M4H P52 “Sky” Theme Winner and Eye Candy

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    By: kristi burton photography


    With this theme in mind, my husband and I hiked up the side of a mountain to watch the sunset. Lovely evening

    Lots of Eye Candy:

    By: Bilberry Rose


    Stunning red sky one evening, what a view from my bedroom window in North Yorkshire England

    By: Liz Godfrey

    M4H / P52 / Sky

    Rise of the super moon. We waited for what felt like ages and finally, the moon popped over some trees in the distance & burst through the clouds. It was such a beautiful sight tonight seeing this dramatic sky near our house.

    By: Adriana Varela Photography

    And you are young and strong

    And you are young and strong

    By: SaraKellyPhoto

    Sky {M4H 26/52}


    I love all that this photo means to my family. I took this from the dock at my grandparents’ beach house. The flagpole has been there as long as I can remember (and I can remember a long time at this house!). I grew up here. I am a Navy brat, and we moved every six months when I was a kid, but I spent almost all my summers here. I was married here. And now I bring my kids here. My grandfather, who was a general in the Air Force, loves this place and loves that flag and the terns that fly out over the canal in the evening. I took this shot for him, and though it’s not “me” in many ways, I like its simplicity. And I like the ways in which it is me.


    By: Justine Bath

    Sky 26/52

    Group effort by old friends this week for my post. It’s school holidays in Australia, so my best friend since primary school and I headed out for a rainforest walk with our kids and a couple of ring-ins (8 in total!). Whilst exploring, another childhood friend Sonnie rang to ask me a favour, before hanging up I asked her what the M4Hens theme was this week? “Sky” she informed me…How the heck was I going to uniquely capture the theme this week was my first thought??? I needed to find and befriend a kid called Sky quickly I joked with my walking partner after I hung up. She stopped me as we walked and just pointed.How could I not post this?? Gotta love team work by old friends!

    By: Memories by Me

    Week 26 {Sky}

    With all the wicked storms we have had around here I thought of capturing some angry clouds this week, but instead I captured my son at the beach last night. You could hardly tell where the water stopped and the sky started. It was a hot, humid day in Oakville and when the kids got home from school I quickly packed up the car and we headed for their first swim of the summer. Nobody was there, just us and it was absolutely beautiful. I am looking so forward to the start of summer holidays. Bring on beautiful beaches, blue skies and sunshine.

    By: mjryckman


    Swinging through
    the endless blue
    of a summer afternoon.

    By: Elle_Zee

    Sunset grasses

    26/52 Sky
    M4H Project 52 2013
    We have seen some vibrant sunsets of late.

    By: cheng bee

    fly away

    26/52: sky

    By: April Deering

    Project 52, Week 26: Sky

    Sunset, facing downtown Denver and the mountains behind that. <3

    By: jenkashak


    Together we can face any challenges as deep as the ocean and as high as the sky.
    (Sonia Gandhi)

    By: Courtney McAtee Photography

    26/52: Sky

    My boys wanted to camp out under the night sky so badly, but in 100+ temperatures, they made it about an hour 🙂

    By: Ryanne Photography

    Week 26: Sky

    I love the reflection of the sky in his sunglasses.

    By: Karisa Adams Photography

    26/52 sky

    a shot from our vacation last week. clouds always look bigger at the beach!

    By: Suzie Ziemke

    M4H 26/52 | sky


    We have a little hill going down to our backyard and I have been meaning to try this shot with the “big girl” camera for quite some time. Today’s slip & slide weather seemed like the perfect opportunity! (I processed this with slater b&w, and black & white pop from My Four Hens new action set.)

    By: CJ,MJ&AddiesMummy

    Week 26 ~ Sky


    Well I waited a week, hoping to capture a beautiful UK summer sky. Big fluffy white clouds that I could imagine feeling like candy floss, (cotton candy to those of you in other parts of the world) the most gorgeous shade of blue sky…but no all we’ve had was gloom and rain and miserable looking sky (not even cool looking, stormy sky because I like those too) just one shade of miserable grey.

    That was until last night, the cloud finally cleared long enough for us to fire up the barbeque with the family. Sitting there, wine in hand and camera in hand I took this picture. Imagining where the plane was going? Who it had on board? Were they going away or traveling home?

    It wasn’t long before the clouds covered again and the rain started though…

    By: Emmages Photography

    {26/52 Sky}

    Well it’s been raining like crazy for the past week, so we made do with the little patches of light & blue sky that we found. 🙂

    By: Loulou2487

    m4h sky

    in colour!

    By: patsyakamom

    MyFourHens wk26/52  { sky }

    This and one other man made hill at our local park have become The place to take your cardboard scraps and turn them into sleds and go sliding to the bottom of the hill. The sky against the rich green of the grass looks so blue and beautiful.

    By: 13misaliss

    26/52 Sky


    Arizona has some pretty sunsets, with so many colors. I took this picture the other day and I waited all week for a more colorful sky and I was never able to catch one.

    Today 19 brave heroes went to heaven through the AZ skies. Thoughts and prayers go to their freinds, families and the firefighting community.


    By: Amarpreet K

    (52) week 26. sky.

    Quick upload – will be back with more later!

    By: {In Bloom Images}

    26/52 {Sky}

    Really hoping the storms start coming to bring the “cooler” weather and make our {skies} interesting colors in the evenings!

    By: Sonnie Mather Photography

    26/52 Sky

    Love rainy days… especially when that magnificent sky blue peeks through the grey clouds. So pretty.

    By: Ashlee Tomes

    M4H 26/52 "Sky"

    The sunset tonight was one of the most gorgeous I have ever seen! What made it so beautiful, I think, was that storm clouds were rolling in, and I could see the rain starting to fall in the distance. It was gorgeous…and totally worth stopping on the side of a country road and hiking in the corn field for this image!! 🙂

    By: Kristy Mulvihill

    Week 26 - Sky


    It is my husband’s birthday on Tuesday so it seemed a great time to have him feature in another photo with the kids. I’m really enjoying getting some pics of the three of them together and I think he’s secretly enjoying it too!

    This week’s theme really pushed me in composition and editing as I never worry too much about the sky – it’s usually blown out in most of my portraits. Yet another skill I can add thanks to this Project 🙂

    By: mamasparrowphotog


    Sky. I was out walking with my daughter and camera and just couldn’t resist capturing the beautiful tones of dusk.

    By: bobo+peep

    Sky [Rainbow]

    We had the craziest sun shower this evening. After awhile I had this feeling I should open the shades and I gasped when I saw this double rainbow. I RAN outside, with the thick mosquitoes and captured this with my iPhone. I am really trying to embrace other methods for capturing images, including my camera phone which I want to get better at. 🙂

    By: austinsGG

    M4H P52 26/52 {sky}

    Well…this is what happens when you take a 2 year old to help you with a photo shoot 🙂 Runaway balloons!
    edited with Girly Glory

    By: magova

    M4H "SKY"  26/52

    A few clouds over our Sierra Madre on a hot day…..

    By: mrsjones2oo5

    26/52 | Sky

    Love me a good old Iowa evening sky after a rainstorm <3

    By: lzornesphotography

    26/52 Sky

    26/52 Sky

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