New Monthly Lifestyle Project! | “What Motherhood Really Looks Like”

    I am SO excited to embark on this project! If you are getting to me  now you have already probably seen the MANY talented photographers linked up before me and I sincerely hope that you have taken time to drink in all their gorgeous images and wonderful stories.  If you have no idea what I am talking about and just happened to click here or check in and see what I have been up to be sure to read through because I will be linking to an amazing, amazing talent in the industry with her take on the project after me and it will lead you to even more eye candy from there!

    This project is something entirely new to me and actually very much for me! There are a million and one photography projects one can take on. I am a subscriber to many actually. I have yet to complete one though and this year that will most certainly change! When I was approached by one of the talented ladies in the group to be a part this year I was completely elated! I absolutely LOVE what I do for “work” (loathe even calling it that honestly). I so  love being a photographer, especially on a professional level because well.. I get to do what I LOVE for a living. Its a total dream and a privledge. But the truth is life happens and we all get busy and its easy to slip and take less photos of your own children. Something I am pretty guilty of doing. I just know this project will not only remedy that but give my children and family something so special and amazing! Keepsakes of their memories, our memories. And well I am sure we will actually make memories which is even more amazing!

    Peak your interest?!

    You do not need to be in a group to do this. Its honestly a lot easier then most projects because it is a monthly post. Each month the Post will be inspired by and titled:

    “What ___ Looks Like” 

    It will be my own memories, lifestyle inspired of my own family and I will be filling in the blank with my own photo inspired take on the challenge. I am SO excited to look back in the beginning of 2013 and see everything from my own perspective. It so easily gets lost day to day. You think you will remember everything. I always assume that I will. And everything kind of blurs with time.  I am even more excited that I get to share this journey with you all and the amazing talented photographers embarking on this project in our circle! Wait till you see their entries!

    For this week I chose “What Motherhood Really Looks Like.” Honestly when I was first approached the first thing that popped into my head was our recent move. We moved across country from Connecticut to Colorado. It was for the most part amazing and we have gotten some WONDERFUL memories. But last night at 2:30 am when my two year old woke up incredibly sick and inconsolable everything else just stopped. I hadn’t yet gone to bed so I stayed up to console her and care for her and she was sick to her stomach all day. There is a stomach bug going around apparently but it is the hardest thing to see your little ones unwell. Being a mother of Four children we have seen and been through it all so I know what needs to be done. I know that this too shall pass. It just doesn’t make it any easier. And for poor Sophie who has been so uncomfortable. Unable to eat. Unable to play. I just feel awful that she has to ring the New Year in this way. I am actually typing this draft out now in hopes that I don’t get sick myself. I am putting it together now a couple of days early in hopes that if I do come down with the dreaded stomach bug I will be able to share a bit and make sure I kept to this project. I am also choosing this as my project this week because its a reminder that not all the memories will be sweet. Not all the photos will be light and fluffy and fun. Motherhood just isn’t all rainbows and peaches. The good comes with the bad. With Joy comes Worry and Fear. I just look at her sweet little face and wish I could take it all away. That I could be the one that had the stomach flu. And as I am now approaching 48 hours of sleep I am reminded that despite the stress, the worry and the fear and well even the sleep deprivation I am so blessed to have a little one to cling to and worry over. It could always be worse.

    If I can say anything I will say how proud I am of my other three children. Its amazing how my kids can fight day in and day out but when one of their own is sick they all rally together. My oldest daughter who is nine is the most nurturing sweet child and really went out of her way to try to be helpful and look after her baby sister. I had to remind her to stay away unfortunately because she is immune suppressed but what a heart of gold on this kid!

    So I will stop rambling and post my photos already!! Thanks for hanging in there and be sure to check out Andee Tate of Crave Photography this week! You can find her HERE! She’s incredible!!

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    1. christy says:

      God love her! So hard to see them sick. Love how you captured the gritty not-so-pretty side of being a momma. And don’t you just love how siblings band together when one is down? Its an amazing thing to witness.

    2. awww, I just wanna hug her!! I hope she is 100% now.. and running around! ps. LOVE your family rules wall hanging!

    3. You are an AMAZING lifestyle photographer Sarah. Seriously this is your hidden talent, I must see more of it soon. SO glad you joined our group, we love having you!!!

    4. rebecca says:

      LOVE! This is REAL LIFE moments!! thanks for sharing!!
      BTW do you use a silhouette machine for your word art?

    5. bobi says:

      wow that first photo just grabs you, i hope your little one feels better. I absolutely hate it when my little ones get sick and i want to do anything possible to make it all better. motherhood is something all together different than anything else i’ve ever done.

    6. Love the images…where in CO did you move? I’m on the board of directors for Professional Photographers of CO. We loved to have you join some of our meetings some time. Email me if you want more info. I’ve been following the circle that y;o;u all have going for months!

    7. Sara says:

      Sarah, what a well written post! One of my 2012 resolutions is exactly this. I don’t photography my girls’ daily life, and I really want to have some of those memories to keep and be able to look back on…the good and the bad. Well done!

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