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    I am beyond excited to begin a brand new Project 52 in the year 2014. This is our third year running this project and the talent and growth I have seen is uncanny. Most importantly I have had the opportunity to make some beautiful friends and watch some amazing relationships blossom. The goal of this project is to take an image a week. I do provide a theme but you are absolutely NOT obligated to follow the theme. The theme is in place to merely jump start your creativity and give you a starting point. I have said it the past two years and I will say it again. This project is about you.There will be a couple of small changes this year to make things a bit more convenient and easy to follow. I am also always open to suggestions!

    First up a Call for Help: (Formal spots filled)

    Even though the formal spots have been filled if you would like to help I ask that you simply spread a little love via either Flickr or our Facebook group or both! What sets this project apart from all the others is the community we are building together. Please do feel free to pipe in and answer a question or give someone reassurance. I also would love for you to go through our flickr gallery or group and leave a little joy or comment on an image. If you could go out of your way to make a new member feel welcome. Little random acts of kindness are encouraged.  I have to say there is such a quality of heart in the photographers that have chosen to partake in our project. You really don’t have to do much and I know that we are all mostly busy with life but I believe that if we make this our project it will be that much more special. The kindness and openness amongst our members is second to none. I love browsing through our Flickr pool every Monday for our Eye Candy Posts and seeing all the love left for each other in the comments on just about all the images. You of course are not obligated to do that but it really makes this project a bit extra special so I encourage you all to get to know each other. I am all about building community. I hope to see the same connection and kindness in our brand new Facebook Group.

    So What exactly is a Project 52?

    Simply Put a Project 52 is as I stated above…an image taken for every single week of the year. It can be of absolutely anything. It can be your take on our theme, or it could be something completely relevant to your life that week. You do not have to be any one kind of photographer. Whether you chose to photograph people,  your children, pets, nature, landscapes, the sky…. you are welcome here. This is a safe place for photographers in all walks of their journey. Whether you are just starting, a seasoned pro, a proud mama and her camera, an enthusiastic cat owner, a iPhoneographer… a Canon or a Nikon (Or something else entirely), please join us. There are no qualms and no pressure. This is fun and free spirited. You can absolutely leave the perfection at the door. Our goal is to grow in each other and find ourselves a bit. Our goal is to come away with 52 (or more) beautiful images for the year.

    Even better I want you to NOT beat yourself up if you miss a week.. or five. Jump back in.

    Here are the specifics:

    You can stay connected and share images for the project either in our new Facebook Group HERE or in our Flickr Pool HERE. You can also absolutely share your images on my Fan Page HERE.

    -Please feel free to share the love and tell a friend! The more the merrier. My goal is to grow our group even more this year!

    -A New theme will be provided every week here on the blog every Monday. Again, you can totally ignore it or choose to use it. You can also suggest themes in our Flickr group or in our new Facebook Group.

    -To Participate Simply upload your images to the Flickr Pool in the group linked above.  You just upload to your own Flickr account and add it to the M4H P52 Group OR you can add them to our Facebook Group linked above with your Business page tagged (or you can just comment with how you would like to be credited if you are featured in Eye Candy or you can share on my fan page.)

    -Eye Candy (I pick a handful of images to showcase each week including one winner) will be posted that following Monday. To be eligible for Eye Candy the images have to be taken between the date the theme was posted up until the Eye Candy post goes up. That means you can add your image even early Monday as long as the blog post is up.

    -If uploading to Flickr the name of theme for that week included with your image is wonderfully helpful so I know that I am showcasing the appropriate image since some like to play catch up and upload several images at a time.

    -A Caption with your image is also welcome as I love to share the back story and that goes for wherever you choose to share your image but isn’t required.

    -If you are sharing via our Facebook Group or my Fan Page  the same goes as for adding the name of theme and your caption but I also ask you tag your business page so I can make sure you get credit. 🙂

    -You do NOT need to use my processing tools to enter or be a part of the Project 52. I do ask that you respectfully do not use the group or flickr pool for personal promotion or to pimp products or advertise to remain fair to everyone.

    -The winner will receive a gift card to my shop for that week. If you do win please be sure to email me to claim your prize. You do NOT need to take it though and are more than welcome to opt out. I promise my feelings won’t be hurt. <3

    Here are some of our Past Project 52’s beautiful images and members!

    By: Stephanie |Anabelrose Photography|



    3/52 - Pieces of Me

    By: melissaartifex

    day 14

    By: Carrie Gilliam

    Fresh {it's a new morning}

    By: anita chevres

    4/52 | my daily routine


    4/52: Daily Routine

    By: Christine Blaylock

    week six | light

    By: Free 2 Be

    5-52-2013: Misty Morning

    By: kelly_5

    By: Sonnie Mather Photography

    By: Suzie Ziemke

    By: Kc Jacoby

    Week 6:52 - Light

    By: photography by anika alonzo

    Daddy and his little girl

    By: heatherstockett

    Ordinary Beauty

    By: Stacie Youngblood

    Sunshine Selfie Project 52

    By: Cloudy Day Photography

    White Clouds

    By: min_mohd

    Sunshine - Week 10/52 (Explored)

    By: Kristy Mulvihill

    Week 35 - Unconventional

    By: Sunshine.Photography

    Something Old

    By: fslmama

    welcome, spring.

    By: Vixpix:-)

    Wk 14 Warmth M4H (1 of 1)

    By: j.cote photography

    Beauty Is

    By: heatherlphotography

    M4H{18/52} "Weather"

    By: shutterbugamar

    (52) week 22. around the corner.

    By: Essential Life.

    candy color memories

    By: mrsjones2oo5

    20/52 | Black & White

    By: MeganEvansPhoto

    M4H P52 - 44/52 - Strength

    By: Aniya Emtage

    {39.52} raw

    By: cheng bee

    i shoot raw

    By: prettyprincessjen

    Strawberry Bubbles-Little and Small

    By: SaraKellyPhoto

    Wild imagination {M4H 27/52}

    By: jenkashak

    M4H: Shadows

    By: Ashlee Tomes

    M4H 26/52 "Sky"

    By: 24Feet

    24Feet - Rise & Shine

    By: Shawna Lyn Photography

    M4H P52: 38/52 {Seasonal}

    By: April Burns


    By: steph.becker

    By: melissalazuka

    over and under 32/52

    By: indyk3

    favorite space B&W M4H

    By: Yellow Room

    34/52 | grateful

    By: Jennifer Nobriga

    m4h seasons | crab meets crabby

    By: captnoddball

    m4h week 42 "my favorite space"

    By: Eastview Photography

    favorite space (well, one of them!)

    By: lebramlett721

    Lens flare "O"- outdoors

    By: Jessica Yahn

    Misty Mountains

    By: Elizabeth Hardwick

    M4H week 49/52 Festive

    By: Sonnie Mather Photography

    50/52 Poetic

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    1. Johnna LaFaith says:

      I’m really excited to join in during 2015!

    2. Tina McAnallen Huba says:

      Thanks for this! I can’t wait to join the FB & Flickr groups 🙂

    3. […] I realized. I decided to change to something more manageable. Instead, I am participating in the My Four Hens Photography Project 52. Each week has a theme, but is open to interpretation. I will add the weekly images to the blog if […]

    4. I’d be happy to help with the Facebook side of things! Feel free to email me!

    5. Sabrina says:

      It would be such an honor to be able to work with you and help make this years 52 run smoothly.

    6. heather hughes says:

      wouldn’t mind giving you a hand with either of the things you need.just let me know!

    7. Julie says:

      I would be happy to help out!

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