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  1. A Year in Review and a Heart Full of Gratitude | Colorado Photographer

    I wish I could cram every single image into this post. I literally closed my eyes and went in blind and clicked because there were just too many favorites. The best things about my approach to sessions is I come away with so many memories too. Next year is going to be so special. There are so many familiar faces I get to love on and so many new ones too!! I can’t even begin to anticipate all the wonderful things happening.

    This year has been a beautiful, gloriously exhausting blur- and I can’t say thank you enough! We got to see Texas and love all over families in Austin, and then we headed back to the East Coast in CT where my roots are and spent time with lots of families that I both miss very much from before we moved to Colorado and some new faces I hope so much to see again. We ultimately had to cut back on travel when we learned we had a new little Cornish baby coming but hope to resume travels in 2017 after things calm down just a bit so if there is a place you would love to see me at don’t be shy! I also got to mentor the most amazing women and made some lifelong friendships. All in all it was definitely a good year on all fronts.

    If you want to hop on the Calendar there is a tiny bit of availability for Packages A and B for 2016 here. After January 1st this deal will expire and full price booking for 2016 will go into effect. All 2016 prices have been raised slightly so this is an amazing opportunity to save big!

    And because I can get long winded here are just a few of my favorite. I haven’t even been able to blog everyone but I tried to sneak as many of these gorgeous faces in as I could! So much love to you all and have a beautiful Holiday season!!

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  2. The Prettiest Family there Ever was | Fort Collins, CO Family Photographer

    This was one of those sessions that had it all. Cuddles and personality and the craziest Eye Lashes I have ever seen on a little boy. We got just the right amount of sunshine and foothills and even a creek to splash around in. It truly was amazing. So amazing in fact I thought I had already blogged this family. Seriously. I have been thinking about it for months. Yes, MONTHS. They are adorable. And you couldn’t have truly asked for two sweeter little guys. I mean they literally were willing to hug each other on purpose. I truly feel like the luckiest gal to get to do what I do.

    On another note we are just shy of 37 weeks pregnant with our very last Cornish Hen. I have many sessions I have yet to blog and can’t wait to get them all up. We are in that home stretch so this expectant Mama has been a little slower than normal preparing for the Holidays and our little one to arrive. I have truly loved all the warm e-mails and kindess and even amazing gifts in the mail. I have the most thoughtful AMAZING “clients” (friends) Ever!!

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