M4H P52 Weekly Theme “A Letter of the Alphabet”

I admit I am a bit weird, but I thought this week it may be fun to pick a letter of the Alphabet and take an image that represents something that starts with that letter. This pretty much means your possibilities are endless. I haven’t seen this one done just yet so I thought we would be a bit out of the box and have fun with it! The actual letter does not have to be in the photo but brownie points if you manage that too!!

I will be back Monday with Eye Candy to show you off from our previous week’s challenge!

Also, I want to reiterate that if you indeed are new to this project and want to jump in you are completely welcome. You can find details on what this project 52 is about HERE. If you want to hop in, please do! We love new faces and images in the group!

The theme this week is:

“A Letter of the Alphabet”


Happy Shooting!

M4H P52 “Seasonal” Winner and Eye Candy

Last week’s theme came right on time here. Suddenly we are in the 70′s weather wise, warm coffee and fall color are in, and we are definitely heading into a new season here in Colorado. I always so look forward to seeing what you all have been up to, so let’s get right into our lovely images for the week.

By: a bit of sas photography


Apples, vintage poncho and late summer light. That hybrid of summer and fall when the days are still warm enough for shorts but the evenings call for night wrapped in a blanket on the couch. This is the in between, where here among the rolling hills of Eastern Pennsylvania you get to experience one season gong to sleep and the awakening of another.

Lots of Eye Candy:

By: {In Bloom Images}

38/52 {Seasonal}

Did you know that every month there is a special name for the moon? The month of September is known as the Harvest Moon. Due to this full moon rising near the autumnal equinox, the moon rises about 30 minutes later each day instead of the typical 50 minutes. This extra dose of lighting which farmers needed for harvesting crops is what gives it the Harvest moon name.

By: Bluebells on the Green | Sophie James

week 38_seasonal

A little bit of left over summer in my garden.

By: denise slark

271/365    38/52  "seasonal"

we are saying goodbye to summer here, and we are really quite sad about it!!!

By: Lori Frederick


I love fall… the crisp air, the mums, the apples & pumpkins. My daughter inherited this from me…that…and a sense of humor.

By: Pretty Little Prints Photography

38/52: Seasonal

I have been praying all this week for the bad weather in the North of Mexico stops, my dad has his clients lined up to pick his oranges and the only thing in the way of a successful picking is the weather. I got the call today that they started picking! What a blessing.

By: Michelle Vinnacombe


The fall season is upon us here in northeaster PA and the leaves are already starting to turn.

By: jennifer nobriga

m4h seasons | crab meets crabby

the time for summer to end and the fall to begin. we just finished shopping for new shoes for school and the cooler weather…and this wall was screaming her name. it’s perfect because, seriously, i would never be unhappy after shoe shopping.

By: egalindo

Project 52 - 38/52  "Seasonal"

We went down to the annual Chili Festival in Pueblo today and it smelled amazing. My favorite time of year, mostly for the seasonal food.

By: Sonja Stone


On the first day of Fall, it rained for the first time in more months than I can remember. We played and played and can’t wait for next time.

By: heatherflo1

IMG_1087- RAW


By: Free 2 Be

38-52-2013: It's Fall

September 22, 2013 – Have you ever noticed that September seems like the start of the new year, not January. January 1st just seems like a continuation of weather and dark. Whereas September feels like a season of endings and beginnings.

By: 13misaliss

38/52 Seasonal

According to the news we have had the hottest summer on record. We have a longer “swim” season then most. My daughter learned to swim this summer and she can’t get enough. As for me…I am ready to retire the swim suits…I need some cooler weather!


By: Vixpix:-)


Time for the wellies to come out again on a damp Saturday afternoon when we were blackberry picking. P.S. I tied her laces up after the shot!

By: MnM Family Photography

Week 38 {Seasonal}

Saw the leaves and acorns laying like this in my yard this morning and it screamed fall to me! So excited for the changing of the seasons! Can’t wait for apple picking, pumpkin picking, boots and sweaters!

By: Justine B7

38/52 Seasonal

Mum, I’ll give you a strawberry kiss! The strawberry season is at its peak in Australia. 99cents a punnet. Bargain!

By: miabellaphotogs


I took this photo of the beautiful Italian sunset. It is that time of year that harvest is almost complete. I am so looking forward to all of these corn stalks being cut down so, I can see the landscape around me, but for a few more days I can see the harvest spread out to meet the sunset.

By: Kristy Mulvihill Photography

Week 38 - Seasonal

Spring has sprung!!! And so have the pretty flowers, love this time of year:)

By: Marta Rhine

Playing Tourist

I think we experienced the shift of the seasons this evening. The city was so quiet, empty. Like it’s resting and recharging for the next few months to come after a hot and festive Summer.
We took a walk and played tourist for a bit. Snapped some pictures and got some ice-cream.:)

By: Sonnie Mather Photography

38/52 Seasonal

We are on alert. It’s snake season! Yes! Really! We almost drove over a huge snake today…… the fright inspired our entry this week… with our fakey snakey of course:)

By: Jana O’Flaherty

M4H - Seasonal

I live in Northwestern Ontario, and it is very clearly fall here now (turned on the furnace this morning!). I love fall, the crispness, the smells, the gorgeous deep colours and the lack of bugs! I was thrilled to turn on the oven and roast these gorgeous, fresh-from-the-farmer’s-market carrots with our dinner.

By: April Burns


I have always known that the time would come when the boys would both be big enough to spend their time in the barn with their Daddy instead of in the house with me. This was my view the other evening, the days are getting shorter which makes me sad because I am such an outside girl. I do love fall but I have always hated the winter that follows!! This will be my new view out of my kitchen window, sigh…

By: lzornesphotography


I had no idea what to shoot for this, until I saw this little heart shaped red leaf.

By: Katiefewell

38/52 Seasonal

With the change in seasons, comes the inevitable sicknesses. We’re home being extra snuggly today. It takes 103 degrees to slow this one down.

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