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    I can not even begin to believe how fast the months are flying on me. It seems I was just sitting in this same place writing out a letter to my sweet girls last month. As a matter of fact I am having quite a bit of deja vu seeing I wrote to miss Sophia last month and I will be writing to her again this month. I was hesitant to not alternate like I originally planned but I had these images that really just spoke to me and I thought they fit how I felt SO well. I just had to address miss Sophia this month. I of course will be writing miss Lillian on a regular basis as planned as well. Anywho. I also want to take a minute to properly thank the amazing Kathi from My Little Peep’s Boutique for making and sending this gorgeous gorgeous dress to my little girl. She felt like an absolute princess in it as you will see in the photos. Sophia generally can be a bit tough to photograph and with the insane month we had I have been trying my best to get everything needed to be done..well done. It just hasn’t all been falling into place for me, but with a family and a business you know how it all goes. You can find Kathi’s boutique on Etsy HERE. You can also visit her Facebook page here. I will definitely be shopping from her in the future! The dress I assure you is even cuter in person then it was in the photos!!

    So last month we traveled back to Connecticut as some of you may know. It was quite a trip. I had a blast and really am missing friends and family but I am glad to be home. We leave for California next week and then we are onto Connecticut for a few days again (just Wes and I and we are REALLY gonna miss our littles) to shoot a wedding. To say that we have been busy this summer could be the understatement of the year. We just put one foot in front of the other though. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming LOL! You know you have kids when you start quoting “Finding Nemo!” LOL! Anyhow onto my letter!!

    And please remember to head to Rashmi Pappu and read here inspiring letter to her sweet daughter as well. You can find her HERE.

    Dearest Sophia,
    This letter is something I have wanted to write to both you and your sister many times and have quite frankly backed off in fear of not finding the appropriate words to express things correctly. I mean how do you sum up “God” in one letter. God is mommy’s saving grace quite literally. I will explain much further when you are old enough to really understand the scope of everything but growing up Jesus wasn’t something mommy really knew about. Sure we somehow believed in God but we never visited church, we never prayed as a family and we never talked about him. Mommy didn’t have a true father figure growing up which you are blessed to have. I didn’t realize that despite that fact the whole time I indeed had a father. A great, amazing and awe inspiring father who loved me. Who saw me. That I mattered too. And you most definitely have a daddy here who sees the sun and moon and stars set on all of you, his children but you also have another one you may not realize right now is in your corner and watching from afar. Who loves you and is proud of you.  Who blessed us with you and sent you to us.

    I didn’t find God until much later when I met your daddy. Daddy and I met when I was just sixteen years old. I was on a downward spiral and your father in turn introduced me to a new way of thinking. A new way of living. A new way of seeing life. And mommy has fallen quite a few times for sure. Your mama is not perfect as I am sure you are well aware.  But I have always had my faith to cling to. My faith and your daddy. My sweet girl I want to make sure you grow up that you know just how precious you are. That you were chosen to be here. That your life has always been in God’s plan. I want you to know that you are special. Not just because I think so. But because you truly are. You are meant to be here on this earth. You have an important purpose.  One that I don’t  know and you won’t know and may not be revealed for a long time but truly lives there waiting to come to life and be revealed to you.  To think that I was gifted with such an amazing responsibility is something I will never take forgranted. And while hopefully you will always have a huge supporting network made up of your family, your parents, your aunties and uncles and cousins and grandparents most importantly you have God. When you get a bit older we will sit down and talk it through and I will explain so much better (I hope!) but I needed to get that out in the open for you. I want you to read this someday and know while you don’t have a perfect mother, that I have good intentions and that if I weren’t here tomorrow to raise you, to lead you up in the way you need to go you may find this and know that this is something on my heart, on my soul that you must know my darling child. That you too have Jesus. To have faith. In the good times and the times when you feel the world is coming down around you, believing with all you have that God will truly hear you. Please know sweet child that you are NEVER alone. Ever. Grace is always around you.

    And when times are hard I want you to think of mommy’s favorite bible verse. Its rescued me in so many times in so many ways.

    1 Corinthians 13:4-7

    Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

    I love you sweet girl.

    Your Mama

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    1. Sylvia O says:

      Beutiful images…..these letter will one day be a great treasure to you daughter…..

    2. Sarah, this is wonderful – I admire you for encouraging your sweet girl to believe in something bigger than herself and for being her inspiration – and your images of her and just the perfection on top xx

    3. These photos are so beautiful, Sarah, and I can tell that your letter comes straight from your heart. How wonderful that you share such powerful and important words with your sweet daughter. I love this so much! xoxo

    4. julia says:

      How do I describe to you how moved I am by this letter, Sarah? The simple truth is that I can’t. I needed this today, in fact, I needed this right this very moment. I feel that I was brought here today on purpose (I had slowly been going through our circle and was going to wait until later to read this). What an incredible gift you have given to Sophia through this letter, what an incredible gift you are to her. Your images are stunning and your words have left their mark. Magnificent post.

    5. Emily says:

      Absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing your beautiful, profound words and images.

    6. Linsey says:

      So gorgeous, the letter and the images! The most important thing we can teach and show our children is the love of God. This was written so beautifully! And these photos showcase perfectly the beauty of your precious baby girl…. love!

    7. just read the letter…I am speechless. That made me cry, but in a good way. Your daughter will know how precious those words are…God is good!!

    8. love the pics of Sophia in my dress! She looks stunning and the photo angles are breathtaking!! Thanks so much!


    9. Rachel says:

      Sarah-OH MY..my heart be still – your letter was so so touching- your children are SO blessed to have you as their mama. and the images of Sophia are gorgeous, as always 🙂

    10. Sarah says:

      Oh my word. I don’t think I have ever seen more beautiful photos. So sweet!!
      Sarah (Schroeder) Hudson

    11. Jody says:

      I agree with Lesley, she does look like she has wings! Beautiful photos and words Sarah. I know your daughter will love reading back on this someday and will be so thankful.

    12. Lesley says:

      wow in that second picture she looks like she has wings 🙂
      So beautiful

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