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  1. The True Golden Years | Fort Collins, CO Family Photographer

    I admittedly am the type of girl that needs to go in chronological order with everything. When I read a book, I have to read it from the very first page to the last. When I watch a movie, I can’t miss the opening credits. When I edit a gallery, I have to start at the very first image I took and work my way to the very last. It’s just how my mind works. In the past, blogging has been the same. I just want to show you the very first session to the last because I honestly love them all. That has all kind of gone out the window. This year has been so full (and busy) and I have been so excited to just share everything and everyone that I am grabbing sessions like ideas out of the wind. It is almost like a permanent light bulb that refuses to go off hovering over my head. There are still sessions from last year I haven’t gotten to blog, and my goal is while I am working on the back end of things this season, I have the ability to get as much of that up here as possible.

    This session jumps out to me because I have formed such a quick friendship with this Mama.

    I admit that also happens quite a bit. There is an excitement and special kind of anticipation when a new family inquires with me. There is also something increasingly special when they come back. Each session seems to be more exciting because you know these people in a more intimate way. You know their personalities and their needs and the way they love each other. You feel kinship. So, when I do get a first time family I already click with on a deeper level, I know it’s hopefully the start of a very meaningful and special relationship. I also hope that they aren’t a one time deal. I felt like I had worked with this family before, even if it was the very first time.

    Photographing families is quite personal in fact. If you are one of the lucky ones, you get to watch their children (and in some cases) their families grow. You are there for many of the big moments– but more importantly the small ones that help define who they are. I tend to friend many of my families via social media whenever possible because I do want to celebrate in their milestones and see how they are generally are doing. On our sessions, there is so much more than photography happening. There are very personal conversations in many cases. A foundation is poured. There are many layers. We talk about both the happy and joyous things. We share about our families, the both of us. Not everyone wants that sure, and I respect that whole heartedly. I do see that the more a family is willing to give me though, the more amazing their images are because there is something authentic and genuine about our time together that can not be fabricated. I do want REAL moments, even if they are just those simple in between moments.

    And this family gave them all up. Their littlest was quite a bit like our Daisy. Mama warned me that she was a bit of their firecracker. I love that. I love personality in it’s true form. Fake smiles are admittedly not my thing. I would take a moody or shy child any day over one groomed for false perfection. Alternatively, their little man was all sugar. Kind and sweet and patient and that was all him. As a family unit, the four of them just melted into one another. We played in the water a bit and enjoyed the warm sunshine on our faces and braved the prickly grass and cuddled up in one of my favorite old quilts. We rolled with the tide of sweet little J’s moods and just enjoyed her for every little bit of the sassy firery adorable little girl she is. They were amazing just as they were. I know it’s because this family understands that these are their Golden years. The time we think will last forever but just don’t get back. I am grateful to have had the honor to be here with them this day.

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  2. Healing in Art | Fort Collins Family Photographer

    It’s been a year of highs and lows. That is likely an understatement. In mid April my grandmother passed away. She was only 69 years old. I made the age old mistake of assuming there was just so much more time. We had long planned for sweet friends to visit from California the same day that my grandmother passed… and I’ll be honest. I didn’t want to get out of bed. It took every ounce in me to. But having friends rally around us and prove to be a beautiful distraction brought it’s own kind of healing. A very tiny sliver of my heart mended just being with them in the trenches. We went out to photograph their family and I will be honest, I was worried that creativity wouldn’t come. Sure, they are gorgeous and Colorado is gorgeous so under any normal circumstances they would be an instant muse. My heart though, it was so heavy. The one thing about grief that no one tells you about losing someone you love– is it physically hurts. There is actual pain. Pulling my camera out though, it just brought it all together. I wanted to give them images that I wish my grandmother had with her family… that I had with her.

    And so we met in one of my favorite places to shoot, because there is peace in these mountains. We showed them around and I lugged my camera out and I slowly eased my way through the grief.

    I don’t know if I did them justice, but there is love in these images. There is something a bit raw here. I put my very heart out there these days. It has been a few months since our loss, and I don’t think it gets any easier, but the work has come from a more honest place. I have been in touch with how important photography really is, something I didn’t even know I had lost.

    And I feel so insanely thankful to get to this.

    As photographers, we give the gift of memories. It’s the closest thing to the gift of time we can get to.


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