Happy Helpers Action Collection

The Happy Helpers Action Collection is a mega sized tool box designed to fulfill all of your creative needs. There truly are endless possibilities bundled in one super value action set. Included are 35 actions compatible with Photoshop Cs3-Cs6 as well as Creative Cloud (CC) and Elements 5-14 that is going to fit all your editing needs. Whether you are looking to make a dramatic impact, or fine tune just a small part of your image, this action collection fits the bill. These actions are fully customizable, and easy to personalize. Even better, they are designed with you in mind. The Creative and Helper actions included work perfectly together, or completely on their own. You can also use the “Helper” actions in conjunction with your own hand edits or with actions you already own. Each Photoshop action in this set has a “stop” in it, with fun little tips and tidbits of information to make the actions even easier to use.


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The actions in this set are:

A Hint of Drama (Helper action that works great after a creative edit has been applied to add a little more oomph to an image. Contains various layers that are customizable, and a different effect. The layers can be used alone or together.) BeBop (Creative Action with a slightly Matte feel that can be turned off for a fresher edit.) BlackAndWhitePop (Helper action that works amazing on top of another black and white creative action, a Color Creative action or any hand edit. Contains many adjustment layers that can be tweaked to control the effect of the action.) Boost Nature Colors (An awesome Helper action you paint onto your image. Works beautifully to help emphasize specific colors in your image and boost them. Can be used alone or together.) BreathlessB&W (A beautiful dramatic Creative black and white conversion. Adjustment layers can be tweaked and adjusted to give a softer or more dramatic effect.) Brush Off Red (A great Helper action for helping to eliminate excess red in an image, whether caused by an action or alone. Great for targeting red color casts. Because you brush it off versus it being a global adjustment you can target the areas that are the most problematic.) Cleaner Upper (Helper action that can also be used as a stand alone clean action. There are many layers to adjust to add just a bit of a better exposure to an overly dark image, or a bunch of great layers that can be used together to pack a clean punch.) Clean Skin Pop (Helper action designed to help give the skin a nice bit of clean contrast without messing with skin tones. ) Dainty (A more vintage creative edit. You can run this with the Tone Down Action option in this tool box to give it a more subtle effect. Contains many easy to customize adjustment layers.) Darken Details (A Helper action that is brushed onto your image after a creative edit to add more depth and make your tones deeper and richer. I also recommend using this at a lower opacity as a natural looking vignette.) Enhance Detail (A Helper action designed to pop or really dramatize detail in your imagery.) Enrich Me (Helper Action designed to add a warmer, richer tone and dull down contrast a tad if that is desired. You can use any of the adjustment layers together or alone.) Faithful (A simpler yet, beautiful creative action designed to give your image a light, airy finish.) Fly Away (A creative action with a warmer feel, infused with beautiful red tones. Works beautifully with images containing a lot of sunflare. Completely adjustable to lessen the warmth with toning layers if that is desired as well.) Glowy Skin ( A beautiful and subtle Helper action you brush right onto your skin to give a slight soft, glowy touch.) Happy Haze (Various layers of haze you can use together or alone to give a pretty toned haze to your image. You can fully customize the haze by choosing your own opacity.) Heat Leak (A personal favorite action to use over a creatively edited image to give a warm feel to images. Works especially beautiful with outdoor images with a lot of sunflare or a golden hour feel.) Instant Mood (An excellent Helper action to use with an image already edited creatively to add a matte feel. You can also deactivate the matte and give more pop with this action.) Light Enhance (Great Helper action designed to help add light to specific areas of your image.) Lucky Charm (A fun, color infused Creative action.) Merge All (An Elements Helper action designed to blend all your layers so you can tweak the action as one, instead of tweaking individual layers.) Nature Walk (A Beautiful creative action with rich tones and a slightly Matte Feel) People Pleaser (Great Creative Action meant to give your image a happy, and slightly popped feel.) Pimp My Yellow (A Handy Helper action designed to help tone down yellows or give it a slightly different tone.) Pollyanna (Gorgeous Creative action with a soft Matte feel and gorgeous neutral tones. Works great for indoor photos too!) Pop Contrast (Fabulous Helper action to give more contrast to your image. Also works beautifully with a Matte edit if you want more of a clean feel.) Pop My Haze (A Helper action that gives more depth to a very hazy image. Works well as a bit of defog too.) Radical Red Reducer (Fabulous Helper action that helps reduce red tones) Slap Happy (Beautiful and easy to adjust creative action with a bit more depth) Slater B&W (Gorgeous Creative Black and White action that works especially well with Pop My Black and White over it.) Speechless (A soft and easy to adjust creative action that gives a very sweet, almost romantic feel to an image) Subtle Sweet (Another beautiful easy to tweak subtle action.) Sweet Breeze (Creative action with easy to adjust layers.) Warm Fuzzies (Fabulous Helper action designed to use over an edited image to add a burst of beautiful warm tones.)