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  1. This is what happy Looks like | Fort Collins Lifestyle Photographer

    Last year there was a huge shift in my business. I decided I in fact LOVED to photograph families in their own element. I had been getting so many newborn photography inquiries and my heart wasn’t there because let’s be honest… I am not a posed photographer. Why would I suddenly be for one kind of photography, but not the other? It just didn’t make sense. And yet, it’s scary to completely change and do something that isn’t overly requested when those inquiries roll in. I needed to find my voice here too.  I needed my creative perspective to shine through. I wanted the way I photographed my own family at home to reflect in the imagery I created for the families that hired me for their own special moments.

    And this doesn’t just apply to newborns, folks.

    I just LOVE celebrating relationships and families and connection and moments in all formats. This applies for both outdoor family sessions, child sessions, AND in home life story sessions. Because as photographers that is what we do. We tell stories.

    It’s a privilege in fact to be permitted into someone’s special space.

    So this is the beginning and I have many more to share just like this. I am opening up mornings to these Story Telling sessions and will have more to share. Since I am however filling my portfolio with these ALL booked in Story Telling sessions will get $200.00 off until June 1st. This applies to travel and local life story sessions. To go one step farther since I would love to love on you as much as possible and BE your photographer, you will also receive a $150.00 discount on your next outdoor family session as well… no pressure at all to book that though. Between the two sessions that is a $350- savings!

    And Kate. I adore you and your tribe. I hope to love on you all again some day.



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  2. Brand New Packages and Booking Options for 2016 | Book HERE

    This year I have decided since there has always been such an awesome response to our Mama and Me Minis and I continue to get inquiries all year, I would do something a bit different to accommodate that. I also realized that I was getting a huge amount of expectant Mamas and wanted to make things easier on them as well because these two kinds of sessions are some of my most favorite to shoot.


    maternity minai package

    Here is how:

    Instead of ONE mini session event where I host everything on one date, I am sharing a hand full of dates below I am available for these. The sessions will be held the last 40 minutes to get the best light possible. I am also including a shopping cart link. You will use that to check out and purchase your spot and then message me either via e-mail, the blog contact form or my fan page message option to specify which date. These are first come, first serve so be sure to message as quickly as possible as I can’t guarantee the date until you and I are in touch. I also have a very special payment option. You can either pay half for the deposit or purchase all at once for a slight discount.

    The dates below are for both The Mama & Me Minis and the Maternity Minis

    Dates: May 21st,  June 1st, June 2nd, June 20th, August 2nd, August 3rd. August 8th and August 9th.

    (If there are weekday dates not mentioned here and you need something specific, especially for the maternity minis, we will work something out.)


    I know that as a mother myself I tend to be on the other side of the camera. The side that is taking the images. And it makes me so incredibly sad going through and realizing I am missing from so many. When my children sit down with their children someday, they will know I was there in spirit but they won’t see the love in my eyes. And honestly you do not in fact even need to be a professional photographer to be guilty of this. We are the care takers, the nurturers, the soft place to land. We are a shoulder to lean into, to cry on and to occasionally fall asleep on. We sing and we rock and we soothe. We have our hands so full so often- that we are making memories but we aren’t recorded in them.

    Let me help you change that.

    I want to photograph you in all your glory. I want to record the love and bond between you and your children. There is no pressure. You only need to show up and love on your children.. and I will document it beautifully for you. You deserve to leave your legacy AND have it tangibly to cherish always.

    And for those expectant Mamas. There are few things as beautiful as a pregnant woman. At this moment you may not feel as so. You likely feel swollen and tired and maybe a bit weepy. Whether this is your first, or your last child however know that it is going to go in a wink. It is going to go so fast in fact you will think you will remember it all, but the bittersweet truth is likely… you won’t. You won’t because between the exhaustion and the newfound rosy glow of motherhood, it is going to be so breathtakingly beautiful and your mind is going to snap to trying to preserve your babies chubby features and how you feel in that moment.

    Let me help you remember. This time demands to be cherished. I made the mistake of taking time for granted and as a woman that doesn’t have nearly enough images of myself heavy with my own babies, you want to do this. You need these photos.

    Here is what both packages include.

    What is included:

    -40 minute session (session will take place 40 minutes before sunset.)

    -8 FULL resolution images for printing.

    -A Web resolution copy of each for sharing on social media

    -A one time 15% discount on your choice of package for a full family session. If purchasing the Maternity session you can choose to take the discount on a lifestyle newborn session.

     And as a surprise, For a limited time only purchase a lifestyle newborn in home session and receive a FREE Maternity mini session. Inquire for information the new in home lifestyle all inclusive package option.


    Two Payment Options:

    If Paid in ONE Payment:


    Add to Cart

    If Paid in Two Payments


    Due Now:

    Add to Cart

    *Fine Print

    These sessions are within 15 miles of Fort Collins, CO. Sessions are NON Refundable. These are for both of these packages only and for a limited time. Sessions must be honored in 2016. Please specify package upon booking along with choice of date. Dates are first-first serve. If paying the half payment the remaining half will be due 14 days before our session and must be paid in full to honor the session.









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