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    Every month I write letters to my sons and daughters. It is a small way to record their childhood and let them know exactly what I was thinking through it all! I am in a circle of amazingly talented ladies. Please follow the link to my amazing talented friend Kirsty Larmour Photography HERE. Her letters always blow me away!! And follow the circle of wonderful ladies!



    My Sweet Sophia,

    Months upon months are just flying right by us.  November is a time to really reflect on all we are grateful for in this world. Of course I am thankful for you and my three other babies, your siblings but I am oh so thankful more than anything for being able to watch you all grow and really come into yourselves. Your personality is so multifaceted and fascinating.  You are such a little bird. In fact I call you that often. You have imaginary wings on which you soar daily. Your imagination, your sense of wonder and adventure. You are sometimes even a bit over the top and I love that too.  You are no doubt a right brained full blown creative like your mama and if I could give you any little part of me I have to say I would want it to be just that. You are always singing. Always making up your songs and dancing to them.  You do the same with your jokes and you are the first person to laugh at yourself and I  just adore that.  You are an enigma with curls and freckles. It seems that everyone that comes close to you is just enamored by you. I just am. You also have quite the fashion sense and when you aren’t completely naked you like to change your clothes at least four times a day.  And I let you. The extra laundry and the fact that some of the clothes aren’t even yours (Yes you like to wear Lily’s and even your brothers clothes too sometimes) don’t even matter because you are expressing yourself and I will never do anything to discourage or hinder that. I have thought a lot about this month’s letter to you sweet girl. I actually have versed it in my head many times over and I have decided though that I could go on for days about you and how much I love you what I really want is for you to know a little bit about your mama. Me. So that when I am no longer here you have this record of just who raised you. Who nursed you endlessly for nights and months. Who kissed your ouchies and your tears and encouraged you to get up and try again when you fell. I want you to know just how much you are loved.

    As a little girl like you I was adventurous. A perfect cross between a girly-girl and a tomboy. I loved dolls, books and music but I also loved to climb trees and play football with the boys. I was and am still a dreamer. I see that in all four of you littles and what a blessing it is that God would allow me to pass that trait onto you.  Imagination is important. I never seemed to lose mine and I pray with all my heart it is the same for all of you.  I live for random acts of kindness and paying it forward.  I don’t do it because I expect anything in return but because that is the way it should be.  Putting others before yourself can truly be exhausting but there is nothing more rewarding then helping someone in need. I hope you go about your daily lives the same way. I never give up on my dreams. Ever.  When I want something out of life I don’t wait for it to come to me I work for it.  Your mama can indeed be a bit of a workaholic though so if I could ever ask anything of you little one I pray for balance in your life. So you know when to work and when to play.  Both are equally important. I love God.  All Glory goes to him. I didn’t grow up in a household where we went to church or even really discussed God in our home.  We didn’t pray.  It wasn’t because your grandparents didn’t believe. They just didn’t know better. I know better and this is something we do daily in our home.  I am sitting here racking my brain because you see it is not easy for mommy to talk about herself.  You may also know that it is hard for me to be photographed but that will change soon. I am learning how important it is that someday when I am no longer here you have a physical record of me being here. I want you to have photos of us together so you can see the love in my eyes. You can see for yourself how much I adore you. I am emotional, and sentimental. I am scatter brained and touchy feely.  I don’t put weight in material things and value my family above all.  I love spontaneity. I love adventure. I see beauty in all things.  I believe the majority of people are good and my glass is always more then half full.

    There are also some lessons in life you will learn for yourself. Things I simply can’t teach you. Not for a lack of trying but because trial and error is how we grow. I just pray that no matter where life leads you that you never give up on your goals.  That you never stop singing and dancing. That you never give up on your dreams. That you stay true to yourself.

    I love you little song bird.



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    2. Rashmi says:

      SERIOUSLY?? Sarah!! The way you photograph your every day is like MAGIC. Such gorgeous photographs of your beautiful Sophia. Her hair, her smile, her cheeks.. she is so freaking cute.. I could stare at these photos all day! You inspire me to just pick up the camera more often. My favourite one is the one of you with her… melt my heart. So glad for our friendship. xo

    3. Val Spring says:

      The close-up of her sleeping, her little hands and the one of the two of you together made my heart skip a beat. All of these photos are precious and such perfect memories documented with so much love. I love your description of her and how similar you used to be as a little girl. I’m sure she will too be a half glass full kind of person and she doesn’t look like she will be leaving any of her dreams behind. Your kids are just so adorable, Sarah! xoxo

    4. Debbie Wibowo says:

      Oh Sarah, I adore your talent, your beautiful soul, your kind heart, and I totally adore your family. It’s been inspiring to see a glimpse of your life through your pictures. I fell in love with each one of your beautiful children, especially Sophie. She is such a free spirit, a person who is not afraid to show the world who she really is. You are so lucky to have each other.

    5. Kirsty says:

      I love how there’s just no pretending or hiding emotions with you Sarah – you say what you feel and your love pours out – I feel like I know this crazy, happy, hilarious, spirited, beautiful little girl through that and through this wonderful set of images

    6. shalonda says:

      oh sarah i am in heaven looking through the images of miss S…i feel like i know her, maybe because i connect to her (and YOUR) dreamer-live-and-love-every-moment little-creative heart! i love that you told her about YOU…mm mm m i could eat up this entire post its so perfectly perfect! xoxo sweet friend i just love you

    7. Sara T says:

      I am awestruck of your collection of beautiful images of your sweet daughter. These are wonderful. I adore all the different awesome light and color. I love getting to know her personality through all of these. Her hair and little tush kill me. I love the one of her spinning and the one of her standing in front of the artwork. Gorgeous, Sarah.

    8. amy grace says:

      you live big, you feel big, you are able to emote through these magic images, and i cannot help but be knocked over with the incredibly beautiful wave of love. so many of these images left my jaw open, with butterflies in my stomach. they are that good. and you are so real and effusive and pure of heart and love for her. everyone wins here. and it’s a gift to take in, sarah…xoxo

    9. Emma Wood says:

      I love how you pour your heart out into your words and your images. I can literally feel the love that you have for your girls through your beautiful work. You are an amazing and inspiring Mama, I’m so glad to know you. <3

    10. […] circle of amazing women, starting with one of the loveliest and talented women, Sarah Cornish of My Four Hens Photography The images she takes of her girls always blow me away and her letters are […]

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