Leap: A Very Special Photography Retreat | Win a Spot HERE + a SALE

    This might be the biggest giveaway I have ever hosted.

    Leap has been a long time coming. And why the name Leap anyway? Because honestly, that leap of faith is what stands in the way of all of the good things waiting for us in that vast unknown. We erect invisible walls built out of our own fear… or maybe that is just me. Either way, this is a walk we don’t have to do alone because we aren’t alone. This has been on my heart for some time now… years in fact. I have wanted to host a very special experience that incorporates a healthy love for photography, a passionate and safe place to nurture hearts and minds– with an educational opportunity to bring out the most in each woman that chooses to partake in this experience. I have been looking for the courage to leave the comfort of my own nest as a self professed people loving introvert, to envelop others in a warm and safe environment. I believe to truly grow, we have to be willing to shed our skin and offer up a bit of vulnerability in exchange for the chance to fully bloom and come into our own. To help photographers reach their goals by helping them to listen to their own unique voice, a voice that begs to be heard but is sadly so often pushed away and squandered in fear is my biggest goal. Friends, your work is so intertwined with just who you are. We tie our inner artist to our inner being and find ourselves vulnerable every time we share what we create. It is so easy to let the voices and the influences of others in– and it taints our ability to believe in ourselves and to trust our own true visions at times. It is terrifying to put yourself out there. I understand that as well as anyone. But this is your safe haven. I have the chance to sit across from women each year. Mentoring and nurturing other souls is something that has proved to be a huge blessing to me as well. I wanted to do this on an even grander scale. 2017 is going to be year that magic happens. Beautiful things are on the horizon and my biggest wish is for you to take my hand and join me.

    So, what exactly is this all about?

    This is more than a workshop. It’s a one of a kind experience, a retreat into the Colorado mountains. It is a place of solidarity and friendship and inspiration. You will be staying alongside me in a 1950’s vintage cabin surrounded by majestic views, cozy touches and beautiful learning opportunities. I am your open book. This is an intimate experience with only 10 places open so that I can make sure to spend the time and attention I need on each woman that comes along on this journey.

    What is included:

    A riveting and beautiful experience.

    All main meals + some snacks (okay lots of snacks because it’s me.)

    Lodging in the cutest 1950’s Colorado Cabin.

    Two Full Days together and then some.

    Three Amazing Shoots: 1 Lifestyle Family session IN the cabin, a Full Family session outside with the landscapes and mountains all around + a bonus shoot (Mama & Me.)

    25 Minute one-on-one time with each gal in the afternoons to reflect privately on any questions you may have pertinent to your business. We will peek at some of your work, have a little chat and get to the very bottom of what stirs your soul and fills the gaps in your business.

    A walk through of my full editing workflow from RAW to the finished images I would deliver to my client.

    My full business/client workflow.

    Preparing for Family Sessions, Client interaction, Marketing, Session styling, Location Scouting and just about anything you would like to ask me.

    Creative exercises to get the mind working in the most wondrous of ways.

    A Private Facebook group to get acquainted.

    Sweet little Gifts! Because I just love to give presents.

    Friendships that will last you a lifetime.

    When Is it?

    September 29th-October 1st, 2017

    Where is This Happening?

    Allenspark, CO (Near Estes Park, CO.)

    Hopefully now you are ready to sign up! Yes!! Let’s do this!

    More details on purchasing your spot will be presented when this workshop opens up on January 5th, 2017 including investments, specifics and more. There will only be TEN seats (Nine since one lucky person will one before they can register.)

    But if you would like to win one, you can enter RIGHT HERE! Use the prompt below and be sure to read all of the details because you can even grab yourself multiple entries! The winner will be announced January 4th, 2017 right before bookings open to everyone.

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    And last but not least since I had quite a few messages inquiring about a sale from now until January 2nd, take 50% off ALL Photoshop Actions, Lightroom Presets and Bundles as well as the Everyday Artistry Phone Photography guide by using the code Leap at check out in the shop Here.







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    1. Kristen P says:

      Hi Sarah,

      I’m late to posting here but please add me to the waiting list for the 2017 workshop πŸ™‚

      Thanks so much πŸ™‚

    2. Lacey says:

      Can we still sign up to attend the workshop? I know the giveaway is over but I don’t mind paying!

      • Sarah Cornish says:

        Hi Lacey!
        Unfortunately this workshop booked up the first day it opened love. I do have a wait list if you want to be added though. πŸ™‚

    3. I’m just now seeing this and so wish I had had a chance to enter for the giveaway, but I’ll be interested to hear more tomorrow when you make details public. What a perfect, perfect experience for 10 blessed souls to spend this time with you. I’ve recently been drawn to you and your work and even more the heart behind your work. I feel like we are kindreds and I could learn so much from you. At a place where I’m ready to truly start shooting only what I’m passionate about and what God’s given me the greatest gift to shoot, it’s a scary thought – but it’s time to “leap.” πŸ™‚ Even if I can’t be there this year, you will continue to inspire me daily. Thank you for sharing with us all. <3

    4. Lesley Peck says:

      Oh sweet Sarah. I’m not sure if there is anything I can possibly say to express how my heart feels about this wonderful retreat. The ideas and hope of community and lifelong friends stirs my heart and makes me long for healing. Soul searching, positivity, light, and love could possibly be my mantra for 2017 as all of these things have become forefront in my everyday focus. Yes, I want to develop myself as an artist and I want to continue to grow and learn but it has always been more than that for me. I want to know how to document moments. Your photographs of this speak to me on an essential level, beyond anything that a posed picture offers. I want to learn this from you.

    5. Erin Layton says:

      I would love a chance to win this retreat. I think I am at a point now where I am solid on what I know, I just need that extra push, motivation and inspiration to take my photography to another level. My grandmother has always been a big supporter of my photography. She listened to stories of the families I’ve met, she shared stories of families of clients’ of mine that she knew, and she especially loved looking at my photos — mostly the babies. She just passed on New Year’s Eve, unexpectedly, on her daughter/my mother’s birthday. She (and my mother) gave me the extra push and support when I recently decided to leave my full time job for photography. She always asked how it was going and wanted to know all about my photography journey. I would love to have this opportunity to grow into all that I dream to be, as she always allowed me to follow my dreams without judgement. This would mean the world to me as this is my world. I always strive to be better and this will definitely make that happen!

    6. Abby Glover says:

      Hi hi! So thankful I have a chance to enter before it is too late! Winning this would be a dream come true! I have admired your work for months now, and would be honored to attend!

    7. Stephanie says:

      I would be heading out to you from Wisconsin! I always like having a little refresher especially with a person like you. I’ve learned many things just from following you and want to hang out and grow while doing so. Love you and everything you do!

    8. Megan says:

      I have never had anyone to chat with me about my photography before. This opportunity would be a tremendous treat for me. You are one of my two favorite photographers and I know that just by being with you and hearing your thoughts I would grow tremendously. I would love to learn about how to guide clients so that they connect with each other more than the camera and so that our time together is fun and fluid. I think you could really help speak into my questions about these things and sooooo much more I am sure!

    9. Jenny Gildea says:

      Uh, so this is so dreamy it’s hard to put into words. I’ve admired your work, wondered how you can balance motherhood with it all, and find your openness refreshing and inspirational. The chance to hang out in the beautiful mountains and meet you and learn from you…I can’t even handle the thought! I feel like I’ve hit a plateau lately in my work and I know that this would give me a big kick in the right direction to continue my journey. Crossing my fingers so hard it hurts!

    10. This is so exciting! I’ve already claimed 2017 to be an awesome year for growth and transition and this would definitely feed that desire, not to mention my birthday is in sept. πŸ™‚

    11. Wow what an amazing experience to offer! I have been dreaming of something like this to help move my business forward. With a second little one on the way money is tight so I don’t have the opportunity to often do something like this. I’m working to making photography a full time job and definitely need some experience and a chance to grow. I definitely signed up for a chance to win. Thanks for offering such an amazing experience for one lucky person!

    12. Stephanie says:

      This retreat would be absolutely life changing! Not only professionally, but also personally. I’ve worked very hard for many years learning all I can online about my passion, an in person retreat, talking one on one and learning from one of the greatest would push me that final bit that I need. And the setting sounds just absolutely breath taking. As a busy mom and business owner, a cabin retreat sounds absolutely magical!

    13. I would absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to attend this workshop. Your work is stunning! I love all of the beautiful locations, amazing connection you are able to capture and your editing style. I would also love to have you capture some amazing shots of my family, someday.

    14. Kayla Locke says:

      This would be a beautiful escape for me to stretch and grow my artistry and passion for what I do. Capturing those moments and details is what I strive for in each session. Capturing something that is so meaningful to that particular family… moments and details that are raw and genuine. And to be able to grow in that passion of mine both artistically and technically alongside with Sarah and other souls with that same passion would be just….. a dream. To better myself for me and my clients is something I crave more than just booking more sessions.

    15. Julie Dorge says:

      I am so insipered by your work , this is an amazing opportunity to help other photographers grow. Thank you !

    16. Cindy Arthur says:

      And I would be traveling from Dallas, TX – I’ve never been to Colorado!

    17. Cindy Arthur says:

      This retreat would mean the world to me right now. I feel like I am at a crossroads with my photography. It started as a whirlwind and I have kept so busy with clients that I feel like I have lost my passion for creating art, and I’m just cranking out family portraits that are all starting to look similar rather than capturing the essence of the the family I am photographing. I haven’t taken a “soul” break since I started and it’s time to open my heart mind and soul to a new direction. I feel like time at this retreat could help me move in that direction!

    18. Amber Jim says:


      What an amazing gift you are giving! I’m hoping 2017 is the year we will meet again. What an honor it would be to learn from you!

    19. jacqie says:

      Hi, there! This is an absolutely amazing opportunity for personal and professional growth. 2016 for me was a year where I triumphed over some of the most difficult situations of my life. I would love to boost my growth even more with this workshop. πŸ˜‰

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