M4H P52 “My Morning Routine” Winner and Eye Candy

    Getting started on our Winner and Eye candy for this Week’s theme. This week the images were outstanding and choosing was close to impossible!

    Also a quick reminder that I am looking towards 2015 and our Project 52 group. I have had the pleasure of hosting this wonderful project for going on four years now. I would love to host this again, but want to be sure of the interest. If there is a project or something else you might want to see in lieu I am completely open to feedback on that as well.

    If you are the Winner for this week contact me via the Fan Page, Contact forms or the email in the info area of the Facebook fan page and I will send you an action set or preset collection of your choosing! (If you would like something no pressure ha!)

    Let’s get Started!


    By: Kerry Westlund Fannon

    The snowy weather inspired us to add a little homemade hot chocolate to our morning routine this weekend.

    Lots of Eye Candy:

    By: Jennifer Kielich


    {Morning Routine}: Sock Drawer Shenanigans. Jennifer Kielich Photography

    By: Amanda Marie Jaquez Cross


    M4H Week 46-Morning Routine
    We start every morning with a diaper change.

    By: Rachel Axelson

    Morning Routine

    After dropping everyone off where they need to be I start my morning work routine with tea and the computer.

    Rachel Axelson Photography

    By: Courtney Lindell

    Week 46 – Morning Routine

    By: Jen Smith

    {Morning routine} When it was just my older kiddo and I in the mornings, he’d crawl in bed with me when he woke up, and we’d snuggle, read, watch Curious George for about an hour before starting our day. When his brother was born, he’d join us when he woke up. But now that he’s mobile, staying in bed isn’t an option anymore. Now mornings are full of playtime for these two. I absolutely love watching them play so well together now, but a big part of me will always miss the lazy mornings in bed we used to have.

    By: Lauren Durrence

    46:52 | morning routine

    breakfast. sometimes we wear it too.

    By: Sheryl Salisbury

    46/52 Morning Routine
    …consists of coffee, instagram and whatever magazine graces my mailbox.

    By: Jennifer Ritter

    Week 46 – Morning Routine

    First thing she does upon waking is run to turn her sound machine off.

    By: Sarah Gates

    P52/46 – Morning Routine

    First order of business; we must be able to see

    Arista Premium 400

    By: Mark Hughes

    Week 46 / P 52 – Morning Routine – We brew coffee the old fashioned way, grinding beans into a cone filter and pouring hot water manually in to the grounds. Our kettle whistles. It is an awesome morning routine โ€” in Edmonton, Alberta.

    By: Debbie Hartley

    {46|52 Morning Routine}

    By: Bec Walker

    Morning Routine

    Transformers. TV. 30 minutes. Every morning. Obsessed. #wherehasmybabygone

    By: Kristin Hiatt

    Morning Routine – girl talk over some Cheerios
    Kristin Hiatt Photography

    By: Shampoo Bf


    Theme Morning Routine.. the original

    By: Carolina Gonzalez

    morning routine | C. Gonzalez Photography

    Getting you dressed for preschool each morning has become a game of hide and seek.

    By: Melisa Anger

    46/52 Morning Routine

    We have a lot of morning routines in our house…breakfast, potty training my 2 year old, coffee, getting my 4 your old ready for school, teeth brushing, breaking up my kiddos wrestling on the couch…the list goes on and on. Running is my morning routine…I usually get up and out the door before my kiddos open their eyes, but some days I feel I need a little more sleep or my husband has to be at work early… that’s when I drop my daughter off at school, put my little guy in the jogger and off we go! I always have my water, my tunes and my favorite running shoes! by Melisa Renee Photography

    By: Eileen Richardson

    Morning Routine- One at a time, they all trickle in.

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    1. Chelsea Williams says:

      These are all so gorgeous! Everyday life never looked so good!

    2. Nathalie Lopez says:

      Great selection!! Love the Cheerios on baby’s bottom.

    3. Sarah Spencer says:

      i love this final one. That is our Saturday morning routine. Snuggles with Mommy and Daddy in bed. ๐Ÿ™‚

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