1. Homegrown Best Friends | Fort Collins, CO Family Photographer

    Mama and Me Mini Sessions are some of my most favorite to shoot. They aren’t overly long and to be truthful, I wouldn’t mind more time because Motherhood is such an endless muse of inspiration. I could stay there and photograph Mamas and their children for hours. The love and connection between mother and child is so deep and resonates in such a special way for me, likely because I am a Mother myself and know that love all to well. It is imperfect but stunning in those imperfections. It begs to be documented. Maybe I also treasure this so much because I know us Mothers tend to be lacking in images of us with our own children, sadly. I always aim to change that by making these sessions more accessible.

    The other bond I hold so sacred to me is my sisterhood. My baby sister is ten years younger than me. I admit I have an almost maternal bond with her being so much older. As adults that bond has shifted again, but we are thick as thieves.

    When these sisters approached me and asked if they could book their own Mama and Me sessions… but have them hosted back-to-back, I was instantly inspired. So much so, I hope to get this special connection again in the future. We came away with some pretty wonderful images! It was pretty awesome to see not only the love they have for one another, but the love they have for each other’s children.

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  2. Wildflowers and Mountain Cuddles | Estes Park, CO Photographer

    Sometimes there are simply TOO many favorite images. I literally can’t weed them down and so sometimes I decide I am totally just not going to. I am going to share them all because they deserve to all be included. When you are taking moment based images, they help tell a story. They are so much more than pictures. They are bits and pieces of who they are and how they love.

    From the moment this family pulled up, I knew they were going to be fun. Their littlest daughter had the same name as my niece (and it isn’t a common name) so I felt like they were meant to find me. I sure do believe in fate. There was spinning and twirling and laying in the flowers. We literally used up every last drop of sunshine we had and when that was gone we basked in the blue hour (which truthfully happens to be my favorite.) Colorado summers are something to truly see.

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