The Heartistry Photoshop Action Collection


The long awaited Heartistry Action collection is packed with a ton of beautiful and easy to use and customizeable Creative and Helper actions alike. These actions are beautifully subtle and can be combined to create a custom feel to your imagery or they can be run and done for an effective and timeless edit. There are light and fresh or matte and dreamy edits- and the helper actions included are the perfect touch to bring your editing full circle. I have shared my most current workflow in this collection and use these actions frequently on my own images, but you can transform them with a simple click or two to suit your own tastes and styles. These actions also work wonderfully on indoor AND outdoor photography and have been tested by a team of diverse and talented photographers ranging from Hobbyist to full on Professional. You need these in your collection! Cut your editing time in half while bringing your imagery to the very next level. Whether you are processing beautiful Autumn images or soft dreamy beach photography there is something for everyone.

This Collection is a set of 20 versatile, gorgeously made with every photographer in mind and customizable Photoshop Actions working in versions of Photoshop Elements 6-14 and Photoshop Cs3, Cs4, Cs5, Cs6, and CC. Many of these actions include tidbits of information written right into them to help guide you as you use them, and include all their own adjustment layers so you know exactly what they are doing to your image. I have also taken the liberty of Grouping the layers in the Photoshop Cs and CC sets so you can tweak the action as a whole, mask it off of separate areas of your image, or tweak the layers individually. If you are using Photoshop CC you will also find bonus actions to really give your images something special. If you are using Elements and decide you want to upgrade someday please hold onto your zip file as I have took the liberty of including the CS and CC versions so you will have them should you change programs.

There are Fourteen beautiful Creative Actions to choose from and an additional six amazing helper actions (workflow actions) that range from warming, to bumping up contrast and exposure or adding a gorgeous touch of color. You can use these all together as well with M4H actions already in your collection. If you are using CC you will also find amazing matte actions to accentuate the already matte creative actions to give an even bolder stylized editing.


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Here are some previews of what is included. These actions are even more versatile than these show and your possibilities are truly endless.

And a fun example of how I love to combine my creative and helper actions:


Some images from my amazing Tester Team:


Brea Bursch Photographer
Using Action “Marigold”

Facebook | Website


Julie of Lot 116 Photography said
“ONE CLICK! Top is SOOC, bottom is ARIA (just one click, nothing else!) ”



Courtney of Rusty Lens Photography



Heather of Heather Robinson Photography
“a before and after of birdie ”


Heidi of Heidi Hope Photography
“Before and after: Little Sun 25% and Marigold 35%. These are beautiful!!!”



Heather of Heather L Photography
“‘artisan’ -so pretty!”



Dawn Blomquist


“This is a digital shot from a hybrid shoot I did back in May. I used Free & Matte Inspired.”


Aniya of Life Photography By Aniya
“Holy in LOVE!!!!! Temptation with some tweaks”




Brenda of Lilly Lane Photography | Brenda Smith
“These are so amazing…Not too much but just enough to add some pizzaz. ”


Kirsty of Kirsty Larmour Photography
“Sarah, I so totally had to try adventure for a pic with my girls!!!! Could it be any more perfect? I darkened the original slightly, then ran Adventure, no tweaks ”


Paige of Paige Everson Fine Portraits
“Artisan at full strength.
Adventure at 50% opacity.”


Elizabeth Bauer
“Tangerine Two”