Legacy Preset Collection

I am so excited to announce this LONG over due set of presets!

The Legacy Preset Collections includes 47 ACR Presets or 60 Lightroom 4, 5 & 6 as well as CC Presets (bonus “Helper” presets included in Lightroom verison) designed to give you a range of beautiful, customizable creative effects on your imagery.  These presets were created on a variety of images including both indoor and outdoor natural light photography.  The “Helper” presets that can be used WITH the “Creative” presets, are a special bonus for Lightroom users. These are clearly marked with an “x” before the preset name. After you pick the creative preset of your choosing you can click a helper one and it will add a little oomph to your photograph!!

Note: Be sure to tweak the exposure to suit your image as I didn’t adjust this too much in these particular presets to make them more versatile for everyone. There may be a slight bump in exposure so be sure to fix to your needs. Also presets will not look exactly like before and after. This is a quick idea. Do not be afraid to give these your own flavor.

and the folder in this download will say 4&5 but they work for the other versions mentioned her as well.

Included are:

Be sure to tweak these to taste and for more great ideas and uses for M4H Presets be sure to check the FAQ page in the top left hand corner of the shop.


These presets are compatible with Lightroom Versions 4&5 and Lightroom CC only. Presets sold separately for ACR are compatible with versions 7&8 (Cs6 and CC)

$5.00 Retirement Sale Price!

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