Moments Matter: A Complete Guide to Family Portraiture and Beyond.

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I am admittedly a passionate soul. I am a memory hoarder, and I see so much value in Photography. This is not only because are we preserving something special for those we work with, but we are in fact culminating an experience and sharing in new memories with the people we are so fortunate to photograph. I see things in details and moments. I am inspired by just about everything, but nothing more than a bond shared among a family. Family portraiture quickly claimed my heart because there was so much connection and soul. I was inspired by not only how different and unique each family was, but how dynamic their different stories were– and how these stories molded the ways in which they loved each other. That was what I needed to photograph. What I craved went well beyond smiles and poses. I need authenticity and something tangible and real for both the families that come to me… and myself could hold on to.


And that was the the beginnings of the birth of this guide. I want to share all I have learned throughout the years with anyone who would listen.

Who this guide is perfect for? Anyone that is looking to be inspired and may be dabbling in child and family photography. This however can be applied to mostly ANY photography business. I am a firm believer that we should never stop growing and striving. While this is my perspective and this guide isn’t intended to make you instantly starting making oodles of money, it’s to help set your heart on fire and reignite that love and passion you may have lost along the way. It is to help you steadily grow your business, but also fill your cup and help you get back on the right track headed toward creating a brand you can be proud of. Everything in this guide comes from years and years of experience, trial and error and even some of my own mistakes. I am putting it all out there for you. I am being completely transparent in hopes it helps you in your very own journey.


There is both a full guide covering every area of Child & Family Photography as well as a bonus companion shooting guide.



Included within is;

An 150 page guide on-

Branding, Styling, Client Communication, Pricing, Promotions, Social Media, Marketing, Shooting a variety of ages and families, Story Telling, Finding Locations, Light Hacks (Including Sun-flare), Balance, Perspective and MORE. Much, much more.


A 26 Page Shooting Guide Companion that includes;

An overview on camera settings and how I use them, Perspective and “Cropping” in camera, My Favorite focal lengths, My “WHY” and more.

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Editing is not covered with this particular guide since I offer a full online processing workshop! The next run will go in the shop soon and be hosted this August. I wanted to keep this guide at a great value for you. If you would like to see how I use photoshop actions however, there are free youtube videos linked off this shop.

Due to the digital nature of this content, there are absolutely no refunds. I appreciate your understanding. By purchasing you acknowledge this.

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This guide is in place to help you with your photography but also to inspire you to take images that are more meaningful to you. I am not promising it is going to create a successful business for you overnight or make you millions of bucks. (I wish!)

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