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    *EXTENDED till today due to site errors Wed January 18th 2012 is last day to enter*

    Welcome, Welcome!! I am SO happy you have come by! In honor of recently making 30,000 fans on my Facebook fan page HERE I am hosting the giveaway of all giveaways!! I have teamed up with (an amazing store that sells camera gear and MANY MANY more amazing things) and have busted open that piggy bank to offer you guys an AMAZING chance to win a Canon 5d Mark II! I have a feeling this giveaway is gonna get kinda crazy so be sure you read ALL the complete rules and guidelines below. I am such a pay it forward kinda gal and always looking for ways to give back and have wanted to do this for SO long so I have been saving like a mad woman to be able to bring this very opportunity before you!!

    First and for most I just want to say Thank you SO much! Thank you for taking time to come by my fan page. I so LOVE to see your photos, read your comments and hear your feed back! Thank you so much for also supporting my humble little shop! For those that aren’t aware I sell photoshop processing tools like Actions, Textures and Presets for Photoshop and Lightroom (by Adobe). You can find my shop HERE. As my way of saying thank you this week you can save big by using the code Happy2012 and nabbing 40% off on all actions, textures and bundles I have available. I also offer online mentorships and you can save 20% off of those. There is more info HERE on what the online mentorships entail.

    I am SO excited to be able to present this giveaway! It has been a long time dream and goal of mine and something I have been planning for almost a year. I am so incredibly happy that this dream has finally come to fruition and it is something I am able to do!!! If you would like to enter I ask that you read and follow the rules VERY carefully so not to get disqualified so I can do this is the easiest way possible for everyone!! I am doing this because I love you all and want to keep this as exciting and as happy an event as possible! I have choose to giveaway a Canon camera because I am a HUGE Canon girl and stand behind the brand and want to share my love for you all!!

    Before we get into the meat and potatoes of the giveaway though I thought a little bit of WHY I was doing this was necessary. You can totally scroll down to the giveaway information but for those that may be interested I thought I would share. I have been looking for a way to really give back for the longest time now. Those on my fan page might hear me often say that I come from humble beginnings. There is a good possibility I may have been putting that lightly.Β  I am a professional photographer and LOVE my job. I love all that I get to do for “work” (Seems like a sin to call it that.) A few years back before I decided to take the plunge and really put my goals into motion. I was incredibly apprehensive because we were at a point where we were struggling and had nothing to spare. My husband worked 70 hours a week in a factory and it was impossible to keep up the demands of all our finances and having four little mouths to feed and I was feeling incredibly guilty and terrified I was failing my family. When the economy tanked they cut off all my husbands over time and the situation went from bad to worse and we were well on our way to being pretty close to homeless. (I have an AMAZING family so we would never end up on the streets but it was a pretty dire situation.) I had weighed going back to work. I knew however with so many small children to take care of that the cost of day care alone would most likely eat whatever little income we had to spare even with me working full time so I decided that the years I had been practicing and the amount of research I had done were finally ready to hopefully pay off. Even if it was just enough to buy groceries or purchase the medications our oldest daughter needed I knew I had to do something… anything. So I took our last 100.00 on a whim, terrified out of my mind and started my business. We are truly blessed because what happened next is something I could never have imagined. My business took off. I was able to not only help my husband but eventually take on most of the bills myself and now my husband is amazingly a stay at home dad and I work from home. If this isn’t proof positive that dreams DO come true I don’t know what is! A lot of people wonder why I sell the photographer resources and such I do on my fan page for so much lower in cost them many others. The reason I do.. Simply because I like to pay it forward. I like to help others access things that they normally wouldn’t be able to. It isn’t that I dont have faith that what I sell isn’t amazing. I stand behind all the Presets, Actions and Textures I release a million percent. But I want photographers to be able to be able to invest in their processing and their business with money to spare for their families. I want to give back as much as I can because so much was given to me and I recognize how blessed I really am. I have been saving up for quite a while now to be able to do this. While I am not going to pretend to be immensely wealthy, somethings are more then worth and investing in and I truly believe this camera could help someone really take their business to the next level. I still remember the joy I felt when I finally was able to purchase one for myself. Something I thought at one time I may possibly never of had access to. And while a camera does not make a photographer, it is amazing to be able to have something as amazing as this camera to really embellish what is already there! I wish you all the luck! May all your dreams come true!!


    A Canon 5d Mark II & a 2 Hour Skype online Mentorship.

    How to enter:

    Comment on this post and let me know you have are a fan on facebook HERE and also for adorama HERE. Good for ONE entry. Please only comment once for this. Also know that it is one comment per household please. If you are already a fan just let me know that as well.

    For one bonus entry: Tweet, Share on Facebook or Post on your favorite forum about the giveaway and come on back and comment and let me know you have done so!!! Be sure to link me up!

    Fun rules and stuff:

    The giveaway will begin Tuesday Jan 10th and run through Tuesday Jan 17th, 2012. The winner will be chosen within a weeks time from the end of the giveaway to give me time to go through all the entries and make sure they are legal and valid!

    ONE entry per household. You may also choose to utilize the additional entry but that is also one per household. I have a way of checking IP addresses and will be cross checking everything so pretty please be honest.

    Comments do need to be moderated so they wont show until I approve them personally a lot of times. Please do not resubmit if you do not initially see your comment.

    The winner will be chosen randomly via

    This contest is open to everyone in and outside of the United States.

    This prizes holds no cash value and is not interchangeable. You do not have to take the skype mentorship if you do not want it but if you win you have that option. Can not be gifted, sold or traded and also has no cash value.

    Please be nice!! I am largely coming out of pocket for this prize and doing it because I genuinely love to pay it forward and do wonderful things for people. I would LOVE to host another similar giveaway and have some fun things lined up if this goes smoothly so lets all fun and be good sports!!

    Stay tuned because coming up will be giveaways for some wonderful things including actions, props, camera bags, editing software, lenses and more!! So please stay plugged in!! And of course feel free to say hi on the fan page!!! I love to “meet” you all!!





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    1. Matt Ibarcena says:

      Id love to win, I don’t own a camera of this quality and I’m really into photography as a life passion!

    2. Jessi Dorman says:

      LOVE your work! You are an inspiration.

    3. Lawrence S says:

      Just found you to be honest. I always am on the look out for actions for photoshop. I love photoshop and photography so anything I can find or learn from anyone is always a great thing. Its like a giant open book that could help me become something great. Thank you.

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    5. Alice C. says:

      I shared on Facebook, of course! πŸ™‚

    6. Alice C. says:

      I adore you! <3

    7. kaylyn lewis says:

      I am just being sure this goes through. I tried sending this last week and it wouldn’t post, but I am truly inspired by your work and your story. I already posted your site on twitter. Thank you for this opportunity!

    8. Victoria Kowalski says:

      Awesome idea! I liked both pages on Facebook. What a great way to pay it forward. Thanks for your inspiration. πŸ™‚

    9. Jill F says:

      Liked both pages. Thanks!

    10. Liane says:

      I shared on my Facebook page!
      Thanks again for your generosity!!! <3

    11. Liane says:

      I already “liked” both pages! Thanks SO much for the generous giveaway!
      I’m a Canon girl & I’d love to make my current Canon a back-up body! πŸ˜‰

    12. Bethany Payne says:

      I tweeted about your giveaway at!/bpayne09/status/159076601361989633

      for my second entry!

    13. Paige Ruaben says:

      I liked both pages :3

    14. Lucy Sandeen says:

      I am a fan of both pages and posted this on my facebook page. I tried to leave a comment a few days ago, but the site keeps crashing. Hope this isn’t a double post.

    15. Becky P. says:

      Shared on Facebook too. πŸ™‚ Thanks Sarah!! Have a joyful day.

    16. Becky P. says:

      Fan on both pages. One for forever πŸ˜‰ and one new one. πŸ™‚ Thanks Sarah!

    17. doug says:

      Bonus post on Twitter by @dougcontests

      sorry a bout double post expecting to see on the bottom not top

    18. doug says:

      like both the contest and pages

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