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It has been a year since my last Photoshop Action release, and for good reason.

I needed these to be special and versatile and everything you would want in a collection. I also wanted to up my game a bit so I did something entirely different this time. I added ACR Presets that can be used WITH the actions and for FREE! No extra charge. Just as a simple gift for those that use this program. These tools have been used on all of my current work this year. The actio “Authentic” is actually a huge staple as is the Moody Matte action.

And because I appreciate you all so much, these AND all other Action and Preset collections in the shop are now 50% off through this week. Just use the code Journey.

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your patience. I know I have been promising for quite a while. This year has been busy and time has gotten away from me. I have some other wonderful things coming soon so stay tuned too!!

And here are a few previews. For full previews be sure to check the listing in the shop here. I had some pretty wonderful photographers test these out for me and the variety is amazing!




*Processed with the creative action from Fair Haven Antiqued II.
Mega Matte from Memento (Not retiring.)

Madness folks! I have clearly lost my mind. I am practically GIVING away actions here. I have never hosted a discount this deep on my “I want it All Actions bundle”. I may never again, but it is the season of Thanks and giving and I can’t help myself.


For this week, you can either choose to take 80% off the Photoshop Actions and Lightroom Presets leaving the shop OR you can get the entire Collection of Photoshop Actions for only $99.00. Less than $100.00. That includes actions NOT retiring and here to stay for probably years to come.

The best part is there are no codes to remember. Just add to cart and check out. And due to the deep discounts here, you can unfortunately not use any special codes with this promotion.

Oh, and the actions + presets that are 80% off?? They are some of my most popular still after all of these years and only EIGHT BUCKS!

So what is going??
I am linking it below.

The actions are as follows:

Fair Haven // Fair Haven II // The Photographer’s Tool Box // Newbie Fix // The Keepsake Collection

Presets are:


And of course the amazing BUY ALL MY ACTIONS AT ONCE Bundle HERE:

I Want it ALL!

The sad news in all this?? Once it’s gone… it’s gone for good. So don’t wait, friends! This won’t be available and neither will these actions when this ends.






I am SO EXCITED! Okay, the caps might not be necessary. But, really. This sale is overdue because you guys are amazing. We recently hit over 81K Friends on our “Fan” page over at facebook and I just can’t say how honored I am. I know you are all so much more than “likes” on a social media website. You are people and you choose to come hang out with me. I adore each image share, your kind words and just really having you in my corner the past seven years. Basically, I see you as my friend. Yup. We are regular homies now. So please enjoy 60% off ALL Photoshop Actions, Lightroom Presets AND Bundles now through April 1st!! You just want to use the code Happy60. You can go shopping HERE.

And as a bonus surprise, I am working on a beautiful huge guide on how to get the most out of that iPhone and take better lifestyle images of your family! I will be choosing ONE lucky person that purchases during this sale to grab that for FREE when it’s ready! Yup!! Another perk. Don’t miss out! I am thinking that should be ready in April!

Also, I know Facebook posting has been hit or miss, but we just opened up our Spring Online Photoshop Processing Workshop. This is an amazing way to really define your style and learn what all those tools and buttons in Photoshop do. Come hang with me in May for a super discounted rate and let me teach you all my secrets. YES! I will show you not only how to use those tools and actions but how to process without them too! Note that while you can’t use the code above for the sale on Photoshop Actions and the like, I took the liberty to take $100.00 off if you register before April 1st. No code required! I have about ten seats left, so I would love to really get to know you and be a part of your journey!


So that’s about it for now, folks! Don’t forget to check in with me on Instagram (I have a brand new one for business over @myfourhensphotography or you can check out a little bit of our crazy home life @my4hens!) and on the fan page as well!!

Thank you for being amazing!!
And don’t forget to enter the contest to win a full 1:1 in person mentorship for 2017 OR an online 1:1 Mentorship for late winter.

I have started this post in my mind so many times now. This is something I have been dreaming up for years honestly. As soon as I moved our older Project 52 into a facebook group (sadly on hiatus right now), I had noted all of the amazing photographers willing to share their very heart and souls. Some seemed to really embrace that, and there was of course just a bit of backlash because some felt they couldn’t handle all of those stories. It was deep and maybe even a bit murky sometimes, but the one thing that happened with the Project 52 I didn’t foresee, was how therapeutic it was. So many were willing to be candid and honest and supportive; so going forward with this project- I am finding the hardest part is really figuring out how best to manage it. There are so many directions one could go in. Because of the personal nature, I didn’t want to deny anyone the ability to tell their story or join in if they wished to. I wanted to really give everyone an open forum. And I knew not all of these stories would be sunshine and rainbows, which begs the question; Do I post these on my business blog? Does this need a whole new website? Will there really be THAT much interest for others to want to jump in? I have obviously let fear and really just my tendency to over analyze all of these things really marinate too long, and it sadly struck fear in my heart. Fear of rejection. Fear of failure. Fear of disappointing anyone. But now is the time to step out of those shadows and let the light hit my face. To create a project for us all to shed the notion that we have to be perfect to coexist. That we have to be neat and tidy and in some kind of box to fit in and be validated. All stories matter, because people matter- and all people have stories. It is simple as that. It is time for us to all really know that there are flesh and blood and feelings on the other sides of those computer screens.

Processed with VSCOcam with e7 preset

So What is Project Transparency?

It is YOU. It is who you are and where you have been. It could be a single experience, or a trial you are enduring or have endured. It could be your silver lining, the birth of your child or children, your decision to nurse or bottle feed.  It could be battling an illness, starting a business, buying a home, a move or pretty much all of the above. It could be ANY story you want to share… good or bad. It doesn’t even have to be huge. It could be your day. If you don’t have any one grand experience as of yet, but have something you just want to open up about– this is your opportunity.  The only requirement is it has to be REAL. You have to be real. That’s how this thing works. Your story can include images or just be text. I would personally recommend at least one photo or so, and taking new images just FOR your story is a bonus if you want to flex creatively and push yourself. Your story can also JUST be images. There are many ways to tell a story, so ultimately this is how you want it told.

Where will this be featured?

For now this will be on my blog for photographers where I previously hosted my project 52 ( This will be out there so note that. It is important that you are comfortable with your story being on the internet for all to see. I am aiming for one story bi-weekly if there is enough interest. This will be an ongoing project with no beginning date, and no ending. Note* You do NOT need to be a photographer to participate.

If this does take off, I will absolutely consider creating a Facebook Page AND getting a website established. I want to be sure first that there is enough momentum. I may even create a group if there is help managing it.

Is there a limit to how many times I can submit? How do I get involved?

You can submit more than once, you can update your story later if you want to follow up. That is completely up to you, but that doesn’t mean all submissions will be featured. I will try to spread out the submissions so as many people get a chance to be heard as possible. I also want to note that submissions will be featured mostly at random.

If you have a story and want to submit with images, I recommend creating a drop box or means of file sharing to upload a zip file and share a link.

The format to be submitted is:

-A text document with your story typed up, proof read and ready to be blogged. (I will be copying/pasting.)

-Any images you want to be included that are relevant to your story.

-A very short biography

-A headshot or candid image of you. Whatever you feel best represents you is fine. It doesn’t need to be professional.

I am SO incredibly excited to embark on this journey with you all. Thank you for considering to be a part of this. My goal is to humanize the internet and create a community. I will be sharing as well, so I don’t expect everyone to go this alone.


The best way to submit as of right now is the blog contact form on this website. 🙂 My e-mail isn’t overly reliable right now and I don’t want to miss anything!

I hope to hear from you!