Letters to My Son | Dearest Wesley and Noah

    So happy to be back in this month. Last month things got so crazy around here. The good thing is I didn’t miss a beat taking the photos and there are so many from last month to share this month. I have been taking photos of my children every day and I am so grateful for all the wonderful memories I am recording!!

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    My Sweet Boys,

    Being a mom of boys is elating, incredible, frustrating and so incredibly beautiful. When I was pregnant with you Wesley and we found out we were to be expecting a boy I admit I was just a tiny bit apprehensive because I had just about no experience with boy babies. When you came I couldn’t believe how off I could have been. You were just the sweetest thing. So easy. So content.  You barely cried. I used to actually worry quite a bit because you never really cried. You were a pretty calm toddler as well but always independent and always such a strong little man. I don’t know if that is because as you were being born your older sister Lillian was newly diagnosed with arthritis and you were used to being patient. You were used to sharing mommy.  You are the strong silent type there is no doubt about that.

    Then You came little Noah. A bond was born that day.  Both you and Wesley were partners (in crime in some instances.) Wesley always looked out for you and was eager to teach you new things. Show you things he was passionate about. You two are almost inseparable these days. Sure you have your tiffs, your little arguments but it really is the two of you against the world (and against mommy and daddy in some instances lol!) Watching you two warms my heart. I always wished for same sex siblings and having two boys and two girls is just a blessing. The four of you know the best of all worlds.

    Wesley I know things have been tough for you as of late. I can see your quiet moods and something going on behind those eyes. Noah is the only one that can bring you back at times.  He is the first to jump to your defense when your sisters are being moody or when mommy and daddy have to discipline you. You two just stick on right together. I hope so much it is always like that. Just know bud that whatever is going on even if I can’t understand I am here. School doesn’t always come easy to you. You have made leaps and bounds in progress this year already and we are SO proud but I get that it isn’t always a cake walk. God gave me such a gift with you two. I am blessed to have two beautiful, sweet boys that love each other. Your bond moves me. It just really really makes me proud. I can’t put it in words.

    So I look forward to the few years or so we have left of the super hero faze you are going through right now. I look forward to the imagination, the dirt and mud, the sports and dreams and games we play. I promise as you get older I won’t crowd you the best I can. I know I am a snugly mommy and I am always demanding hugs and kisses and that won’t be “cool” some day in the future. Also know you all have the biggest cheerleaders in your corner. I love watching you grow. I love being your mom. I am proud of you both as individuals and as brothers.

    Love you so much!

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    1. Dana says:

      Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful photographic tribute. Being the mother of a young son myself, I found this beautiful and touching! : )

    2. You have such a way of photographing your family that captures the ordinary and makes it extraordinary!

    3. leah cook says:

      oh brothers!! I love their bond and relate to this letter so much, Sarah. and your images…gosh they are amazing – so honest + real, yet absolutely works of art!!

    4. Michelle C. says:

      Your words are so incredibly open and honest and I hope to one day have a boy of my own. They are so full of life and your images, ah, just capture them so beautifully!

    5. Elle Walker says:

      Your words gave me goosebumps, Sarah – and your images are just beautiful. How lucky your boys are to have each other to lean on!

    6. Jes Gwozdz says:

      That is awesome that they are so close. Great shots of them too!

    7. Lacey says:

      I agree… the bond brothers share is pretty incredible and it is just incredible to witness it as their mama. 🙂 Your boys look like they are FUN, cool little guys!

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