This family. There are no words, really. There was such a bond, and the girls. Oh, these girls. They were precious. They had such a fantastic connection. They pretty much are everything sisterhood should be. The light, the color, the FUN we had. It was all just incredibly dreamy. I love that despite the fact that we did nine sessions over the course of these three days we were in Austin, everyone came away with something completely unique and different.

I just need to hop right in and share because I am pretty excited to get this gorgeous, gorgeous family on the blog.

Barb Huff


Tina Linder Russell

LOVE it <3

Shelley Schuette

Oh my! The ones of the girls whispering melts me! Such amazing work!

Recently we traveled to Austin, TX for nine wonderful family sessions. One of my biggest goals when approaching my time with the families I have the privilege of working with is that they come away not only with beautiful images, but an amazing experience. I admit I am in no way a traditional photographer. Each session will be a bit different because they truly revolve around the people and personalities that I am photographing in the moment. I want so much for their images to photograph and represent their connection and relationships. I also want them to resonate for the people they are.

This sweet family was so much fun. We spent some of our time together exploring and hiking and fueling the imagination and sense of wonder their little guy had. The love they shared was so evident from the moment we met up. They were just so easy to connect with, so down to earth. So often I come away from these travel sessions wishing that the families that booked me were local. I have a habit of making my clients be my friends and I have absolutely no shame in that ha!

Charlotte Carter


Mandy Blackall Riddle

Wow – just wow – speechless for how beautiful this is!

Michèle Tremblay

Just wow!

Jesica E. Montgomery

what a beautiful session!!

Shelley Banks

This session in INCREDIBLE! You did such an amazing job at capturing the essence and love of this family.

Angela Doran

So honored to have been in front of your lens, friend. These images are worth more than gold to me. <3

Shelley Schuette

Holy moly I can barely pick my chin up off the floor! Aahmazing!

Caitlin Livingston

These are gorgeous! Lovely light and lovely family!

Ashley Durham

Aw, these are great. I love the shot of the three of them on the blanket!

We recently got back from Austin, TX after doing a total of nine sessions in three days. They were amazing. The families were so much fun and down for just about anything. Considering it was pretty warm out and humid (oh my gosh my hair is still recovering haha!), we found creative ways to stay cool. Yes, we pretty much hopped right in the creek. Initially I was thinking wildflowers and open fields, but when I found this location I knew it was perfect. Fun is promoted on my sessions. I want my clients to come away with more than pretty pictures. I want them to come away with an experience they will always remember.

When my first session arrived a bit early we all decided to do a bit of scouting together. This family was amazing. We played, we laughed, we soaked up every minute of our time together. I definitely see another trip to Texas in our future!


Beth Benoit


Brooke Hamilton

so stunning! so true and real and just gorgeous!

Amber J. Groce

Absolutely in love with every single one! Thank you so much, Sarah, for the most amazing gift you could give our family!

Jaime Hough

Eeek, these are simply magical, Sarah Cornish!! Love, love!

Chantal Bergeron

Beautiful photos of one of my favorite families :)

Tiffany Magnuson

Oh my just as gorgeous as ever!!


Motherhood is a journey like none other. It is special. It is this gift much like the gift of time. Precious and eternal. Every second that passes is a moment we no longer have here in this world.

We are the caretakers. We embody strength and compassion and we love our children with every fiber of our very being. We ensure that all is well in their world, and when it isn’t we do all we can in our power to make it right again. Motherhood is sacred.

And yet we so often find that we are behind the scenes. We are the open arms waiting just beyond the frame. It is time to change that. This is your moment to step into the light and have a tangible record of the true and unconditional love you have for your children. I want to help you do that.

For a very limited time I am hosting Mama and Me Mini Sessions. I do this once a year and it has always been incredibly popular because let’s face it… we let our insecurities rule us. We want to wait until we lose that extra ten pounds. We don’t have the time. There is a ton of excuses we all (myself included) make to subconsciously avoid being photographed. And I am going to let you in on a little secret. Your children think you are beautiful, perhaps even the most beautiful woman in the world right now. They adore you. Let’s capture that. Let’s capture the love and laughter and pride and the bond you have with the little people you helped bring into this world. Let’s do that now before they grow any bigger. You don’t get this time back.

If you think this is for you here are some details:

Fort Collins, CO area (Location will be e-mailed to you upon booking.)



April 18th and 19th

Time Slots:

April 18th 5PM, 6PM, 7PM

April 19th 5PM, 6PM, 7PM



-40 Minute Session

-10 digital files included in an online gallery WITH both full resolution for printing and Web resolution for sharing.

-20% off your next FULL family session purchase from any all inclusive package of your choosing.

-Gallery delivery guaranteed in time for Mother’s Day.


Full payment option:

Purchase HERE:

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Retainer Option:

Half DUE ($187.50) up front:
Purchase HERE:

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There are exactly SIX time slots available on a first come, first serve basis. Please e-mail me immediately after purchase to secure yours. These sessions are non-refundable but are transferable. You are also welcome to purchase this as a gift for a friend or well deserving Mama in your life. There will be a rain date provided if the weather doesn’t cooperate.

I hope so much to work with you! This is a very special opportunity so I priced it to be a super value. If you can not afford the full cost up front I added a second pricing option, with the remainder due 5 days before our session together. Note this must be paid in full in order to redeem the session and in the case that you can not make the second payment the first installment is consider a RETAINER and is also NON REFUNDABLE.

Time Slots: