Journey Action Collection


I am truly so excited to announce the brand new Journey Action collection has now joined the shop and filled with everything you need to create beautiful, emotive images. These actions are straight from my own workflow and offer limitless possibilities to breath new life into your work. These tools are designed to be both so simple to use and customize so you can tailor them to your own taste and liking. Inside this collection you will find there are both Creative and Helper actions, so whether you are looking for a dramatic edit or just something to add a bit of polish, there are seemingly infinite options.

You will notice a new amazing change! Now I am offering two versions of these actions inside each download. There is in classic M4H form, a step written that will duplicate your main image to save you time and to preserve your pixels if you are editing on a JPEG. If you don’t love that, now there is also an option that doesn’t at all duplicate your main image as well. This means no more copies of your work in Photoshop or a bunch of open tabs if you aren’t into that!

The actions have so many stunning edits that include soft and simple or matte and dreamy- and the helper actions included are the perfect touch to bring your editing full circle. I have shared my most current workflow in this collection and use these actions frequently on my own images, but you can transform them with a simple click or two to suit your own tastes and styles. These actions also work wonderfully on indoor AND outdoor photography and have been tested by a team of diverse and talented photographers ranging from Hobbyist to full on Professional. You need these in your collection! Cut your editing time in half while bringing your imagery to the very next level. Whether you are processing beautiful Autumn images or soft dreamy beach photography there is something for everyone.

This Collection is a set of over 30 versatile Photoshop actions. They were meticulously made with every photographer in mind.

Theses actions will work in versions of Photoshop Elements 11-15 and Photoshop Cs3, Cs4, Cs5, Cs6, and CC. Many of these actions include tidbits of information written right into them to help guide you as you use them, and include all their own adjustment layers so you know exactly what they are doing to your image. I have also taken the liberty of Grouping the layers in the Photoshop Cs and CC sets so you can tweak the action as a whole, mask it off of separate areas of your image, or tweak the layers individually by opening the group. If you are using Photoshop CC you will also find bonus actions to really give your images something special. If you are using Elements and decide you want to upgrade someday please hold onto your zip file as I have took the liberty of including the CS and CC versions so you will have them should you change programs.

If you are using CC versions, you will also include bonus ACR Presets included that work beautifully alone or with your workflow. They combine great with the actions as well. I have been using these as part of my workflow so I wanted to offer them for a very limited time as a way to kick off this release!

Last but not least in this download you will also find a FREE gorgeous full resolution recipe guide using the actions in this collection. It also has a few fun tips on combining and using actions in general.


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You will find all the previews below. Be sure to go through to also discover great recipes and ways to combine the actions.




Bonus Preset for ACR C3



And some beautiful shares from my tester team!

The lovely Debbie W. from Delight Fine Art Photography | Website

“(I) Played the first action, which is Authentic and was blown away. Run it at 100%, no tweaking! Added Darken Shadows and Highlight /Matte”


The epic Kamieo Photography | Facebook Fan Page


I love this combo for fall colors.”


An AMAZING peek at all the actions in one place from my good friend Krystal at KB Imagery | Facebook Page


A Gorgeous Studio Example from Heidi Hope Photography | Facebook

Studio example! Brilliance, Cream Matte, Brushed Vignette


And an equally amazing Outdoor Image!


Beautiful Image Indoors with Brea Bursch Photography | Facebook




My talented friend Heather L at Heather L Photography | Facebook Page

“life + freshen up + brushed vignette¬† “


Gorgeous Image from Jamie Faulkner Photography | Facebook Page



The talented Kristen Koppers Photography | Facebook

Held (for an image shot at a million ISO in a dark creek…but I totally dig it with this action)


The Ever so Talented Heather Robinson Photography | Facebook


My Super Awesome Talented friend Dawn Blomquist | Facebook

One more of Agfa Vista scan with an action ran on it.
I used Pink Roses.


The one and only Nicole Smith of Nicole Smith Photography | Facebook

GAAAA these are so amazing woman! I have to go back and find all my outdoor stuff so I can play some more!”


The stunningly talented Chloe’ Gobea Rosser of Organic Bliss Photography | Facebook Page

“I just opened Journey, oh my goodness!!
This is the first action I tried and it worked like magic!

Here’s a B/A of Velvet + Brushed Vignette + Cream Matte”


Beautiful Detail shot from the awesome Brenda Smith of Lilly Lane Photography | Facebook Page

pink roses

14884655_10208519954730804_6389517316133081640_oThe Lovely Paige R. Everson of The Printed Page | Facebook


One of my favorite talented ladies in the whole wide world | Emma Wood Photography | Facebook

Authentic, brushed vignette


And a gorgeous B&W from Erin McGregor Photography | Facebook

“This is Editorial BW with just a touch of Moody Matte.

In love as usual.”