Moments Matter | A complete guide on Children and Family Portraiture is HERE and on SALE

    Hello, Friends!

    First let me say– this guide has been a long time coming. I began writing this well over a year ago, and then admittedly lost steam and let fear get the most of me. Fear of what I am not sure. You see, there was so much I wanted to share with you, but words seemed to fail me and it became a game of procrastination. There was just so much I had to say, and I was overwhelmed at the prospect of trying to get that all in one resource. I wanted it to be amazing. I wanted to do it right. I wanted to do right by you all. And here we are after months and months of planning and many hours of brain storming. Everything I have learned through the years through hardship and hard work and trial-and-error is right here for you. I am so incredibly proud of this guide. It was designed to be your helpmate, a source of inspiration and a field guide in some respects.

    And it’s on sale. And it will never be this price again, just for the next few days.

    You can grab this for only $99.00.

    Whether you have been looking for inspiration in your work, trying to find your own voice, build a brand you are proud of or master different lighting– I touch on it all. And this is an every growing project. I am always learning too, so I have created a Facebook Group just for those that do invest in this guide so that you can all also lean on each other, as well as ask questions when necessary. I will be popping in to say hello, do the occasional Facebook Live and just build a special community with you all because community is incredibly important to me. I do believe we rise by lifting others.

    There is more than wisdom in this guide– I am reaching out. I am giving you my everything.

    And the best part is, you can read this from the comfort of where you are. You don’t have to invest so much more on an in person mentorship or workshop (unless you’d like to because I would love to hug you in person) or come to where I am at. Once you own this guide, I am always with you.

    Soon the price will be going up to the full $375- so don’t hesitate, friends!

    You can grab it right HERE in the shop! 🙂

    Due to the extreme discount of this guide, no discount codes can currently be used in conjunction with this. The discount has already been applied for you!


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