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  1. Love in the Mountains | Northern Colorado Engagement Photographer

    I am sadly behind on blogging and have SO much I have been excited to show off. The sessions won’t be in chronological order but just some of my recent families and couples. I work with rad people so I can never pick favorite. I am going to jump right into these two first.

    And Oh, these two.

    There aren’t the proper words. They were so sweet and so laid back, but more than anything their love and commitment for each other was beyond endearing. It was special and one of a kind. We hung out in the mountains and chatted about their adorable Bulldog, their journey from Colorado to their new home in Wisconsin and their love for the mountains. We also talked about wedding plans and everything else in between. I always befriend my clients. These two felt like I had known them for years. And the best way to really drive my point home and share how adorable they are.. is to show ya!

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  2. The Cutest Family Ever | Larimer County Family Photographer

    I have discussed a bit how my husband returned to work this year after being a stay at home dad for nearly three years. There has been quite a few adjustments and I have had to reevaluate a ton of business related things (such as when I am going to find time to do all that needs to get done), and well we just MISS having him around all the time, but one HUGE perk of his returning is he now has a pretty awesome social life. This doesn’t mean he is teeming with friends. Actually not a ton has changed in the way of how busy he is and we aren’t the party type so that isn’t happening either. It simply means he has met some great people, one who I recently was able to photograph. Coincidentally, his coworker’s wife is also one of my good friend’s sisters that I photographed HERE. I am also happy to report the lovely family I just linked also returned back to this area so us lucky folk in Colorado no longer need to miss them!

    Anyhow, when my husband pitched the idea of a session and asked if they could bring their fur babies too I figured the more the merrier!

    And so here we are:

    Pretty cute huh?!

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