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  1. Letters To My Sons | My Dear Boys

    My Little Men,

    It seems we are hitting a crossroads.  For years I can honestly say you were both the proverbial mama’s boys.  Granted I am sure you wouldn’t want to be called that much later on in life but at both eight and six year’s old it is completely okay as far as I am concerned right now. Lately though you are both becoming more and more independent.  You not only can but want to entertain yourselves and I am seeing you grow more and more into an easy friendship.  There are so many times I need to step back and remind myself that this is how it is. This is how it should be.  I do long for the extra cuddles and easy kisses.  Wesley, as an example you won’t even let me kiss you on your mouth now. You actually haven’t for a little while but prefer to be kissed on the forehead and whenever I go in to kiss you, you put your head down. I asked why you do this and you replied “I don’t want to be married to you.” Ha! So cute and well so sweetly naive and I do love that too.  You both are full of questions.  Always asking questions about the silliest and sweetest things. The questions are starting to turn to other things though that I don’t yet know how to discuss with you. I am working on that.  Thank goodness for daddy. You both also are learning the importance of kindness and responsibility. No your rooms are not spotless but you are learning courtesy in at least trying to clean up after your general messes. I will admit though getting you two to clean your rooms is a bit I imagine like pulling teeth. You both lay on your beds and cry the other isn’t helping enough. That’s real life though! Either way I love being a mom of boys. Your imagination, your sense of wonder. Everyday holds a bit of magic and I am loving getting to see life through your own eyes. I couldn’t imagine life without super hero capes and stick wands!!

    Love always,


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  2. Letters to My Sons | Dearest Noah

    Everyone month I write my Sons and Daughters letters and follow up with a few photos to supplement. I do this in hopes that my children when they are older will not only have a beautiful and sincere record of their childhood but they will have a first hand accord of how I saw them. How I loved them. Time is fleeting and life is short and more then anything I can’t imagine a better keepsake then a tangible memory of their mother. Their mother’s voice and her vision and her unconditional love. My unconditional love.

    I am blessed to be in this circle with so many talented and amazing women. Women I have grown to love and call friends.  The next lady in the circle is probably one of my dearest online friends and I hope that you follow on and read her heartfelt letter and take in her breathtaking images!! You can find the ever so talented Emma of Emma Wood Photography and her letter HERE.

    Dearest Noah,

    We are hitting a new stage in both our lives. I am slowly leaving the stage of a mom of very small children and learning how to parent “older” children. I put older in parenthesis because I know you really aren’t THAT big but having four babies in six years we are really entering a whole new era so to speak non the less. We are out of diapers and nursing all around with your sister turning four next year. We are hitting the teen years soon with your older sister Lillian. And with you sweet boy long gone is the age of “baby” toys as you now call them. You are taking interest in Sports and other things and leaving behind some of your toddler loves.  You want to make your own lunch. You want to pick your own clothes. You refute bath time at every turn.  You are trying to break out of routines and pushing the limits. Nap time at this point is a thing long of the past.  I admit Six is harder then I expected. You have always been my cuddly sweet natured little man and lately we are seeing a more temperamental feisty side of you.  Some days I am ready to throw in the towel and I am absolutely sure you are ready too. I will say this.  You are strong. You are amazingly smart.  You adapt to just about any situation quickly and you are one of the most compassionate little people I have ever had the privilege to know let alone mother. There isn’t a day I don’t marvel at you.  The little things in this home are always the big things.  For example we decided to try and grow your hair out. When you were just a baby and your hair finally started to grow you had the most beautiful head of soft blonde curls a mother could ever wish on a little person.  I used to love to run my fingers through them while you slept.  We had your first big boy hair cut when you were just two. Daddy isn’t as much of a fan of the long hair as mama is.  Well it stayed short for years and you were just beautiful either way but my heart lept a bit when those curls began to come on back.  Then you decided you had enough and you wanted it cut. I admit I dug my heels in a little. I tried to persuade you to give the long hair a chance. I admit it was a bit of me holding onto sweet toddler Noah. The day you woke up and cried and cried and didn’t want to go to school because you thought “you looked like a girl” just broke my heart and I knew it was time to give in. So I stood by while you asked daddy to buzz it like his. And I let it happen. And okay selfishly I was a bit sad to see those soft blond curls in a heap on the floor around your feet. It was okay though. It is still okay because you are happy. You like it. You are handsome and beautiful either to me no matter what your hair looks like. I also am selfishly a bit happy that you want it to grow back again!

    I also know that being so close in age to your siblings and being in the middle of four you are pushing the limits because you want to express yourself. You want to show that you are your own person. You aren’t just one of a family unit. You are Noah. You are one of a kind. And please know you are. You are seen and heard. We love you because you are you not just because you are one of our four children.  Even on the days when we are ready to cry together whether it be out of frustration or otherwise we are still a team little man. I just love you so much.


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