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We all have stories to tell. As photographers, I believe we share those stories in our own special way… with our own special voices… and even more amazingly, we do so without speaking a single word.  I want to help you tell those stories.

The Story Tellers Action Collection is a set of thirty unique, easy to use and streamlined Photoshop Actions working in versions of Photoshop Elements 5-14 and Photoshop Cs3, Cs4, Cs5, Cs6, and CC. The actions include tidbits of information written right into them to help guide you as you use them, and include all their own adjustment layers so you know exactly what they are doing to your image.  I have also taken the liberty of Grouping the layers in the Photoshop Cs and CC sets so you can tweak the action as a whole, msk it off separate areas of your image, or tweak the layers individually.  If you use Elements you may want to try the “Merge All” action included, which will combine your image into one tweakable action layer allowing you to adjust the entire effect of the action at once.

You can find FULL previews HERE.

Included in the download as well you will also find what I call “Cheat Sheets” which you are welcome to save to your computer and use as a guide at any moment. I recommend more than anything though that you breath your own life into these actions and make them your own. Whether you are a Professional Photographer, Hobbyist, or otherwise these are incredibly easy to use and you will find a super value in cost as well.  These Photoshop actions will work with all kinds of Photography, with all kinds of styles of photography, and were designed on a combination of indoor and outdoor portraiture so you don’t have to have one kind of image to use these successfully.

For a Short Time if you Buy The Story Tellers Action Collection you will get the Slated Action Collection FREE. Act fast before they go in the shop for sale. Slated is a set of Eleven Black and White, easily adjustable and GORGEOUS Photoshop Actions. You get Seven Creative Full Editable images to convert your images and four actions that work as a bit of a Black and White tool box that compliment those and all your other Creative Actions with a huge boost. (You can use them with Color Photography as well!) You will find these actions right inside the same download for your convenience.




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