Heartstrings: A Complete Guide to Creating Heartfelt Imagery

I have always first and foremost been inspired by connection and emotion, and I knew shortly after I began photographing families, that both they and I deserved more than generic smiles and simple portraits. I have spent the better part of close to a decade refining the craft of making emotional images. My goal is ultimately to create a time capsule and preserve legacies. I want to showcase so much more than how people look, but how they feel and who they are. I want my families to come to me just as they are.. no apologies, reveling in their beautiful imperfections– to show them their moments are enough.

The hard part is achieving this in about an hour or two. The truth is I am in the business of love… all kinds of love. It goes so far beyond photography. I care so incredibly much not just about the work I make, but the families I am fortunate enough to work with. I am also passionate about teaching and showing other creatives how to be as well. This guide is over 28,000 words, chalk full of helpful information, education and inspiration. It is meant to uplift you, share all of my how-to and to be a helpmate as you grow in your journey as a memory keeper. You can and will make your own beautiful moments. YOUR clients deserve that.

This guide is the perfect compliment to the Moments Matter guide, but can be totally purchased and utilized on it’s own. It is packed full of my thought process in some of my most favorite images, technical tips on achieving focus in all kinds of lighting situations, prompts for connection, technical settings, making your families at ease, obtaining moment based images, directing a session from start to finish and so much more. Everything that I do– I have included here. If you are stuck or burnt out, this is the perfect guide to get you thinking again. If you are looking for more meaningful interactions with the families you photograph, this is the perfect guide to help you get past the awkward meetings and maybe even some of those nerves you have. If you are looking to make more meaningful personal work, that’s in here too. I’ve got it all covered inside.

Who is this Guide good for? Anyone that is ready to begin finding their “voice” and is hoping to get more genuine moments in their work. This guide is here to inspire you to create more meaningful images. I have poured my heart out on these pages. Everything that I utilize has been laid right out here for you.


Here is a peek of just a few of the 200 pages inside this guide:


Included in this guide is:

A beautiful 209 page guide, packed full with everything you need to begin creating gorgeous moment based imagery for yourself and/or your clients.

My approach to shooting, different lighting, gear, metering and all the helpful technical aspects to create the images I do in camera.

My approach to curating moments and directing my families so they feel comfortable with me. I also share how I capture emotion, find the perfect locations, tell stories with my images, find my inner voice and so much more.

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