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If you are looking for an Intensive, Fun and Down to Earth Workshop to learn the more Creative aspects of Photoshop Processing this is the Workshop for you.

While some of us certainly learn better in a one-on-one setting, many of us flourish being able to learn at a slower place with a group of our peers. I realize many photographers these day have a lot of responsibilities, whether those be life in general, a family to raise, or a full time business or career. My goal in teaching this workshop is to help you learn how to use Photoshop in a creative manner, to really breath your own life and your own vision into your photography. I want you to have a bit of hand holding if needed, and to have a supportive and uplifting environment to really take the weight off and allow yourself the opportunity to fully learn. Photoshop is overwhelming. Let’s face it. There are a million ways to do the same thing and sometime we don’t know where or how we are going to get where we want to be. This is finally a workshop about you. A workshop to help YOU reach your full potential.  This is a means to learn in a pressure free environment, with a teacher that genuinely wants to see you succeed and help you steer the way.  The focus is your journey.

This Creative Photo Processing workshop is a three week, hands on workshop providing a “Classroom” setting. This workshop is designed to show you all my favorite tips and tricks for full on creative editing as well as how to process your images from scratch and to finally get more bang for your buck and learn how to better use all those Processing tools you have just sitting on your hard drive. You will learn processing from Raw to Finish in Photoshop.  We learn the basics of getting the most out of our pre-processing (Hello RAW files!) and how to really prepare those images for the most beautiful, polished end result possible. I also go over how to use different Layers, Blend Modes, Tools, and Features in Photoshop to bring out the most in your photography. This workshop is supported with Intensive PDF files chalk full of information you can download and go over at your leisure well after the workshop ends, and videos to show you exactly how I personally do things. These will be just a couple of means to really help you reach your full potential and help you pick through and learn at your very own pace.

Workshops are held online, in a private forum I have set up for my attendees so I will give access to the forum a few days before we get started! You will get an automated Thank you E-mail at purchase and further correspondence closer to before we start, so if you use a different e-mail to purchase, be sure to send me a message with an updated point of contact.

I will be able to check in periodically during the duration of our time together and answer any and all questions and help provide useful feedback and constructive criticism pertaining to the workshop. You do NOT have to be online the same time as me to participate and get everything you are hoping out of this workshop. You check in at your leisure. You have an entire week to get through the material for each week’s lesson if you do want to submit assignments or get feedback, and a bonus week at the end to revisit anything you may have missed and practice.

The First Week will be related to Basic RAW editing and Pre-Processing. This will also be our “Warm Up” Period where you really get the wheels turning and explore exactly where you want to go with your processing and discover a bit more about what you want your work to say about you. We also briefly touch on different means of creativity and ways you can really develop your vision by searching for key notions that you want your work to say about YOU as an artist.

The Second Week we will cover Creative Processing from beginning to end without the use of any Photoshop Actions. You will learn which tools to use in Photoshop, as well as helpful tips and tricks that will work best to aid your creative editing and over all vision. I will also share how to combine and use layers to really make your images stand out and reflect your own style and perspective.  We will learn about how to use blend modes and layer masks effectively, how to convert a black and white image for maximum effect from scratch, different tools that help best suit your editing purposes and which adjustment layers work best for achieving particular styles of editing. I will be there throughout the entire process to answer your questions, give kind but valuable feedback and support your vision. There will absolutely be video to supplement everything you are learning and a creative exercise to practice with.

The Third week we will delve into how to really get the most out of creative processing resources such as Photoshop Actions. I get a ton of inquiries regarding this especially. This portion will help debunk action myths, tell you how to tweak and personalize them correctly and show just how you can truly use them as a tool to save your time and sanity.  We will cover how best to personalize your editing using actions so that your images are completely your own and lend to your own personal processing taste and desired style. You have spent your hard earned money and time, don’t just throw them away. I provide a generous gift certificate to my shop so you do not need to purchase anything additional for this portion of the workshop during this week along with MORE great videos.

There is a fourth  bonus week where even though we won’t be actively working on anything specific, but you will have the ability to still hang out in the forum and ask questions so you have time to really take everything in. I like to think of this as a cool down period or a practice week. I check in every few days until the end.

What is included:

-A Private Forum with a Classroom of your Peers. You will be able to log in and ask questions related to the workshop whenever you need to, (or you can simply email me if you are a bit shy.) The invite to this forum will be sent usually within 48 hours of our start time if not the week before we begin. You will ALWAYS have access to this forum even after our time ends together. You will be able to silently follow along future courses. Once you are in, you are in.

-A PDF workbook for every week (three weeks, three workbooks total) that you can download and refer back to chalk full of information pertaining to each week’s subject. These also include a special homework assignment you can opt to do and get critique back on.

-Video Tutorials that Supplement the PDF workbooks and the lesson plans for every week. I occasionally add new videos to future runs and you will have access to log in and see those as well.

-I will be there to not only instruct but handhold and answer questions. I also provide feedback and critique and may edit an image or two of yours along the way if you so choose. I love to be helpful, and most of all I love to be helpful in a supportive way by not only helping you along your journey, but being positive yet honest and thorough in my feedback.

-A Bonus Week to just hang around and absorb all the information you just learned in addition to the three weeks of materials.

-A $80.00 Gift Code to my shop for Photoshop Actions of your choosing for when we get to the Photoshop Action editing portion of our workshop. This is shared in our private forum with the assignment pertaining to Processing with tools during that particular week.

-Access to our Creative Processing Alumni Facebook Group to connect with past students and add images for their feedback as well if you like.

-A whole lot of fun and a whole lot of inspiration!

I am an open book kinda gal by nature, but I absolutely love to help and answer questions. Most of all I love fostering relationships with other photographers as well as creating a special little community.  This Workshop will provide you with not only a wonderful set of tools to come away with in reference to your Photoshop Processing and finding your own style, I also strive to make it user friendly and an incredible experience all around.

What you will Need:


– A Calibrated Monitor or assurance that your color is correct (usually test prints from a lab of choice can confirm this.)

-Basic knowledge of Photoshop and how it works. If you have little or no experience with Photoshop I might hold off until you are just a little more comfortable as this isn’t tailor suited to beginners. If you would like to learn more about Photoshop and the basics a good jumping off point would most likely be the One-on-One basic mentorship package when that comes available.  Some things you will need to grasp are how Layers work in general, where to find some of the more basic tools such as Brushes, Saving images, and the more basic adjustment layers.

-Full knowledge and grasp on how to shoot in manual, proper exposure, white balance and how the exposure triangle works.

-Photoshop. I personally recommend CS/CC versions because I will be getting into and delving into tools that are not in Elements due to the programs limitations. Some principals can be adapted to do similar things in Elements as Photoshop so everything will not be lost on you if you are looking to learn how to creatively process in Elements but I think you will find it much easier to follow along with CS/CC versions of Photoshop.




I typically cap them off between 20 students.

New dates will be announced in late winter.

Please Note the workshop information and forum log in info will NOT be e-mailed until a day or two before we begin. We start on the day provided above (and not before then), so you will not need to log in before then but you will need to register upon receiving this e-mail so I can get your permissions set up. I send multiple e-mails at the same time to everyone whom purchased a seat so I do this as close to the workshop as possible so it also serves as a gentle reminder but I can not remind you after we begin due lack of time so please be prompt. This is also why I chose to send the info so close to the actual workshop date. If you purchase a seat PLEASE note this on your personal calendar and check with me if you don’t get an e-mail right away!

Note: Payment must be made in full to reserve your spot. Spots are first come first serve.

Start Date:


PLEASE READ: You can use the button below to purchase. Please note that NO discount codes can be used for this workshop. Gift Codes and Sale Code promotions are solely for the processing tools such as Photoshop Actions, Lightroom Presets and Textures in the shop unless otherwise stated. If a discount code is  used without special consent you will be invoiced for the remainder of the balance.



(Discount codes are not permitted with the purchase of this workshop.)

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Once you sign up for this workshop, you will get an automated “Thank You” and welcome e-mail from the shopping cart system as confirmation to the e-mail address you used to purchase.  You will be emailed with information pertaining to the date of the workshop to get set up a day or so before we are due to start up. This will include a link to the private forum. The discount code for the actions will be a ONE time use code and shared in the forum DURING the week we cover processing with Photoshop Actions. Please note this gift code should be used for Photoshop Actions only since we do not cover Lightroom. The code can only be used the duration of the workshop unless otherwise noted or discussed. The code also can also not be combined with any other promotions/discount codes. You are responsible for being prompt and making sure to be punctual during the dates of the workshop. You will absolutely be able to study along in lieu of participating but the cost isn’t different for either option. You will not be able to retake this workshop, but are welcome to follow along on upcoming runs silently after. If you would like to retake the workshop in a full participation medium, there is a $50.00 discount for alumni.  No refunds will be provided so please be sure you have availability for the workshop dates before purchasing and signing up.


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 What people are saying:


Amy Naughton-

When I originally signed up for the class, I was seeking a better understanding of photoshop and creative editing techniques. The class fulfilled all of my expectations – not only were the materials extraordinarily helpful and generous in the knowledge and guidance you shared, but your extremely detailed comments made understanding the different options easy to understand. In addition to all that, your good cheer was always appreciated.

Thank you for a wonderful experience!

Best, Amy

Ashley Wendt | Blushing Fawn Photography-

Hi Sarah!

Just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed your Creative Processing Workshop. I’d been struggling to really find my own style…something that made my heart sing and really put that sparkle and shine on my photography. Your workshop helped me find that and then some. I’ve gained back some of the confidence I had lost over the past few months. You really have a special way of teaching others in such a kind and gentle fashion…it makes learning so easy and comfortable. I can’t say enough about the positive and encourage environment you create. It was such a bonus to be able to learn alongside some really amazing, kind, and inspirational women. Thank you, Sarah, for one of the best experiences I’ve had as a photographer who is always growing, learning, and craving more knowledge.

Sabrina from SGW Photography-

I just wanted to thank you so much for your workshop. Ever since I decided to take up photography as a profession and leave behind the hobbyist side of it, I knew that I wanted to take at least one workshop during the journey. With so many mentorships, workshops, and classes to choose from, I knew that whatever money I invested needed to go towards someone I would love to learn from. Not just anybody but someone who sees the world in the same manner I do and creates with a love to product art and not just technically correct images.

So when I noticed back in December that you were offering a Workshop, I jumped at the chance. I’ve been such a long time fan of your work and could not pass up a chance to learn from you. And what would you know it was the very last spot! You made the comment of having one more spot available and by some STRANGE luck I happened to see it! Had I not clicked to browse your Facebook Business page for the umpteenth time, I would have missed the opportunity and be waiting until March! I sent you a notice to let you know I need just a bit more time to convince my husband of the importance of this and you happily obliged. You could have easily just told me that first come, first serve. Instead, you gave me the chance to claim the spot and claim the spot I did.

The decision to book your workshop out of so many out there was the best one I ever made. This workshop has been perfect given my present situation. On top of trying to start a business I am also a new mom. With my husband constantly traveling, my number one job is keeping my little one entertained. This means that I don’t have time for the demands that some classes need. With this Workshop we learned at our own pace. It was literally an online classroom complete with books, videos, and lessons. I hated being the student who turned in her homework late, but it didn’t matter. You graded everyone regardless of the time they submitted it. It was casual, comfortable and not at all fast-paced and stressful like I was worried about.

I’ve never been particularly fond of editing by hand since it usually leads to me creating images drastically different from others. Your workshop allowed me to learn how to keep my edits cohesive while still doing it by hand. I also have a better appreciation for actions whether they are my own or others. Now that I KNOW what I can do to adjust them to my taste, I can go into this business with confidence that any and all work I produce will be of my OWN signature style. I can now create black and whites that have drama and flair, hand edits are slowly starting to have more cohesion to them ( getting better! better than I did before ), and now I’m confident about my workflow and that whether I do it by hand or an action — my workflow is my own.

I go into this new year EXCITED to try out everything I learned on hopeful, potential clients and my own personal at-home photography of my son. I wish there was more to learn from you but I’m sure that will come with time. I will definitely be on the look out for any advance classes or whatever else you have to offer in the future. I’ve always been a fan of your work and fresh, fun flair … but now I’m an even bigger fan than ever before. Thank you for giving me the confidence I needed to know I can do this. In an industry where so many are tearing others down and telling them no, it feels good that there are successful professionals encouraging and pushing us to keep going. Never change, Sarah. ❤

You’re amazing.


Sabrina from SGW Photography

Kate Smethurst Photography-

Hi Sarah,

I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for hosting such an amazing and confidence inspiring workshop. As someone who has followed your work for years now, it was such a pleasure to be able to be part of this workshop and learn from you. This was such a positive space to learn in and the feedback from you and the rest of the participants was extremely helpful and encouraging. The tutorials are jam packed with information and I look forward to going through them again and again over time to practice and work on techniques that you have taught us. I loved seeing the transformation in my work and workflow and can’t wait to experiment more and continue to grow as a photographer with the help from what we have learned here. It has been so nice to be able to reach out, work with and learn from so many other lovely photographers participating in the workshop as well. You have such a special way in dealing with all of us that is kind and encouraging and motivational so thank you for such a positive experience. I hope to learn more from you in the future and am just so glad I was able to take part in this creative processing workshop. Thank you for hosting such a great and positive experience! It really has been so much fun!

All the best and thanks again for everything!