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    These are my people. No, really. I genuinely adore them. I have adopted them into my tribe. I met Nicole when I photographed her family a couple of years back and it was instant chemistry. Some friendships were just meant to be. I truly believe that. If you haven’t yet heard of Nicole, she is a pretty phenomenal photographer herself and is the creative genius behind Nicole Smith Photography, (she even did our Daisy’s first photos which I treasure forever and always.) so when we get together you would think that is all we would talk about. But it’s not. It just feels like two old friends hanging out. And her husband is just as awesome. He really is.

    And they are always open to anything. I don’t know if at this point in my life I could go a year without photographing them. Our next big goal however is a joint non photography session with just kids and chaos (and beer) so be on the lookout of images of THAT haha.

    Nicole + Brandon, just love you guys!!! Give those kids a squeeze from me!

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