M4H P52 “Shadows” Eye Candy and a Winner

    I often times talk about an image and it’s story both grabbing me for a winner. This week’s winner is a perfect example. I loved the creative perspective but the story just grabbed me and took hold of me. Very inspiring!

    The Winner as always please do email. The prize is a $40.00 GC to my shop towards any actions, textures or presets.

    I absolutely love all your images this week. Hopping right in!


    By: heatherlphotography

    M4H{23/52} "Shadows"

    This image has pretty shadows but all I feel is the incredible light. These two set out for the century ride around Lake Tahoe. That alone is an amazing accomplishment. To top that off, the one on the right has overcome two brain tumor surgeries and a stroke. He’s my brother. He is an inspiration to me!

    Lots of Eye Candy:

    By: kristen.mowery

    23/52 Shadows

    This is by far the most I’ve stretched myself or my camera. Sunset on the railroad tracks.

    By: Amanda Claire

    "Morning Light" M4H 23/52 [shadows]

    By: JenneVazquez

    Jenne Vazquez Photography

    choosing a guitar to learn to play together

    By: katie.downes.photography

    {23/52} shadows


    out of the shadows…. a happy pup!

    Edited with M4H Glitter

    By: MeganEvansPhoto

    M4H P52 - 23/52 - Shadow


    My niece is one of my favorite people. She’s bright and vibrant and amazing. Smart. Funny. Tough as nails. She makes me want to be a better person everyday. She’s not one to stay in the shadows, unless I ask her to, and then it’s magic.

    By: Two willows photography


    Sitting on my bed, the shadows were falling across his little face just right. I ran and grabbed my camera before he moved. This so perfectly captures his serious personality.

    By: Jewels_Sparkle

    23/52 "Shadows"

    23/52 “Shadows”

    By: laurendurrencephotography

    23:52 | shadow

    I had all intentions of doing a really fun shot outside, buuuuut we’ve had rain all week. With the kids being stuck inside, they have been doing different things to entertain themselves, and I went with a different direction. 🙂

    By: minkylina

    Shadowy me

    M4H 23/52: Shadows. Practicing self portraits today. Had the gridded beauty dish up. It is REALLY hard to take self portraits, especially with a whole lighting setup, and you are in front of the camera rather than behind it. The light is never in the right place because you can’t SEE where it is falling until after you take the shot! This would probably normally be a reject but first, it fit this week’s theme..I’m all in the shadows! Also, I like how mysterious I look. Like Batman or something, only not!

    By: 24Feet

    24Feet - Shadows

    P52/23 – Shadows

    By: jenkashak

    M4H: Shadows

    Playing Hide & Seek with a small child is so challenging, right? “Hmmm… Now where could that crazy kid be hiding?!”

    By: CrackerJackJoe

    P52 WK23 - Shadows

    I sat these glass floaters on my deck in the morning sun. I like how the shadows have so much more character.

    By: Elle_Zee

    spotlight grass


    23/52 / Shadows
    M4H Project 52
    The light filtering through the trees seemed to choose this one blade of grass to spotlight.

    By: Kristy Mulvihill

    Week 23 - Shadows


    Shadows = darkness, blacks = silhouettes

    I love this photo so much and I think it’s because I have captured the three of them having so much fun attempting yet another of my asks. My husband and kids were laughing the whole time which is a great memory for us to have.

    By: melissalazuka

    Shadows 23/52

    Last day of school, first night of summer. My three boys celebrated with a huge sleepover. At the end of the night they roasted marshmallows over the fire . The fire was casting all sorts of {shadows} over the boys, so I cranked my ISO up hoping to capture the scene, a pretty perfect moment for these boys.

    By: 13misaliss

    Shadows (take 2)


    I have been wanting to do a photo like this and now can’t decide which I like better! Taken on 2 different days because I just couldn’t get what I wanted : ) One of these will be framed and be a father’s day gift!

    By: prettyprincessjen


    While we were over at our friend’s house I snapped this photo of the shadow of the trees on the lake with the beautiful sunset.

    By: Camille

    Week 23/52 Shadow


    ” The Waiters Shadow “

    This is a fond memory of our time in France. It is hard to believe that it is actually made from the foil around a Hennessy Cognac bottle. Its great that something obscure like this can hang on our wall , for 13 years now and whenever you glance at it , remember those fun times travelling. Although the artist who created this may never be famous , we made sure we got him to sign his work . And yes we did have a few samples !! When visiting Cognac, it would be rude if we didn’t…

    By: mrsjones2oo5

    23/52 | Shadows

    23/52 | Shadows
    The older 2 decided to give us a shadow puppet play…which was perfect entertainment on this gloomy Sunday morning.

    By: Elizabeth Hardwick

    M4H 23/52 {Shadows}

    Beautiful walk in the Cotswolds in the perfect light of late evening. I think he has just realised that his shoelace has come undone … and love the adoring glance upwards of the dog! <3

    By: j.cote photography

    Summer Shadows

    As the last light fades, I grabbed my camera when I noticed the long shadows behind the boys.

    By: Sarah de Jong


    My son’s dancing shadow

    By: Aniya Emtage

    23/52 out of the shadows

    I never want to be in front of the camera. Behind the lens is my comfort zone. I was as nervous doing this self portrait as I am when Im about to do a shoot for clients. Actually more. This was my first self portrait, and my hands were shaking as I stripped down to nothing and sat in-front of the biggest eye and audience I can imagine – my camera. I’ve taken photos of so many people and from the other side, I could never understand until now, how emotionally naked they must feel in front of me. For my clients, for my kids, and for me.. It’s time I come out of the shadows.

    By: the Saplings

    M4H 23/52 | Shadows

    She’s been a little hesitant to go in the outdoor playhouse lately – she says “it’s too dark. And there are bugs in there”. The shadows (and insects) are no match for ice cream.

    By: Sunshine.Photography



    Wow, talk about a challenge this week! The sun did not want to play the game this week and when it did decide to shine down I never had my camera close-by.

    Today the sun peeked out for a matter of minutes so I grabbed my lovely model (my hubby) and this is what we came up with.

    Just playing around with editing techniques. I love that this challenge pushes me to try new things 🙂

    By: Memories by Me

    Week 23


    Theme: {Shadows}

    As most of you know, my family and I participated in the Relay for Life in Dauphin, Manitoba on Friday night in support of the Canadian Cancer Society. What an incredibly moving event. As my middle son said the next day, it was “really, really, really sad at times, but really, really, really happy at other times” and I am so proud of my nephews and my boys for raising money and participating in the walk. My family has unfortunately been touched by Cancer in many ways. My Dad had colon cancer, and beat it. My Uncle had cancer, and unfortunately passed away at the age of 60. I also lost two grandmothers and a grandfather to this dreadful disease. We have also lost dear friends as well. Taking part in an event like this gives us hope that there will be a cure found someday. We laughed, we cried and we walked…..for twelve hours straight into the wee hours of the morning. I bought two luminaries in memory of my grandmothers. It was incredibly moving to light those candles and tell my kids about the great grandmothers they unfortunately never had a chance to know. Hats off to the organizers of this event, they are truly heroes in my mind. And thank you to my family for walking along-side me. I will never forget this night.

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