell phone signal and I managed to get her just a bit lost but despite the lack of light when we all made it, I knew it was going to me magic. Her children are the CUTEST. Her little guy had some serious karate moves and the silliest funnest personality and their tiny daughter was the most delicate girly child. They were an instant muse. I didn’t put my camera down once in the two hours we hung out together. I actually enjoyed my time with them so much I contacted her before they had to head back home to model for a mentorship I hosted.

I can’t wait for them to come back in another couple of years and will be following them in the mean time. I truly love their hearts. You couldn’t ask for a more amazing family.

I am also booking just a few more fall sessions. I was currently booked up and was fortunately able to open things up since I had to postpone some travel plans. My maternity leave will likely begin in November so do get in touch if you are hoping to get your session in time for the Holiday Season. I LOVE getting Christmas cards from my clients so I am hoping to get lots this year!

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Amazing images! Every single one!

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Amazing!!!! It looks like you have so much fun with your clients <3 xxxx

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A-mazing!!! Love.

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LOVE !!!!