M4H Project 52 | Weekly winner and some Eye Candy!

    Yay!! So here is a formal post with some of my favorites along with the winner of the Inspiration Themed Week 3 of our Project 52! Please know that choosing ONE photo is almost impossible. It is incredibly hard with all the wonderful submissions and more importantly the stories shared in the photos submitted to me. I try my best to subjective and know that you do NOT need to be a professional photographer to be a part of this project nor chosen a winner. I read and take in everything. I look for photos that move me. Not because they are merely beautiful but because they struck a chord. You can find information on the theme “Inspiration” here.

    The winner this week will be receiving a $50.00 gift certificate to my shop good towards any Textures, Actions or Presets. You can find my shop at www.myfourhensphotography.com/shop or by clicking here.

    I will be posting this on Mondays now so that you have a little extra time to enjoy your family or unwind during the weekend. I also hope to be able to do the same! So be sure to check back Sunday for the new Theme and Monday for the Winner and featured photos from the past week’s theme. In case you missed this Sunday’s post the theme for this current week is “Imperfection.”

    This Week the photo spoke to me in profound ways. Many of you know that I moved recently from Connecticut to Colorado. I left my entire family behind and actually moved right before Christmas and missed my grandparents who come in from Florida. I only seem them a few weeks out of the year and to say I missed them would be more then an understatement. I have a really good friend here in town close to me and we met up for dinner and started talking about our families and I brought up my grandparents. I came to an insane and staggering realization. While my grandparents are young, I didn’t quite realize how much older then had gotten. I still see them as 50 somethings and well that is honestly impossible. It left me reeling. I am guilty often times of saying “If something happened to my grandparents I would be absolutely devastated.” Well right then it dawned on me. There is no “if”. Its “when”. Ironically not even a week later I got news from Connecticut that my grandmother suffered massive heart failure, and her was also experiencing kidney failure and had fluid in her lungs. My grandmother or my “Nanny” as i call her is one of the most special people in my life. I was heart broken. She is the heart and soul of our family. The heartbeat. One of my GREATEST sources of inspiration. And while you are probably wondering what this has to do with the winning photo, the photo I chose effected me in so many ways I can not describe. I am happy to say my grandmother beat the odds and is going to be okay. She is home and doing much better. It breaks my heart I couldn’t be physically by her side. That I can not simply just hug her. Sit down for coffee and enjoy her company. Anyhow I am getting all emotional here so I will get on with it if you made it this far bless your heart!

    The winner this week is Lara Gowder Photography known on flickr as larag1028. Here is her submission.

    Project 52/Week 3 - Inspriation

    Her caption especially is what really got me:
    This is my grandmother, she just turned 93. I think she is probably the smartest person that I know, even though she never finished school (married my granddad when she was 15!).
    She & I have always been close. She is a cancer survivor (lung & thyroid), had her husband & 1 daughter pass away, but she is still the strongest & most positive person. She has had some health issues recently, but she is more concerned with how the rest of the family is doing more than herself.
    She was the most supportive person when I decided to pursue photography as a business, even telling me what I needed to do to be legal (I had no idea she even knew about that part!). She always asks if I have taken any new pictures & then wants to see them!
    She is definitely a big inspiration in my life.

    Thank you SO much for sharing that Lara. I am so moved!

    Here are some more AMAZING photos from the project this week! Totally in love!! I wish I could share everything. You are all incredible!

    From Kelly_5

    52-3 Inspiration

    If you would of asked me 3 weeks ago where I find inspiration I would of had a hard time narrowing it down, but since I have started this project the answer is now clear as day to me. My kids. They are the reason I fell in love with photography in the first place! Lately I have been so consumed with the technical aspect of photography that it has lost what I loved about it most, fun!

    From: Krista Campbell Photography

    Inspiration- Week 3/52

    Caption: Inspiration- Week 3/52

    From: daiti73

    Week 3 ~ Inspiration

    I have not been feeling very “inspired” this week and was finding the photo for this week a bit of a challenge. These ice crystals have been spreading across my window for the last few days and I have walked by them many times. Today I saw them for what they are, beautiful, intricate, delicate….but above all inspiring. These tiny ice crystals called to me and gave me the inspiration to pick up my camera and capture them.

    You don’t see the nasty old window that is desperately in need of replacing. You see the beauty that can be observed in the most unexpected places

    From: jules_7219


    August 12th I will be 9 years cancer free! What is my inspiration? EVERY BREATH I TAKE! I thank God everyday that I have my life and my health. After my diagnosis I bought my first camera and took my first picture with a new outlook on life. Since then, I see the world I live in differently. People may see a dead tree, I see an awesome silhouette against the sunset. Some might see a waterfall, I see it as God turning on his faucet and cleansing the earth. Yes, my perspective on life has changed…I am INSPIRED!

    From: heatherstockett

    Favorite Nifty Fifty Flare Fence Friday

    This week’s theme at My Four Hens Photography is “Inspiration”. There are so many things that give me inspiration…my husband, children, faith, my Flickr contacts, etc. But, one thing that greatly inspires how I shoot is light. I LOVE light…look through my stream and you’ll see exactly what I mean. You’ll notice how much I love flare and how much dreaminess it can add to any photo.

    I also love fences 🙂

    From: CrystalBellePhotography

    Week 3 | Inspiration

    The theme for this week is Inspiration, which is fantastic because I’ve been so uninspired lately it is really pathetic. I feel like I’ve pulled my camera out about as much as I scrub the floors, because I just do not “feel it” lately. I feel like every shot I have the opportunity to take is so predictable, my gorgeous daughter, a back light sunflare of my kids playing, my cat… you get the point. I decided I needed a challenge, I signed up to go to a local meetup where they have a little different style then I do. Boy did I find some inspiration. I had to search and step out of my comfort zone to get shots I was comfortable with, but I think I came away with knowledge and a renewed sense of inspiration.

    From: Summer Murdock

    dreamland 3/52

    My four kiddos are my constant inspiration. Being their Mom is the most challenging thing I do yet the most rewarding. They inspire me in all aspects of my life. I find them especially inspirational in the calm, quiet moments. I can then fully feel and understand what miracles they are in my life. This image does just that for me. LOVE!


    From: Kc Jacoby Photography LLC

    3/52 - An inspiration for us all

    It has been a rather strenuous past few weeks for myself. My grandfather, while showing that he was giving a pretty good fight to the aliments that were turning his body against himself…. finally gave way last Sunday.

    Last Sunday was also known to be my birthday, but now it will forever be known as my birthday, and the day that my grandfather started his new life above us all.

    He was a very stern man. He would teach you anything you ever needed to know, he wanted you to do it perfect the first time, otherwise he’d make sure you did it all over again until you got it right. He was a mentor, a guiding hand, a voice of reason, but most of all… one of the most respected men I could have ever grown to know. Being his only grandson… maybe he spent more attention on me… maybe he didn’t. But if there was one thing that he was never afraid to show, was his undivided love toward his family… He came from a very poor family in the south… moved up to Michigan and started making a living for him and his children. He served in World War II and was on the first waves of the invasion of Normandy…

    It makes you think about how much you think you’ve done in your life time… when in fact, our elders went through so much more.

    I will miss you forever Grandpa. The life lessons you taught me are invaluable. How I wish I could hear you say my name just one more time… but I know that I will… one day… a while from now.

    Rest in Peace Grandpa… you will be missed always…

    From: My JSP

    3|52 ~ inspiration

    Light. It’s my inspiration. I love light; the way it kisses the tip of a little nose, or curves around a tender cheek, sparkles through braided hair. I need light; it feeds me, it captivates me, it moves me. Often times, it takes my breath away. Light is art. I am a lover of light.

    From: min_mohd

    52 in 2012 - Week 3 (Inspiration)

    My kids are my greatest inspiration. This is my youngest, showing off to me how she can swim like a fish, just barely after a few swimming classes. I love her determination and how she work really hard to achieve it.

    From: leilani.price

    3/52 - Inspiration

    My inspiration for photography is definitely light, colour and our natural surroundings… and so I think this is very fitting for this weeks challenge!

    I am loving looking through everyones images for this challenge! So glad I am a part of it 🙂

    From: BCambray

    3/52 Inspiration

    Inspiration always comes in that moment when I decide to take time and speak to my inner self. A moment to think and meditate.
    When I feel in the need of finding something to inspire me, I think about my wonderful father, my beautiful mother and my complicated yet extraordinary brother. I think about my boyfriend and his smile, my friends, professors and others. I even think about all those people that I do not even know in person but that I do know about their actions, dreams, failures and accomplishments. The world is full of beautiful things, the light of the sun, the smell of the flowers, love, buildings, amazing people, etc. To be inspired you must love and appreciate everything that is around you. You must stop, think and see.

    From: Shannonbuff95

    3/52: Inspiration

    I find inspiration in so many things. My boys are a huge part of my creative inspiration and on this day we turned an ordinary game of basketball into a Peter Pan shadow montage! I love how their imagination rubs off on me and helps me find inspiration in everyday events. I look forward to many more days like this!!

    From: 24Feet

    24Feet - Inspiration

    P52 Week 3- What inspires me? Everything. It would be easier to list what does not inspire me. Trees, street signs, anything with stripes, the smell of rose water, unabashed laughter. I’m inspired a 100 times over every day. Today, inspiration is a dreamy, glittery mess.

    From: Sunday Rein

    week three: keep your dreams in focus.


    There were LOTS more I would have loved to feature here as I said, so hard not to post absolutely everything!! I can’t wait to see what this week has in store!! I totally plan to get my photo up earlier!




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    1. Gina says:

      WOW- what talent we have participating. I’m in awe of all these submissions!!!

    2. Julia says:

      Thanks so much for featuring my image! (my jsp). I’m loving this project; all of the beautiful images I’ve gotten to see, and the wonderful stories that often go along with them. Treasures!

    3. Ken Jacoby says:


      Thank you for selecting my photo here… I honestly don’t know what to say, except thank you for helping me extend my grandfathers memory for me and to the others of this group. I know he was just another human on this busy planet… but to me he was so much more.

      Thank you again, and thank you for running this project.

    4. Jennifer Nesrsta says:

      Congratulations to everyone!! This group inspires me so much. I am so thankful everyday to be a part of something so special!!

    5. Shasta says:

      Amazing photos! I’m in awe of the talent in this group. 🙂

    6. Olivia says:

      Such a beautiful collection of photos. And everyone has a unique story, so touching to hear (and see!) your stories!

    7. Marley says:

      Congratulations to everyone!!!

    8. Lara Gowder says:

      Thank you so much! I am so surprised! There are so many beautiful images that I feel so honored that you chose my photo! I can’t wait to tell my grandmother! 🙂

    9. Melissa Matz says:

      Beautiful! It is no wonder it was so hard to pick a winner.

    10. Toni Cartright says:

      Every week my inspiration is renewed by seeing everyone’s amazing photos. I love them all, each for a different reason. Joining this group of awe inspiring people/photographers is the best thing I’ve done in a long time. It’s more enjoyable than I had ever imagined it being! I can’t wait to see more….more….more!!!!!

    11. Corry Heinricks says:

      such wonderful photos, thanks for the inspiration……is it too late to join the 52 project?

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