Memento Action Collection

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Main Preview Image using actions Chubby Hubby, Essence, Film It Up and Space Heater.

This action collection may be my most versatile yet! Tested on a variety of subjects, skin tones and light conditions there is truly something inside for you!

The Memento Action Collection is a set of over 25 versatile, gorgeously made with every photographer in mind and customizable Photoshop Actions working in versions of Photoshop Elements 5-14 and Photoshop Cs3, Cs4, Cs5, Cs6, and CC. These actions include tidbits of information written right into them to help guide you as you use them, and include all their own adjustment layers so you know exactly what they are doing to your image.¬† I have also taken the liberty of Grouping the layers in the Photoshop Cs and CC sets so you can tweak the action as a whole, mask it off of separate areas of your image, or tweak the layers individually. There is also one bonus actions included in this set for CS users called “Mega Matte.” The Film it Up action also serves a similar purpose to the Mega Matte if you are using Elements versions.

If you use Elements you may want to try the “Merge All” action included, which will combine your image into one tweakable action layer allowing you to adjust the entire effect of the action at once.

For a convenient cheat sheet you can refer to at any time download THIS.

All actions and items in this shop are an instant download meaning you get your goodies right away at purchase!

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And a few gorgeous examples from my testers:

1912413_580310575385949_1266663218_nLindsey Bergstrom Photography Facebook HERE Website HERE

One action…no tweaking. I used {pip squeak b&w} from the memento set

I LOVE a true b&w image.


Bleulips | Vintage & Urban Style Portraiture

Facebook HERE Website HERE

The new Momento actions set is really awesome. Thanks for allowing me to test it out for you

The image was processed with JibJab. I then added two helper actions Film It Up (duplicated this layer), removed from skin and Matte One. Totally brought out the red in Maddy’s hair.


Suzie Ziemke Photography

Facebook HERE Website HERE

Fortunate to have gotten my hands on My Four Hens Photography‘s new action set “Memento” that will be released tomorrow! They are all so great, and I love their names too – Sarah is such a talent!

On this image, I used the Mega Matte action with matte 1 at 50% and matte 2 at 35%, and then ran Retreat at 50%, (with no other tweaking to the layers).


Jamie Faulkner Photography

Facebook Here Website Here

actions used: Decker, detail pop, and film it up.

This set is awesome.


Katy Tuttle Photography

Facebook HERE Website HERE

i know… overload all edited using various new *memento* actions… all with different matte variations.
love. xo


Jessica OH Photography

Facebook Here Website Here

//A COUPLE THINGS : 1. i hate actions. 2. i love THESE actions. mega matte :: matte one + warm matte.

Thank you My Four Hens Photography, for the opportunity to test your new “Memento Set”. These are seriously amazing!!!


Adriana Varela Photography

Facebook Here

I am in love with this new action called Retreat from My Four Hens Photography‘s coming “Momento” set. One step, one action!! Perfect for my indoor lifestyle shots!


Emma Wood Photography

Facebook Here Website Here

Using  decker/modern and a smidge of matte2