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  1. Magic | Fort Collins Family Photographer

    These are my people. No, really. I genuinely adore them. I have adopted them into my tribe. I met Nicole when I photographed her family a couple of years back and it was instant chemistry. Some friendships were just meant to be. I truly believe that. If you haven’t yet heard of Nicole, she is a pretty phenomenal photographer herself and is the creative genius behind Nicole Smith Photography, (she even did our Daisy’s first photos which I treasure forever and always.) so when we get together you would think that is all we would talk about.┬áBut it’s not. It just feels like two old friends hanging out. And her husband is just as awesome. He really is.

    And they are always open to anything. I don’t know if at this point in my life I could go a year without photographing them. Our next big goal however is a joint non photography session with just kids and chaos (and beer) so be on the lookout of images of THAT haha.

    Nicole + Brandon, just love you guys!!! Give those kids a squeeze from me!

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  2. Mountains and Love | Northern Colorado Photographer

    Happy Wednesday, Friends!

    This has been a week here with sick kids and tired parents. We have been preparing for a big trip and trying to stay on top of the house so it doesn’t spread like wildfire and so far it has been mostly contained…but I surely don’t want to jinx it so we will leave it at that. Even as I am typing this out I hear arguing in the background somewhere so I don’t quite have all the time I would like to properly share how much I love this family. I am trying to stay on track with blogging last year’s sessions because we have so many that haven’t yet made it here and we leave for Texas tomorrow. In fact I have eight sessions ahead of us there AND we are road tripping with our six children so I am being pretty ambitious even for me this spring break haha.

    But I digress.

    In fact I love this family so much I feel like I have known them forever. They are amazing. We hung lakeside and they simply were present with one another. It was sweet moment after moment. They were a huge highlight of 2016. We talked of a camping trip so I am hoping that happens!

    And now grab a cup of something warm and head on through the images below. They aren’t in order because my blog is being a bit cranky but I am just letting it all go in the interest of actually blogging for the first time in a week!

    On another note be on the look out for our outdoor Mama and Me mini sessions! Those are opening up the first week in April with a special!


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