M4H P52 Eye Candy and A Winner | Bright And Happy

    Hopping right into this week’s Eye Candy. I am always thrilled to see what you all come up with. Every week you all seem to just get better, and better. This in turn makes my job harder, and harder lol! Totally amazed as always. If I could feature every image in our Flickr pool, I absolutely would. In addition to the theme for Bright and Happy, I also gave those an opportunity to honor the men in their life with a Fatherhood type image. I just love what you all shared!

    The winner of this week’s theme will grab a $40.00 Gift Card to my shop that can be used towards any actions, textures or presets of their choice. This includes the brand new Photoshop Action set Happy Helpers being released later on today.

    And because I have been trying to be better. Here is my image of Bright and Happy.

    Bright and Happy

    Winner: This image speaks a thousand words for sure lol!

    By: melissalazuka

    bright and happy 25/52

    I think the picture says it all πŸ™‚

    Lots of Eye Candy:

    By: julieamankin

    M4H 25/52 Bright & Happy

    I took this Sunday on our camping trip. It made me SO Happy that I was able to capture the Bright sun flare, I actually squealed when I looked at it on the computer!

    By: Lori Frederick

    {Bright & Happy}

    Especially {bright & happy} today as she enjoyed her bounty. She was in heaven with strawberry juice dropping from her fingers.

    By: minkylina

    Out for a walk

    M4H 25/52: Bright and happy. The sun was bright. He was happy to be surfing. I was happy to be taking his picture.

    By: chris jennifer johnson

    make a wish...

    make a wish…

    By: Colleen Putman Photography

    25/52 happy + bright


    it’s rained all week on my vacation in the pacific nw, which sort of bummed me out, but the surprising, happy, and (super) bright double rainbows and glorious sunset tonight literally made my jaw drop and gave me goose bumps πŸ˜€


    By: NoahLynnPhotography

    M4H week: "Bright & Happy"

    M4H week: “Bright & Happy”

    By: London’s Bridge Photography

    M4H 25/52 "Bright & Happy"

    On Father’s Day, we visited our grandparents’ farm. As I looked out the window to check on the boys, they were soaking wet with their clothes on, spraying each other with the water hose…and laughing like crazy! So, what did I do? Got my camera, of course!! We stripped them down to dry their clothes, and this was the scene the rest of the time! They loved it! Boys…what can I say?! πŸ™‚

    By: denise slark

    24/52 "bright and happy"

    Sonny by name and sunny by nature, he’s always bright and happy!!!

    By: kristi burton photography


    My husband and I went to a chalk art festival and absolutely loved all the artwork and bright colors.

    By: Little Red Bird Photography

    25/52 Bright and Happy

    Bright happy summer days are here again. Nothing like sitting on a porch (or a desk at work) enjoying strawberry lemonade with a winking lemon on the bottle. Just the winking lemon makes the day seem bright and happy. Plus consuming this lemonade does cause joy. Real pure summer sunshine joy!

    By: Yellow Room Photography

    25/52 | bright and happy

    {twirling in the light}

    By: MnM Family Photography

    Week 25 {Bright and Happy}


    My daughter just happened to be wearing this dress which was perfect for this week’s theme. She was so proud of the mess that she made today. How can you not smile at that face?!

    By: Essential Life Photography

    Bright & Happy.


    Smiley face flare.

    β€œHappiness, not in another place but this place…not for another hour, but this hour.” Walt Whitman.

    By: grammylovesu



    Soon to be three……

    By: CJ,MJ&AddiesMummy

    Week 25 ~ Bright and happy

    What a beautiful evening we were having, sat upon the beach watching the sun going down while we were on holiday. I was taking pictures as the sun was setting when I noticed this couple climbing the rocks. I’m happy to have captured this moment by accident I just wish I knew who the couple were so I could send them a copy πŸ™‚

    By: Cecily R


    M4H Project 52, Week 25: Bright and Happy

    By: Jewels_Sparkle

    25/52 "Bright and Happy"

    25/52 “Bright and Happy”

    By: CrackerJackJoe

    P52 wk 25 Bright and Happy

    P52 wk 25 Bright and Happy
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    a little different take on the theme and I’m liking the fuzzy focus, sort of has that summer feeling to me.

    By: Kristy Mulvihill

    Week 25 - Bright & Happy

    Week 25 – Bright & Happy

    We had miserable winter weather earlier today, cold and wet, then later this afternoon the sun decided to make an appearance. The umbrella was still fun to play with even if it wasn’t necessary!

    By: Pretty in Pics Photography

    Bright and Happy

    I usually take pics of my kiddos but I LOVE taking macro shots and I have been wanting to do this for a long time. I love champagne and I don’t think there has to be a reason to celebrate to have a glass! Other than just celebrating the awesomeness of champagne. πŸ™‚ This is pink “sparkling wine” which is bright and happy, especially on a warm, sunny summer afternoon. And yes, I drank it after I took the picture! πŸ™‚

    By: laurendurrencephotography

    25:52 | happy and bright

    Ending the first day of summer with s’mores. πŸ™‚

    By: Courtney McAtee Photography

    25/52: Happy and Bright

    My youngest is quite the character, when we decided to redo his room we chose bright colors to match his personality. Nothing makes this mama happier than to see him doing what makes him happy…using his imagination in a room just for him.

    By: JennBlakePhotog

    25/52 | Bright & Happy


    I got to shoot a fellow photographer’s daughter’s second birthday this weekend, and the theme couldn’t have been brighter: rainbows!

    I loved all her creative ways of incorporating rainbows into everything from the decorations to the food.

    And an added bonus, on the way home from the party I saw a real rainbow. And all these rainbows reminded me of my rainbow baby, that we found out this week is another girl. That makes me very happy <3

    By: peacehillphotography

    bright + happy

    bright + happy

    By: heatherlphotography

    M4H{25/52} "Bright and Happy"

    Warm breezy summer evenings are one of my favorite things! Especially when I share them with ones I love!

    By: fergusonsfhotos

    26/52~Happy and Bright

    26/52~Happy and Bright

    By: barrows5

    P25~52 Bright and  Happy

    P25~52 Bright and Happy
    Last night’s super moon….wanted to capture the detail and its brightness! Quite happy with the results:-)

    By: briannalynnphotos

    Bright and Happy


    My oldest and youngest have the closest connection. When we drop him off at school, says “Bye DJ! Have a good day! I love you!” Squeals with delight when we pick him up from anywhere.

    He is so kind, gentle and patient with her. Always snuggles and kisses for her anytime she needs/wants them.

    It makes my heart so happy. I hope they keep this bond.

    By: April Burns

    Bright and Happy

    The boys and their Daddy were so happy and excited when their plan actually flew up and around and down πŸ™‚ Love these moments!!

    By: squirrel&owl

    Happy & Bright

    Week 25/52
    I love how a beautiful mural makes even the grungy parts of town look bright and happy!

    By: CynthiaDawsonPhotography

    Happy and Bright


    Nothing happier than a pretty flower.


    By: Barbara Taeger

    26/52 Sunflower girl...


    M4H – “Bright and Happy”

    Really, is there a happier sight than golden backlight on a field of sunflowers? Even better with my girl. Love her! We’ve been terribly busy helping her pack up her apartment for an across town move. But when we heard about this field, we took a break. Glad we did!…especially when I learned about this week’s theme. Back to packing…if you don’t hear from me in a while, send in a rescue team. lol

    Our Daily Challenge – Begins with F (Hello….flare)

    Nkon D600, 50mm

    By: Shawna Lyn Photography

    M4H P52: 25/52 {Bright & Happy}


    So even though the theme is “Bright & Happy”……I should have made them all hold hands. This theme has put the REM song “Shiny Happy People” in my head all week.

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