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Hi Everyone!

Here is our biweekly Document our Days feature. I am loving all the images as always. Seeing your images in our hashtag and in our Facebook group makes my heart fit to burst. I have gotten to know so many of you so well at this point and I truly love getting a glimpse of your days. There are so many walks of life, so many view points. Thank you so much for embarking on this project with me.

So let’s share some of your awesome images!

From: Louise Zabriskie

3.26.2015 springtime means time to get new canvas shoes (at least to me it does) I found these for half price #m4hdod #m4hp365

From: Chloè Gobea Rosser

The 1st of many scraped knees.
Had to submit another one because I wanted to document this

From: Karmen Coon Van Derven

Watching cartoons together.

From: Lynne Pariseau

86/365. I love waffle clouds!#m4hp365

From: Erin Roh

84|365 Practicing sitting up! He’s growing up too fast! #m4hp365

From: Michaela Mazahreh

D84 – Her eyes are really this blue! She has the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen.

From: Michelle Virginia Holland‎

84/365 Lilly has finally come to Durham/ Chapel Hill. Oh how I wish they made things in my size and were not so expensive, but I adore the colors and patterns. Such works of art #LillyPulitzer #March2015 #Durham #pink

From: Tonya Schraut‎

82:365 Still get to take my girl to her check ups, not to many more of these for me. #m4hp365

From: Bethany Walter


New shoes! It’s been a very long journey including physical therapy, MRIs, x-rays, a bone scan, numerous doctors appointments and, finally, injections into my SI joints…. I’m finally able to give running a chance again. It’s been three years since I started having significant pain while running and it’s been so hard and sad. Many tears. I’m so glad I’m allowed to resume working out and attempt to run.

From: Erin Roh

80|365 Baby Mozart #m4hp365

From: Mary Stark Hamilton‎

{79/365} When your tween asks you to be in a picture with her, you say YES…and soak up every last second of it! # m4hp365

From: Donna Del Bello

Spring smiles

From: Lisa Erickson

76/365 crazy hair day at school today. He got up 3 hours before school to make sure I could do his Mohawk before I went to work. #m4hp365

From: Crystal Chabannes

The pollen count is so high here; we’ve opted for climbing windows instead of outside play

From: Brenda Killon


And some Instagram pretties using our #m4hp365 hashtag.

From: belloniphotography

From: shanonbuff

From: nikkiwestbrock

From: teena4

From: jennchase

From: anna_arcos

From: yellowlabrador100

From: annafromriga

From: kristal_clifton

From: thewyolife

From: ksdownes

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From: karenholyk

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From: kerensafannon

From: emilymillerphotography

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Happy Monday, Friends! I am excited as always to get right into our Eye Candy for this week so I won’t make you all wait! SO many wonderful images as always this past week for our Reality theme. We leave for Travel sessions in Texas today so this is going up just a little earlier than usual.

If you are newer to the project or would like to jump in there is a wealth of great information on how this project works in our Facebook group especially under the “Files” area. You can find our group HERE.

Let’s get started!

Here we go!

By: Lisa Cohan Simon

11/52 | Reality

By: Mallory Gabel

11/52 {Reality}
Sunday is ‘clean and laundry’ day, but with 3 small kids, in reality, it is ‘ hide from mom and play’ day

By: Misty Smith

This is my reality, as a single mom I’m trying to be everything for both of my kiddos at all times, sometimes I wish I could clone myself. Some days are easier than others, some I lock myself in the bathroom and think this is exactly why it’s supposed to be easier with a partner. I try to be the best I can for them no matter what though even if I wish I had another set of hands at times.

By: Людмила Юнченко

This is our dog Cosmos. We love him very much, and he loves us.

By: Nowelle Ledebuhr

11/52 {Reality}
Reality has a crazy way of sneaking up on you. Today was suppose to be filled with fun- the first day of Spring Break! However, we are headed to Chicago to remember the life of a beloved family member and her long battle with Alzheimer’s. Reality- hold your loved ones a little closer today. Tomorrow is never gauranteed.

By: Rachel McGregor Sullivan


I am so nervous to post on here as I am just learning! Here it goes….

11/52 – The {REALITY} is that time is fleeting. My youngest son (on the far right) is no longer a baby. He can almost keep up with his older sister when running around on the soccer field. This makes me so sad, but I am going to try and hold on to moments like these. Taken on my iPhone (I wish I had my camera with me)!

By: Tracy Skiba

11/52 “Reality”

11/52 “Reality”

By: Libby Watt

11~52 I never want to leave this place and go back to Reality!

By: Taylor Reed

{Reality} | Tucker turned one this week and we celebrated with Spaghetti! & the {reality} of messy little boys.

By: Magdalena Mikulska-Rekita

11/52 [reality]
Hello, I’m Magda and I’m a mother to a superhero.
What’s your story?

By: Amy Guidice

11/52: Reality. The reality is that I need to continue to push myself in my photography and explore new ideas. This is the first image that I have taken while exploring freelensing.

By: Stephanie Crumbley Deckard

11/52 {Reality}

In the last two days, I have found 4 of these little silver things in my head. I’m 33, and a natural blonde (no jokes please wink emoticon ). I’ve been dying my hair red for nearly 10 years, and each time the roots start to show they reveal darker and darker hair making it easier to spot these sneaky little buggers. So, here I sit tonight. Coming to grips with the reality that I’m getting older (and hopefully wiser) smile emoticon On a side note, I’m getting increasingly more excited for my salon color appointment on Friday

By: Jessica Wynder

11/52 “Reality” 2nd submission
This was shot through my coffee table before I started to dust and straighten up the books that never stay straightened because I wanted to show our coffee table chaos. I didn’t think much of it until I took a closer look and saw that the catchlight in my daughter’s eye is shaped just like a heart which is perfect because books are her passion. I also caught the cloud of dust particles stirred up by my daughters attempt to help clean, which ultimately ended in her finding a good book to read. The reality is we are surrounded by books, never ending dust and toys in this home and I couldn’t be happier.

By: Terri Bricker Baldanza

1-52 {Reality} – My kids can play in any mess…

By: Stephanie Bloom

M4H Project 11/52 {Reality}

My little shadow just had to be in the picture this week wink emoticon We’re down to the last 6 weeks before everything will change. Excited and nervous to meet this little lady!
Tags: In Bloom Images

By: Siw Aina Strømøy

11/52 { r e a l i t y }

They are always making funny faces when they see Mr.Canon

By: Gina Weaver


This is my husband. About three years ago he lost his job, A job that he loved and had since college (over ten years). That was in Nov. of 2010. I was pregnant with our third child, working in a new position at work, getting my masters degree at night, and my car was totaled that we had payed off and could fit three children in safetly. In the midst of our crazy and stressful times we eliminated so much financially that we found out we didn’t need. It was liberating and that surprised us. He struggled a lot and I worried about him all the time. My husband sat down in one of his “moments of sadness” and wrote a bucket list. On that list was to learn to play bagpipes. He did. We met the 42nd Royal Highlanders at the Feast of the Hunter’s Moon in Lafayette and he started taking lessons. Now as a family we travel 5-6 times a year dressed in period correct clothing and live in period correct tents for the weekend. It has become part of our reality because we know how stressful life can be. This became a way to connect again and remember to slow down.

Four months later (Feb 2011) he became president of the company that had let him go. I had our first girl in May and he surprised me with a car.

Because of his willingness to work hard and stay focused on something positive during his time off, we have a new friendships and families that have become part of our reality.

By: Crystal Keeling


M4H : 11/51 : Reality
*I don’t think a nap is happening today*

By: Eileen Critchley

11 of 52:The reality of nature- it can be harsh and beautiful.

By: Ann Tygret McCrea

11|52 reality

The reality of living in the Pacific Northwest is that we have to endure a lot of “gray days”. The pay off is worth it, because when the sun shines we live in a gloriously beautiful place!

**I was the passenger … not shooting while driving!**

By: Julia Cohen

11/52 – Reality

When help is more of a hinderance! But you just have to let him help you vacuum the building site!

By: Sarah Nelson Greco


Project 52 | Week 11 {reality}
addicted. i handled this entire jar myself over the past two weeks. post workouts, for a midnight snack & reason to hide in the bathroom from the kids when the witching hour hits, good old peanut butter never lets me down!

By: Robin Pederson Chavez

11/52 | Reality | …When our reality is something to be thankful for, even the little things… especially the little things.

By: Janet Crouch

My birthday. What used to be a full family gathering with our grown children and their families has now turned into a quiet evening with the only one of our kids that lives in the same state…and who drove two hours to surprise me when I didn’t think he could make it either! My reality…not bad, just different. (and I love it just the same).

By: Danielle Elon Armstrong

Reality is that we’re renting and have a very small backyard, so we have to get creative with what we can garden in.
Tags: Danielle Armstrong Photography

By: Andrea Montoya Lowry

11|52 Reality.
Their reality is about to get REAL.

By: Amanda Hanstine Tacker

11/52: Reality- I tell him to pretend to eat it, he responds by seeing how far till I freak out… this kid is hilarious. Scary, but hilarious! Garreck 365

By: Mel Langstraat‎

Week 11 {reality} because there is no such thing as a “little cold” in the world of SMA. Thanks to all of this equipment, he is able to stay out of the hospital and a cold does not turn into pneumonia.

By: Melanie Greer‎

11 * 52 REALITY, truth be know my husband never stops working on our property. He is a perfectionist and does everything he can to create our perfect life. I came home from shopping and I spotted him relaxing. I had to snap a quick shot. So proud that he stopped and took a moment to take in OUR REALITY.
Tags: Mel Honey Rocks Photography

By: Laura Polito

11/52. Reality.
Not every moment is a happy one, not every picture has a smiling face; but it’s all life, it’s all reality, and it’s always beautiful.

By: Cyndi Greenwalt

11/52 {Reality} – This right here is my reality. My husband works out of state most of the time, so I’m left to raise 4 kids (almost 5) by myself. Although sometimes the stress of being alone without my husband is unbearable and sometimes I just want to yell, pull my hair out and cry, I am blessed. These kids are everything to me and having the opportunity to stay home with them and teach them and mold them means more to me than anything else!

-I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me… Phil 4:13 — at Moments Captured by Cyndi Greenwalt.

By: Sheri Marie

Reality for the first day of spring in Alberta,Canada

(second submission)
Tags: Sprout Photography | Sheri Mattar

by: Molly Ober Fechter-Leggett

11/52 {reality}: Aubrey, 3.5 years old. To her, the world is all sunshine and rainbows. The “best thing ever” is spinning in circles on the fresh cut lawn in a twirly sun dress with her sister and momma. I love seeing the world through her eyes. heart emoticon!

By: Abubaker Sarang

Reality of nature (second submission)

Eclipse over england this cloudy morning

By: Hillary Wheat

11/52 Reality. My 7 year old daughter wears my clothes, my necklace and my hair tie. The dress doesn’t fit, almost but she doesn’t care. Every day she raids my closet to find something different. The reality is I like it. Actually I love that she asks me to save them for when she gets older. I remember wearing a lot of my dad’s clothes when I was growing up, his boxers and tee shirts. Somehow I think it makes us closer.

By: Megan Hennigan Walterscheid

The reality of being left behind by the one you love.

By: Lisa Tracy

{Reality} My army family has been so blessed to be stationed in Oahu. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine this and we cherish every day of our *reality*.

By: Tammy Schild

11/52 | Reality

11/52 | Reality

M4H Project 52

Reality: The world or the state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them.

Kids are wonderful, magical little creatures just like everyone makes them out to be. This is true. But also true is the fact that kids are weird. Really, really weird. Like, weirder than the weirdest person that you know if you don’t know a kid. If you already have kids, you already know this, plain and simple. Weirdness is the name of the game. That’s the reality of it. Magical, wonderful, amazing, interesting, weird little creatures. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

By: fullofrum

11/52 M4H {reality}

11/52 M4H {reality}

I edited this last night and have been trying to find the courage to post it ever since. I avoid getting my photo taken at all costs but I had this idea and it just seemed so appropriate for this weeks theme. This is my reality. At the moment, I feel like my bad back defines me.

By: Johnna Lafaith

11/52 // Reality


11/52 // Reality

The reality is that I choose to focus on things like finding the perfect, vintage show bag… Reading my favorite series (written for 8-10 year olds)… Eating thin mints and counting my daily steps because everything else is too much. Did you ever find yourself faced with a dilemma or dilemmas that seemed exhausting. Hashing over the same struggle can be too much. Maybe I’m weak but I need a brain break. And anyway, I solved that show bag problem, didn’t I?!


Happy Sunday! It’s time for a new theme.

In case you are just finding us now, we kicked off our Fourth year of our awesome Project 52. If you are unsure just what this is all about and are thinking of participating but need just a bit more info you can find that right HERE. Jump in at anytime!

This week our theme will be:

Our 12th week’s theme will be:



Just have fun with it and interpret it anyway you like!