This Mama. Really. She is the whole package. Beautiful, inspired, talented, a big fat heart and great hair. Yes, I just said that haha. But really, her hair is pretty gorgeous.

I love her though. She came to me for a one-on-one mentorship earlier in the summer and I didn’t want it to end. We talked photography over coffee and shot together and I left on a high of sorts and ready to photograph her with her little men a bit later in the month.

And we met in the mountains with the rain coming down all around- and we decided to roll with it. I am so glad we did. We are already planning on this again. I admittedly get the most AMAZING families, but I feel spoiled to get to love on her family sooner than later. I have so much blogging to do but I have had a bunch of messages requesting to see these all- so here they are.

One of my all time favorites… ever.

Gosh. This Mama.

I met her on a session years and years a go. She was actually one of my first clients in my humble beginnings back when I started my business and began taking work on. She inquired off the internet and I remember her using the word organic to describe my work and I knew we were going to be fast friends. I was blown away that she really loved my photography so much to take a leap and be one of my first real sessions.

I remember meeting them at a little park in Rhode Island and being so nervous, the butterflies just bounced around in my stomach. And then this beautiful Mama with her pretty little daughter came out and we began chatting and it all melted away. It was effortless.  And nearly eight years later.. here we are. I have since moved to Colorado, and honestly don’t get anxious much these days (but I do get nervous meeting new faces sometimes because I am a bit of an introverted people person),  and yet the friends I have made from being a photographer are so special to me. I take little pieces away of each family I am fortunate enough to photograph. I can honestly say I LOVE Sarah. And on top of all that, she is an amazing hair stylist in Connecticut. We traded for years and years afterwards and she always makes me feel absolutely beautiful after leaving her chair. This also means we have had some wonderful conversation and really only gotten closer as the years have marched on.

And when she began dating George, I watched her talk about him with stars in her eyes. I immediately recognized exactly what was happening. My friend was in love. And as life has a way of doing, they have their own story with their own twists and turns. When she messaged to let me know they were getting married however, I knew something amazing was happening. They came out for their engagement photos a couple of years ago and I sadly couldn’t make it to their wedding last year, but her and George came on back for very special maternity photos of her beautiful belly. Ruby will soon be here and next year I look forward to photographing her entire family at some point. And on this evening, taking these maternity photos- we (Safely) climbed a rock that overlooked the mountains and played their wedding song and I felt like I got to yet again witness something special happening. There they were slow dancing with their baby daughter before she even made her entrance into this world. How amazing is my job??

Aside from all that, this day was amazing. We started out on this day at sunrise, and I stepped out of the car in a crumpled dress i wore the evening before (because I am not much of a morning person) covered down to my toes in my own baby’s spit up. We *just* missed  the actual sunrise but took advantage of the glowy light. We then napped and headed back out to the mountains and started a few hours before sunset all the way up until there was no more light to be seen and ended the evening at my favorite burger place with her beautiful belly and my six kids in tow. Side note- George, Sophia says hi.;)Haha (Yes, my seven year old is obsessed with a married man.)

This is perfectly and blissfully typical too. I have now photographed so many families turned friend. So many Mamas that have confided in me on much more than a Photographer/Client level. I remember every family, every Mama, every child that has been in front of my lens. And being able to blog these images right this moment remind me of how blessed I am.

Sarah, I adore you. Thank you for so much more than allowing me to document your precious family. Thank you for your friendship.

You are so loved.


Kristin Erickson


Lela Johnson

Love them all!!!!

Michelle Lyons

Reading this post actually brought me to tears. You speak of the love you witnessed and could sense between Sarah and George. I could sense and feel the love and true bonding between you and Sarah as well. How blessed you all are to be a part of each other’s lives. Your pictures are breathtaking and you truly have an amazing eye. Sarah is absolutely stunning and George is a handsome devil himself . Beautiful pictures for beautiful people❤️

I have been behind on my blogging. I have SO much blogging to do. In fact, I can hardly believe that June is almost behind us because I am certain it was just May! This beautiful Mama and her little guy came out for a Mama and Me session last month and we were greeted by a field full of glorious wish flowers. The light was amazing, they were truly the sweetest and we made just a bit of magic. These seem to be one of my most favorite sessions to shoot these days.


Rachelle Chase

Each image kept getting better and better. I didn’t want these to end. You can see how much she just adores this baby boy. amazing work.

Leighellen T Landskov

These all make me so happy. I love you and your love for lovely light, Mommas, and their connection to their children. :)

Stephanie Humphrey

Oh goodness! This session is amazing!

Destiny Dube Schaefer

I die… This is so beautiful and lovely <3

Sara Jewell Photography

The tears in my eyes…. Breathtaking…

Charlotte Wise

How on earth are you this amazing! These are beyond the heart. Wow xx

Stacy Holman

so beautiful Sarah Cornish

Lela Johnson

These are so gorgeous! I love them so much!

Oh, Lovelies.

I have something special for you Mama’s out there. Motherhood is one of my biggest muses and not just because I am a Mama of six myself. It is profound. It is precious. It begs to be documented, and yet we are rarely on this side of the camera. So here is your chance to hop in the frame and preserve something special for both yourself AND your children.

You Deserve this.

I am so excited to share these minis and finally be able to offer something simple and special and almost as beautiful as the love you have for your children. Even better, I am offering these up at a steal. These are almost HALF of what my regular mini sessions cost and this is because it is a very special introductory rate. Interested?? Here is what is included for you.

Date + Times:

June 25th, 2016

4:00pm, 4:35pm, 5pm, 5:35pm, 6pm, 6:35pm, 7pm

*Times May be added depending on demand. There has to be interest for at least six more sessions for that to happen though.

motherhood minis

All the Awesome Details//

-20 Minute Session. No More, No less. All you need to do is come, be and love on your children. No rigid posing or stuffy photos. In fact you don’t even need to look at me. These are about you and how much you love your littles.

-Six beautiful digital images. You will get a full resolution copy for you to print at your leisure and a web resolution copy to share on Facebook for all of your (other) favorite people to see how amazing you are. YES, YOU are amazing.

-A gorgeous, unique indoor vintage building setting. Bonus is this is on top of a quirky vintage shop, so be prepared to spoil yourself this day!

Now the Business end.

I have a very limited amount of these sessions. I am dipping my toes in the pool, and I want to offer these again- but right now I am seeing how they do so I am offering them at a one time rate AND only doing so many. If they are popular this time, I may be able to open a few more. Please note that times are first come and first serve however, and booking order gets precedent over how those go. Exact times are listed. Since this is an event you will have to be prompt. I can’t make extra time for you.

*These are NON refundable and must be paid in full using the shopping cart function below to reserve your date and time. Nothing will be held until this purchased.

*These are held in Fort Collins, CO. You must come here to me but the bonus is the gorgeous building and setting I get to photograph for you.

*These are ONLY for Mothers and their children OR expecting Mamas. Unfortunately these are not for full or extended families.

*These will be held rain or shine. (Indoors.)

Purchase HERE:


Add to Cart

Again there are NO refunds. Please make sure you are available. If you can not make it there are no re-shoots granted, but you can absolutely sell your mini spot if you need to.

Beka Crocket

I am so excited for this…I LOVE the images that you capture and can’t wait to see how you catch my little boys!